mums, don’t worry about taking your little ones to Church


I have to share a very sweet story that happened this morning. During Lent I like to go to one midweek mass each week. It’s not easy with a busy school run and drops off here and there but I always feel better for it. Today my lenten group was afterwards and I hadn’t been to mass during the week at this particular church but I knew that the church was big and we could sneak in the back. What I didn’t realise was that mass is actually said in the tiny chapel off to the side of the church. And I mean tiny. Let’s call it a tiny room with rows of 2 seats on either side. I peeked in and saw that all the back was taken and just 2 seats were left on the side. Near the front. Right near the front.

So me and my 2 little guys snuck in there. We tried our best being quiet and sitting still…considering they are 1 and 3 and usually like to run around and talk in loud voices. After communion they didn’t want to sit back down or on my lap so I sat back in the church for the final prayers and waited for my group to start. A little italian nonna came out and told me how good they were (ha! I didn’t think so) and asked were they allowed chocolate. Out came 2 little chocolates and she gave them one each and kissed them on the head. The next little lady came out and patted each on the head and told me how much she loves little boys. And before I knew it every lady who walked out of the room commented on them and told me how much they loved little children being there, their little voices or how good they were.

Now in my mind I could only remember my little guy asking me in a loud voice for his lego or the baby crying and how I didn’t last all of mass but each of these ladies were so kind and nice and made me feel so welcome. I know that it doesn’t always go this way and Sunday church can be busy, noisy, crowded or we feel that our children are the noisiest but honestly it’s worth it. Whenever I don’t have little ones with me I’m not bothered at all by other children at church.

Anyway, I just had to share that little story with you. I’m not sure if every Italian nonna carries chocolate around in her handbag but it just made our day and we definitely felt welcome and look forward to mass again next wednesday but hopefully I can sit in the back row of the teeny chapel and not right down the front. Oh and lenten group. Well there was some crawling under seats, running around outside, lego and coins tipped everywhere and one big smelly nappy that I had to take him out to change………..but I did get something out of it.


  1. Nlosing ancy says:

    You know Corrie – church is for people including children. I am glad you take yours out to church – I never mind when children act up there and am quick to tell the mother/father not to worry. So glad you keep attending.

  2. Yes, I think it is so important to I still the importance of church in our little ones as early as you can. I am a Christian and go to an Anglican Church, but it’s very much the same. The tiniest squawk from your own kids seems so loud, but everyone says how lovely it is to hear their voices and see their smiling faces and their dancing to the worship music. I think, especially for the older people, they get so much joy from watching the little ones, so it can encourage others, even if you end up out in the crying room and miss half (or all!) of the sermon.

  3. To answer your questions – Yes, all Nonna’s carry chocolates or lollies in their handbag’s. My Nonna still gives them to me and to my own kids when we visit and my mum, also always carries treats in her bag to give to my kids :)

  4. Well, when I expressed my worries about juggling a child in church a wise friend said to me “Well the bible says “suffer the little children to come unto me” ” – I’d heard that phrase many times before but never really grasped its meaning – finally I understood! The kids are wanted there, and we the congregation should just roll with it!

  5. I took my eldest son to a midweek evening prayer meeting. He was eight or nine months old or so. He grizzled a bit, made some happy noises, got hiccups, lay over my lap and when I moved him, there was a pool o dribble on the floor. Fortunately wooden, not carpet. At the end, an elderly single lady came up to me and I was bothered about what she might say. She said everyone was so happy to see me and that I had made the effort. Hadn’t he grown! Such a happy boy. She also said that if the group could not accept a bit of mess and noise, then thay should think of disbanding.

  6. We take our girls to church each week and we have kids church on during the adult church. But children should always be welcome to church and we need to be more understanding if they want to run/play up etc. Kids just want to be kids. I’m so glad those lovely ladies were welcoming. Lovely post to read.

  7. Such a beautiful community to be part if! I’m sure Jesus would have handed out chocolates to kids in this day too and not have been worried in the slightest by their loud voices or fussing or smelly nappies! Your ladies are a great example of his love toward us :-)

  8. Sounds like a lovely group of ladies.

  9. Jesus said let the children come to me. I’m glad I’m not the only one who worries when my boys/girls aren’t paying attention at church. We do go to a family mass on Sundays but most adults don’t mind noisy children. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves for perfectly quiet children and should just enjoy time with God as a family. Such a good thing you are doing Corrie. Try not to worry and enjoy it. We go to Stations of the Cross on Fridays and that is pretty awesome too.

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