little rabbit gets a dress

I think it took me a week just to start and finish this little dress. Not because it was a particularly hard pattern or required too much knitting but it was just a busy week.

This is my first successful intarsia knit (after a few failed attempts with other projects) and I’m really happy. The polka dots really make the dress look cute and this is one well loved rabbit. It comes everywhere with us and even sits outside the bath while she has a bath.

And now I can do the teacher rabbits! Ravelry details with all the pattern details, yarn etc can be found here.


  1. Aww – so cute!

  2. Love rabbits new dress. Let’s hope you get to actually give the other rabbits to a teacher & they aren’t snapped up as you finish them

  3. Oh gosh, Little Rabbit is adorable!

  4. A gorgeous keepsake. Thanks for sharing Corrie! XO

  5. Your lovely little rabbit has enabled me to make one each for my granddaughters for Easter. I have just purchased and printed the pattern.
    I’m not surprised your little one claimed her! :)

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