the baby of the family

I have to say that the youngest member of our family is the cheekiest, fastest and most adventurous member of the lot. He has a lot of kids to keep up with and is learning to get food fast, squeeze in between kids and when the back door is open he is out of there and off! Thanks to my lovely SIL for these amazing photos she took.


  1. Corrie, these photos are gorgeous!!!! Thanks for posting. Christine

  2. Too cute xx

  3. What lovely photos of a very cute wee boy, Corr

  4. Oops, posted the above comment too early -sorry. Great pics. Julie is so clever with the camera – and everything else.

  5. What gorgeous photos of a beautiful boy :)

  6. Oh Corrie, He is so gorgeous and looks so innocent!!!

  7. He’s growing so fast and sounds very much like my Phoebe. Why are the youngest always the cheekiest?

  8. Judith Hogan says:

    OMG, Corrie. That boy is so sweet looking. Your SIL took some amazing photos of him.

  9. Beautiful post as always! WOw! The kids are all grown up!! Happy New Year to you & Retrodaddy and the kids, Corrie!
    xx Trish

  10. he looks absolutely gorgeous Corriexxxxxxxx

  11. Beautiful little man Corrie! Thanks for sharing XO

  12. He is sooo gorgeous Corrie! My littlest one is the cheekiest too, NEVER stops and does things the others never would have done at his age. I guess they have older ones to learn from.

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