quick change trousers are still my favourite

School holidays are almost over and I’m trying to squeeze in a bit of sewing time when I can. When I get off Instagram. I think I’ve been a bit late to the Instagram party but am loving it. So many great people to follow and so much more interesting than facebook.

Anway, quick change trousers would have to be one of my favourite items to sew for little ones. They are great for girls or boys and are fully lined, reversible and super easy. I probably spent more time trying to find the book than I did tracing and cutting the pattern out. You need at least 3 fabrics to make these but they don’t use a lot of fabric. They come in a few sizes between 0 -24 months and these are the 18-24 months size with an 18 month length on my very delicate 17 month old. Perfect sizing in the end with room to grow.

And trying to get a little guy to stand still for a photo. Almost impossible. He never stops. Go go go. I actually can’t remember any of the other kids being this active. Or maybe my memory is playing up.

These pants are great in summer or winter and best of all, nice and comfy, a very easy pattern that beginners could follow and are just so cute! I stuck to all blues because truth be told I don’t have a huge amount of boys fabrics in my stash because I’m always drawn to the pink and girly. But I did well to find a few in there. You can use any fabric and I’m thinking some chambray or a soft denim would be great for winter and I like quilting cottons as they last longer than poly/cotton fabrics and just feel a better quality

You can find the pattern here in this wonderful book, Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner and  it’s a great book if you love sewing for babies and other people having babies.

And sorry I can’t help myself, I have to share a few pictures of my sweet little girl when I made them for her a few years ago.

pants all in a row


What have you been sewing? Do you love the quick change trousers as much as I do?


  1. These are so cute! My bigger girl is about to turn two, but is a slow-grower and wears a 0-1. These would be awesome for her, and then her baby sissy can wear them when she’s done. Reversible pants that are hand-down worthy = double duty; you’ve got to love that!

  2. These are on my list to make, along with about a million other things lol. At the moment I’m making two of my boys ‘camping/fishing’ vests. I’m off to spotlight in a minute to buy more zips and D rings as I seem to have misplaced the last lot I bought when I bought the fabric. That will teach me to ‘clean up’ in my craft room. Haha.
    I love your fabric choice!!

  3. I love these!!! I am new to the sewing game, just started doing bibs! But these look awesome and super cute!!

    • oh you could totally do these! nice and easy and nothing too complicated and the instructions have little drawings to help you if you get stuck:)

  4. Loved this pattern too. I need to pick better fabrics though because mine ended out looking like clown pants, all spots!

    • don’t worry I made a pair and they turned out like christmas pants because I wasn’t thinking red, white and green!!!! ended up giving them away in the end:)

  5. These are breathtaking! You are so talented! Oh! I cannot even sew on a button! I am so impressed!!!

  6. These are too cute! I loved them when you made them for Elodie and they look just as cute on your littlest man :)
    I read your other post earlier and meant to ask if you’ve found the quirky cooking gaps group? It’s very helpful if you have any questions. Iam hoping to start once the kids are back at school.

  7. What a great pattern Corrie! I’ve been selfish sewing as break from market stock, 2 dresses & some leggings just for me.

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