lil red panel all made up

Sometimes I get a little bit of a crazy idea. Like make the birthday present for a kids birthday a day or two before the actual party. And this week has been crazy with 2 parent nights at different schools, babysitters, quick dinners that go from the freezer to the oven and me just hanging out for a quiet night in. So last night I should have taken myself to bed but instead decided to do some sewing. Until after 1am. Knowing I had to get up at 6 the next morning. But we did it. There were some chocolate easter eggs with my morning tea just to be sure I stayed awake all day.

This panel was just too cute not to use. Ok the whole bolt was too cute not to order. You can read more about the Lil Red range here and I had to have a bit of it as it is something different from the usual fabric releases I see.

Now when it comes time to sew I have to tell you that it’s a little fiddly, I’m going to admit that and you need the end of a knitting needle (not the sharp end) or a pencil end to stuff those arms and legs.  As my little fat fingers weren’t getting anywhere. And now that I’ve photographed her, I probably could have stuffed dolly’s face a little more but didn’t want to overstuff. But I’m happy with the result. Next time I won’t top stitch the cape. But after all of that waffling for a first attempt at it I did ok. I’m not a softie maker and you might actually prefer to hand stitch it all or cut out all the pieces for girls to sew (say 9 and up). All the directions said a 1/4 inch seam but I went 1/2 inch on everything in case and it all worked out nicely and gives you a bit more space to work while sewing some of the curves and fiddly bits.

But it’s a very sweet end product as you get a doll, her skirt, a cape, a wolf, a pillow and a quilt and because I was wide awake and in the mood and it was after midnight…..I also made a drawstring bag out of the same fabric range. Next time I think I’ll free motion and bind the quilt but this was a super easy way to construct it with right sides together and batting, sew most of the way around, turn right side out and then close over the opening. Very quick and easy.

I have a few panels for sale and am going to make up a big bundle of this range, batting and toy filling and do a charity auction for my sweet girl’s school so watch this space. I just need the weekend to get it all photographed and ready.


  1. Gemma Johnson says:

    Hello, How do i buy a little Red Panel?
    It is divine!!!

  2. Love it Corrie and gorgeous fabric too!

  3. That lil’red fabric is so cute isn’t it? I’m waiting for mine to arrive and seeing your all made up and so cute makes me think I will be cutting and sewing from the minute it gets here!!
    Glad I’m not the only one who’s already enjoying Easter eggs.

  4. It’s very cute

  5. HI Corrie, It’s been ages again….hope you are all well and that Elodie is enjoying school. I love that lil red doll, fabric is just stunning and you did a wonderful job, I’m sure the little girl receiving it is going to love it too. Don’t forget to pop over next time you’re in the area. Xxx

  6. Such an adorable doll and bedding. I love the bright colours. :)

  7. Hi Corrie,
    Where can we buy a panel?

  8. Hi Corrie
    I wondered if this is going to be in your shop? I’d love to buy a panel :)

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