another rainbow ripple baby blanket finished

Yes I love this pattern. This is my 2nd rainbow ripple baby blanket and I love this one just as much as the first one I made. I made this my summer holiday project while the kids were off school and I’ve finished before the holidays are over so that’s a first (and a win).

Everything came from my stash – bendigo cotton 8 ply in parchment, wild lavender, teal, glacier and the pale pink is bendigo’s harmony (no longer available). I used a 4mm hook to make it soft and drapey rather than tighter. Usually with Bendigo cotton I go down a size but love how this has turned out.

It’s going into my big girl’s room as it matches her bedding perfectly and also because the kids have been wanting to keep something that I make because I give so much away. Love the pattern, great for a confident beginner in crochet as it’s all double crochet and nothing complicated. I think it looks fancier than it really is as you don’t need to follow the pattern once you’ve done a few rounds and got the hang of it. I haven’t blocked this yet but I could to make the points sharper.

And  I made a dent in the stash. Win win.

And it’s a stinker of a hot day here with the temps predicted to hit 40 and it already feels like that outside at 11am. I cleared up the garden beds to take this photo as there was plastic from a kids art project in front of this gate. I placed them behind me to take the photo and then while I was taking the photo a gust of wind made a warm soft thing hit the back of my leg and I screamed like you wouldn’t believe. The kids yelled in a panic what’s wrong….oh just a bit of plastic that I thought was an animal! Thankfully it was just plastic and I’m back inside in front of the fan.

 ravelry details are here


  1. It’s really lovely, Corrie!

  2. Christine says:

    What a pretty blanket, Corrie. Good on you for finishing it during school holidays.
    I don’t know how you do it! M

  3. This is gorgeous & you finished it so quickly. My daughters blanket has been on the go for about 2 years……… time to dig it out of the cupboard again & finish it before this winter

  4. It’s beautiful Corrie! I still haven’t found my stash of BWM cottons since we moved, hopefully they will be in the next box I unpack.

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