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Before iPhones, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and my digital cameras with lenses we had a tiny digital camera and we had our photos saved on a computer. That then died. We rescued the hard drive and moved it around with us over the years knowing that it had precious photos on it and hoping that one day we could recover them. I just forgot about it but thankfully hubby insisted we find it, take it to the computer shop and recover those photos. And on Saturday we got to see what was finally stored away. It was like stepping back in time and oh the hairstyles I had over the years as we went back to when we first met and started travelling to when we had our first sweet baby.

And some of the favourite places that we visited that I had no photos of were found. I was so happy. Copenhagen. Such a pretty city to walk around and we only had a weekend there but it’s always been a trip that I remember. I would also love to visit places like Iceland and Norway. Hubby said why? Oh the knitting. Not so sure the rest of my family shares the love. And we didn’t even have the greatest weather but it was still something different and a lovely place to visit. Nothing like how we live in Australia.

Another place you can never forget is The Alhambra Palace. A very magical place in the middle of a very hot city. It really was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and I thought I’d never be able to find the photos of our trip.

We spent 2 weeks there and have some funny memories like when we had planned a trip to a beachside town for 5 days and the bus dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. Just a lonely petrol station on a road that had a diner attached. It was like off a scary movie where the couple are the only ones off the bus and wondering where everything is! And we were supposed to wait around for another bus.

And Paris. Lots of special memories of Paris and I have to confess that when you spend too much time there you kind of get used to it but look at that skyline and those buildings.

We also got engaged in Paris on a surprise weekend away and the next day went to Notre Dame to light a candle each. I had totally forgotten until we saw the photos.

Oh and it was good to see that some things hadn’t changed with photos of cakes and brownies I’d made, my knitting, loads of baby photos and this was a funny one. When my knitting stash fitted into 1 tub. I can’t remember the last time it did but here is proof. 1 tub and my entire knitting stash.

And when I looked at the photos again I noticed other things like wow our couches looked so wonderful back then when they were new/before children. And wow my skin looked so much younger. And as all mums know, there are photos of every single thing your first baby does. Every outfit they wear, every little expression, funny things and just normal things. It was photo overload for the first born and I love this one with the handknitted cardigan from nana.

Now my big job is to go through the photos, get them printed off and put them into albums! One of those jobs I really need to make time for. I usually get so stuck looking at all the photos and don’t actually do what I’m supposed to do. Where are your photos? Are you better than me? All neatly in albums or framed………..



  1. I have some lost pictures in a hard drive somewhere too. It is nice to go back and relive the old days through photographs. I scanned my physical photographs, but I don’t have prints of all my digital ones. Just the ones I thought were worth printing out. I keep them in photo boxes. Since I take a lot of photos, it would take up too much room to put them in albums.

  2. We too had the big computer breakdown of 2012.
    We spent LOTS of money trying to retrieve all the info only to get about half the things back.
    Yep only half of 6 years worth of photos.
    Very dissapointed. So glad you had more success.
    Lesson learnt, learn to back you self.

  3. Why don’t you make photo books of your photos through a digital sites? May be easier than sitting there putting each photo in a photo album. Plus if something was to happened you’ll always have the digital file of the photo book with the company you choose. I use photo book club. All my photo book album are there. I purchase vouchers when they’re on sale.

  4. We recently took our hard drive to the computer shop with all our precious baby photos on it, only to be told they can’t retrieve them. Total devastation 😒 I’ve cried hours over this. If your computer shop is able to retrieve photos from hard drive with suppposedly ‘damaged heads’ I’d so appreciate knowing which shop it is. Beautiful photos Corrie

  5. My husband is literally just in the process of uploading all our pics to a hard drive whilst I get the job of sorting through which ones to print. Found some very cute video footage of my girls and yes, like you, we have heaps of the first baby and less of the next and barely any of poor baby 3!

  6. I was really good when we had a camera with film. When I had them developed I would get 2 sets & put photos straight into kids albums. Now I have 1 child & a digital camera & about 6 years worth of photos on a hard drive that need to be printed out for the album. The reminder note has been written on my white board on the fridge for so many years it is probably permanent by now 😉

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