Duracell & Star Wars giveaway

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Congratulations to Sarah and her winning entry and runners up are Clarissa H, Narelle M, Steph P, Deb M., and Lisa D. Thank you everyone for entering!!!!!!

It all started so innocently. As my big boy started to get a bit older we started with a few Star Wars toys, then the bed set, an alarm clock, the DVD set, magazines, books and more. It’s a slippery slope and we now have one full blown Star Wars fan in the house. And when we have another friend over for a play-date they are usually a Star Wars buff too. In fact when one of his little friends left school he was sad that he couldn’t talk Star Wars with him any more in the playground.  And we all had to sit through the episodes when they were on tv recently. Every. single. saturday. another Star Wars movie.

Imagine his excitement when he discovered we were doing a blog post that had a Star Wars theme. Every afternoon he was asking when I was going to get out the toys and take photos.

It was definitely more exciting for him than most of things I write about.

The boys have been wanting these light sabres for a while. We went on a play date recently and that is all my boys wanted to do. Play Star Wars and sticks from the garden just don’t cut it. You need the lights and sounds. And even our little girly girl took these into preschool for news because she loved them so much.

And a Darth Vader mask that changes your voice and does the deep breathing. We had to take turns and have a time limit on it, that’s how popular it was. And be prepared for dad to put it on and tell the kids that he is their father. Yes. Filing that away as a Dad joke.

Now we have learnt over the years to keep a stash of batteries in a top kitchen cupboard. As you can imagine with 6 kids, a busy playroom and lots of toys we always need batteries. And don’t even think about buying toys for Christmas without having a good stash of batteries in the cupboard. Imagine the disappointment when a little one wants their toy to work and you don’t have the right battery! Uh oh. And if I’ve learnt something else over the years is that I don’t even go near the cheapies when it comes to batteries. Duracell Ultra is Duracell’s longest lasting AA battery and will keep the kids playing for longer. And that’s a good thing. And as an aside and super cautious mum with eyes in the back of my head, always make sure you buy toys that have a screwable battery case. So important if you have younger children at home or visiting.

Duracell is an official partner of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And that’s definitely one movie the boys will be seeing these holidays. And if you’re going to see it too then there is a special offer with thanks to Duracell – purchase 2 x packs of Duracell for a free popcorn when you see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in cinemas (2 packs at Coles, Bunnings Warehouse, Target or IGA, or 1 (large) pack at Costco to be eligible). Find out more here.

Christmas is coming and toys are always on the Christmas wish list so as a special giveaway and with thanks to Duracell, I have $1000 in Toys ‘R’ Us vouchers to giveaway to retro mummy readers. Each prize comes with a pack of Duracell Ultra Batteries too.

1st prize : 1 x $500 Toys ‘R’ Us voucher is up for grabs

5 runner up prizes of  $100 Toys ‘R’ Us vouchers. 

You just need to let me know who the biggest Star Wars fan in your house is.…………………..

If you’ve got a photo of your Star Wars fan, then even better upload in the comments. I think we have Darth Vader Jr on our hands since this was our 3 year old as soon as the toys were out of the box.

Good luck and may the force be with you (sorry, I couldn’t help myself with that one!)

Giveaway is open to Australian residents, full terms of my giveaways can be found here, you can enter in the comments on this blog post or on the Facebook posts for this giveaway, and entries close  15 December 2015.


  1. Laura McGuire says:

    My 4 year old son Owen. He had a Star Wars theme birthday party despite not having seen Star Wars or having any lego. He now has lots of both.

  2. It’s a close call in our house between my 6 yr old daughter Arie and my husband! Arie started watching Star Wars when her older brother did, but she is the one with the lasting interest in all things fantasy!

  3. My 4 year old son loves star wars, especially darth vadar…even though we have never allowed him to watch the movies. He is loving the star wars toy section at big w and taget at the moment. Santa may have to add a star wars toy to the list.

  4. Ange Morrison says:

    My star wars loving husband had his dream come true least weekend when our 5 year old son finally showed enough interest to sit and watch the 3 original movies all in one sitting. To say I now have 2 start wars junkies is an understatement. I’m not sure who would get more enjoyment out of this Mr 38 or master 5.

  5. It’s a real toss up between Mr 4 1/2 and Master 42. They both speak In Yodaisms, have total and utter respect for the light saber and even use the ‘force’ to help me shut the fridge . I think Daddy’s special glass, glowing light saber will quickly become a family heirloom. My trivia is even on the up- I know all about Mace Windu

  6. Growing up my only brother was always a little, let’s say obssessed with all things Star Wars and none of us sisters ever understood. He was thrilled, no he was in heaven, recently when he visited and all 4 of my boys (ages 9,7,3,2) sat thru every movie with him and thought it was fantastic that he knew every word!! He is now the super proud uncle of 4 Star Wars fans!!

  7. My husband and I have always been big star wars fans – we grew up with it, after all. We have been eclipsed by our son, Max who is obsessed. He plays all the star wars games, watches Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons. BUT, as many times as I tell him, he continues to play with this “light saver” while pretending to be “Darf Vader”.

  8. Andrew Mitchell says:

    My 6 year old son Tyson loves Starwars, his favourite character is Chewie.

  9. Oh yes, the force is strong in this one! Here is my little guy (3.75years) telling me what he’d like for christmas. The funny thing is he hasn’t even seen the movies yet, only the Lego versions! I remember playing with my brothers Star Wars toys and now it has come full circle!

  10. My husband. He is a geek through and through!

  11. It’s a hard choice between my three boys or myself (much to my husbands disgust)!! I don’t know which one of us would love this more!

  12. Noella Hextall says:

    My goodness, I don’t have a Star Wars fan, I have my own personal Jedi who is on the constant lookout for droids and storm troopers who may be trying to get to Padame (that’s me in the “game”). My Jedi is only 3 and a half but the force is very strong in this youngling and he would love some star wars toys (he currently uses sticks and pool noodles for his light sabres!).

  13. Kathryn Hooke says:

    My 7 year old has only recently in the last few months discovered Star Wars and he along with his 4 year old brother and 6 year old sister are constantly having light saber fights. He would be trilled to win a prize like this :-)

  14. Pauline Howatson says:

    It is 100% all with our 4yo son. He loves everything Star Wars and was very proud to announce this morning that he doesn’t need me to remind him of the name Anakin Skywalker anymore after previously having difficulty remembering it. Proud as punch. :-)

  15. Amanda Casalanguida says:

    If I am totally honest… it is ME who is the mega Star Wars fan. But how fun is it to mold the Mini-Me’s into liking the same things you do. Thankfully my Mini-Me is fully on board. We both get teary at any snippet of a movie preview. We’ve met Chewbacca / Peter Mayhew in real life (more tears!). And then met Jango Fett / Temura Morrison (insane amount of tears). Never enough hours in our day for Star Wars movie marathons.

  16. Lyndal Griffiths says:

    Our biggest star wars fan is ME! I know it should be the kids but its actually me who loves Anakin Skywalker the most!!

  17. Brooke Smith says:

    Oh my gosh, I suddenly have a 6 year old Star Wars fanatic! He’s watched all the movies over the past few weeks on tv, in preparation for going to see the new movie on a special date with Dad. I’m going to have to start from scratch on the Christmas shopping now because there is nothing Star Wars themed put awa in my cupboard!! Eeek 😁

  18. My two boys are huge Star Wars fans & have been watching all the movies with their Dad in anticipation of the latest release movie. Coincidently it’s my son’s 6th birthday on the day the movie is released & he wants to go & see the movie for his birthday. Both of their Christmas letters to Santa also requested Star Wars toys!

  19. Miss M, mygrandaughter was in hospital and hadbeen having treatment for acute leukaemia. When asked what she would like for her tenth birthday she replied, Lego. To which she quickly added the caution, “None of that stupid pink girly stuff. I want big packs of StarWars Lego.”

    She is making excellent progress and is still a Lego Star Wars fan. I don’t blame
    her. I would never havechosen the pink stuff either.

  20. Catherine Moxon says:

    Me! But I’m trying get my daughter enlisted as a superfan too! She already has a fine collection of toys and clothes that are Star Wars themed, i’m even trying to get her to make the Wookie sound!

  21. Gemma gordon says:

    Our 3.5 year old has just hit the ‘obsessed with Star Wars’ age too. Partly because it’s his ‘thing’ with daddy. They watch it together. I’m not sure which of them loves it more actually!!

  22. My daughter is the biggest Star Wars fan in our house, she is into it way more than our son.

  23. I have to share this photo of our family’s biggest Star Wars fan! Over the years we have photographed Harry’s first smile, first tooth, first attempts at crawling and walking so we couldn’t let this very important milestone go by without a photo- Harry’s first Star Wars movie viewing! Here he is in his Darth Vader onesie with a bag of popcorn, all ready to be initiated into the realm of Star Wars. I think it would be hard to find a bigger smile in the entire galaxy!

  24. I am definitely the biggest Star Wars fan in our house but I’m slowly introducing our 8 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son into the wonderful world of sci fi and they are definitely coming on board… it was our daughter’s birthday a few months ago and all she wanted was a lightsaber!!

  25. Amanda Nellist says:

    I have a Star Wars mad husband and 3 boys (10, almost 8 and 4). The middle son plays Tball. While he is at training, his brothers play on the Death Star (picture if you will a circle of cement, like a septic system), on the “Forest Moon of Endor” (you have to say it right I was told – that is just in the trees), and last week they added The Sarlac (it was a stencil cut out for spraying the Tball bases on the grass). They were pretending to fall into the Sarlac, rescue each other etc. Jedi Master 4 was rattling off how Lando almost got eaten by the Sarlac, but Han saved him, and Boba Fett fell in. Kept the parents well entertained! We are very well versed in the ways of the Force. And yes… we are all off to see the movie next Thursday.

  26. Like others, it’s a tie between my husband and my sons…8yo and 3yo. Currently my 3yo is on the 15th day in a row of watching ‘Return of the Jedi’ for his quiet time and he has stopped the Toy Story movie, claiming it ‘doesn’t work’ so ‘let’s watch Star Wars okay mummy?’….
    I have several photos and would love to upload them all! This one is of my (now) 3yo when he was less than 12mths. He found his brother’s lightsaber and has barely put it down since! I am >this close< to finding him a costume because I know it will become his daily attire!

  27. Melissa Fisher says:

    I put this on Facebook too cos I’m such a big lover of Star Wars. I’ve been walking around the house singing “A very, merry Sithmas, And a happy Yoda” to the tune of Delta Goodrems Happy Xmas (War Is Over) all day

  28. Oh Corrie don’t get me started on Star Wars!!! I have 3 boys & they are nuts about anything Star Wars not to mention the biggest kid in our house my husband!!! Our youngest is 2 & if he sees anything star wars related he starts singing the star wars theme!! I actually have about 8 photos on my camera roll of my boys dressed in some sort of star wars costumes. Our 8 year old is counting down the days til the new movie & it’s bigger than Christmas in our house!!! Please don’t tell anyone in my house im not really into all the star wars hehe I’ll just suffer in silence

  29. Alicia Gale says:

    Oh Corrie don’t get me started on Star Wars! I have 3 boys, 8,4 & 2 who are all nuts about ANYTHING Star Wars not to mention the biggest kid in our house my husband! Our youngest will randomly start singing the Star Wars theme anytime he sees something Star War related, its very cute. Our 8 year old is counting down the days til the new movie is released and it’s bigger than Christmas in our house!!! Please don’t tell anyone in my house I’m not really into it all hehehehe I’ll just suffer in silence. May the force be with you x

  30. My son, but also my daughter who likes to copy her big brother in everything!!

  31. Nicole Kent says:

    It’s a toss up between my child-like husband and my 4 year old son. The hubby loves and still has all his 80’s retro Star Wars memorabilia. The 4 year just thinks it’s old junk and wants his own Darth Vader mask and light sabre!!!!

  32. Clarissa Harris says:

    My husband is a huge Star Wars fan and has passed on his love of Star Wars onto our kids. In particular our son Elijah. His light saber would go everywhere with us attached on his hips and was his comforter at bed time and would often make its way to our bed at night. He has had a book week costume I made to go with his storm trooper mask, birthday parties, many books and 3 different light sabers including the best one he got from ultrasabers to satisfy his Star Wars love. All the family has been watching the Star Wars movies over again in lead up to the new Star Wars movie which has the family all excited just as much as Christmas. We have our tickets booked for Boxing Day for the family and I’m sure we’ll have some dressed up family at the cinemas in particular my son Elijah who is just like his daddy.

  33. Sara clee says:

    The biggest star wars fan in our house is my 7 yr old son this is him going to his school disco dressed as his fav movie, he loves playing star wars although often gets the light sabre taken off him when he lives in the movie to much and the dog becomes a bad guy lol

  34. I’d love to be counted in for this (with an Australian address though not a resident) if allowed. Sounds like a wonderful gift.

  35. The biggest Star Wars fan in our house is definitely my hubby! He’s 57 years young and old enough to be a fan from when it was first released. He loves all Sci Fi Fantasy.

  36. I was the first Star Wars fan in our household. :) All my boys love Star Wars. And my youngest, the only girl in the family. Can’t wait to see the new one!

  37. Extremely hard to say who is the biggest Star Wars fan in our house. My siblings and I are MASSIVE fans and now I get the chance to pass on our love to my kids. My eldest son (now 19yo) was young when the second Trilogy came out and now my youngest two are perfect for brainwashing with the third Trilogy!
    But if I have to choose just one person it would be my 7yo. He spends all day creating Star Wars sets with his Lego (no actual Star Wars Lego here yet, just using basic blocks) and constantly watches the two trilogies as well as The Clone Wars DVD’s!

  38. Katherine Formosa says:

    Our biggest Star Wars fan is my little 3 year old boy who now says to anyone who will listen “Hi! I Darth Vader”. Very cute seeing as it comes out as “Dart Wader”.

  39. Karen Edwards says:

    A house full of Star Wars fans here even the nearly 3 year old gave running commentary when they replayed the series a couple of weeks ago on tv ‘oh look there’s Bacca’ (Chewbacca) lol

  40. Sally Seden says:

    My 7 year old son is huge Star Wars thanks to his Dad ( my husband)! This has been passed on through the generations, my mother in law is also a big fan and the grandchildren love to go to Nanna’s house to play with her, now grown up 3 sons, Star Wars toys. My 10 year old daughter is also a big fan. Each has their own light sabre that they fight each other with. My son has an impressive collection of Lego Star Wars thanks to his Dad helping him to build the larger pieces. My best memory of their love was the day my son asked my husband and myself if he could sit down ( on the floor) in the Star Wars aisle in the toy section as he was in complete awe of it all. So we allowed him to sit and stare and ponder! They have, of course, pre bought their movie tickets for the 17th December!

  41. Jessica Maloney says:

    My 10 year old cockatiel Doody, who can whistle the Imperial March!

  42. The biggest Star Wars fan in our house is Daddy aka Husband. Who literally spat the dummy while we were in Toys R Us, when he told me he wanted these Lego Star Wars dolls for himself, yes himself, not the kids, for Christmas. I was nice about it, firm too, explaining that he’s a grown man, and it’s now the kids turn to receive these things, and NOT him. Well boy did I say the wrong thing. He’s counting down the hours until the next movie, which I’ve got to accompany him to see, because he wants to share this thrilling viewing experience with me…the joy! He even has a bloody star wars ring tone and light saber SMS notifications too, and the Darth Vader (what I call ‘Death March’) ring tone for when my Mother calls his mobile. Star Wars Tee-shirts, the entire collection, and yes, back to those wonderful toys, an entire collection that no one is allowed to touch, treasured in his childhood, all the more (sadly) adored now as a grown man. It’s tragic you know, and even more tragic that he hid it so well from me during our courtship!! I knew nothing of the Star Wars nerd within, until the ring was firmly on my finger.

  43. My 2yo little Yoda (not his real name) wins the Star Wars fan club badge in our household. His 5yo brother would serenade his sibling with the Imperial March even before he entered the world. Two years later, it is he who serenades the family with the same tune, all the while battling light saber duels with his older brother. Little Yoda’s bedtime book is Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown.. Every.Single.Night. Before sleep, he will reel off his rendition of star wars characters from his cot; “Chewie”, “Solo”, “2D2” “3PO” “Darth Vader Maul” and finish off with a “pew-pew”.

  44. Amanda White says:

    The force is strong with my daughter,
    she sure does take after her father!

  45. My three all love Star Wars! We’re currently on a family trip around Australia, and the kids decided to spice up a visit to the Pinnacles WA by bringing sheets and light sabres, because they thought it looked like Tattoine! They had so much fun! Here is our five year old, who has LOVED Star Wars for a long time, and recently we finally let him watch an episode!!

  46. My husband he’s watched every one, I on the other hand am not a fan but love seeing the quirky accessories you can buy.

  47. Our whole house is star wars crazy, my husband has a room full of star toys and our both love it. They play star wars daily our trampoline is the sarlacc pit, our little outdoor playset is the millennium falcon, I’m here writing this and next to me both boys playing star wars lego which his father was given. Both boys so excited about The Force Awakens and so are we and it so nice to see that our boys can see the next generation of Star wars.

  48. Melissa Te Whata says:

    Definitely my dearest fiancé. When we fight he can’t help but speaking in ‘Star Wars’ language. I wish I could say it was myself or my dearest 8yr old but sadly if we won hubby 2 be would be spending the gift card on MORE star wars lego

  49. Definitely my 8 year old son but his brother who is 5 is coming up pretty close behind him now! They love running around and being Darth Vader and that mask would be Awesomeness!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition. :-)

  50. Lennice Cummings says:

    My Star Wars fan is my 6 Year old son Jett. He loves anything and everything Star Wars

  51. I just had to laugh to hear you now have Star Wars fans at your place. I have 2 boys, one who has high functioning autism and as you can imagine his interest has been one of total obsession for years; one he has not out grown. It’s become an in family joke. We have had many Star Wars movie marathons over the years. With the tongue in cheek suggestion that we had to have another this Christmas, ’cause its a Christmas movie!! Who knew!!

  52. Mr 5 for sure! He jumped at the chance to tackle Darth Maul in real life. We really should have named him Luke! The Force isn’t so strong however with Mr 3 who was reduced to tears by the sight of Darth Maul!

  53. Staci Mann Torgerson says:

    Definitely my oldest daughter, 11 yrs old then followed by my husband. We are actually surprising them next Friday and keeping them out of school to go see the premier dressed up in our best Star Wars attire and all!

  54. Sharon Turner says:

    Hayden my 7 year old is a big fan followed by my 5 year old Callum they often have Star Wars battles in the house. We have just moved house and with no tv their creativity took over and they made some boxes into battle gear and pulled out the light saber (we only have one at the moment) and battled it out it was very cute to watch. Glad they entertained themselves while I unpack.

  55. henrieke hilse says:

    My little girl Amber! 4 yr running to a live size darth vader yelling ” oh I love you Darth Vader”
    And continue to hug it!!!!
    She also decorated my phone case 😊

  56. My 4 year old LOVES Star Wars. It just happened all of a sudden. He is suddenly obsessed! He has been circling every stars wars related toy or clothing in the catalogues for weeks now! Even underwear!!! He loves storm troopers and chewbacca the best at the moment :)

  57. I am the biggest Star Wars fan in the house. Josiah, 2.75yo is a bit too young to be indoctrinated into the force. Hubby isn’t really a fan so I am alone in my Star Wars boat. My fav? The Ewoks.

  58. Ummm, while my 9 year old son may think he is the biggest fan in the house, actually I am. For my 12th birthday I got VHS copies of all three original movies. I watched them so much over the following couple of years, I wore the VHSs out. When episode 1 was released when I was in late high school, I couldn’t convince any of my girlfriends to go to the midnight screening, so I took my dad (or rather my dad took me). I am a star wars tragic :).

  59. Melissa Regan Allen. says:

    My little 2.5yr old Toby lives, breathes and even sleeps star wars… I can’t attach my photo here but I have put it in the comments on your Facebook post. ☺He even makes us sit and watch star wars (he is of course on the dark side lol) and my husband went and brought the new ps4 game and he is amazed and so excited by it.

  60. I got my 4.5 year old son Zane hooked on Star Wars early on so he knows all the characters off by heart!

  61. It’s probably a tie between my husband and I and we have ‘forced’ our nerdy fanaticism onto our two boys. This is our 5 year old who is as excited as we are about the new movie coming out and can’t wait til Christmas in the hope that Santa will add to his Star Wars collection!

  62. Meredith DallaSanta says:

    Our 9 year old daughter Sienna is as girly as they come. Loves her ballet, her pretty dresses and bows in her hair. But when her brother started getting into Star Wars, she became the devoted fan. She’s been counting down sleeps – not to Christmas – but to the release of The Force Awakens! And at the top of her Christmas list? A Star Wars nightie…!

  63. Oh my goodness, Star Wars is so big right now! My 8 year old has ditched every other thing for Star Wars! Everything is compared to Star Wars episodes or characters. (Even stories from church, for the love!) Abound, Yoda-isms do, 🙄 however he dressed up as Darth Vader for Book Week. He’s busting for the new movie to come out, but lives in fear of it being M rated, as he won’t be allowed to watch it if that is the case.

  64. It’s a battle between all 4 about who loves Star Wars the most. My eldest Hunter went as Darth Vader this year for Book Week, and Levi went as Luke Skywalker. They prefer to watch the movies out of order though and that drives me mad! You have to watch them in the order they were made! Haha I can only add the one pic so here is Levi aka Luke

  65. My husband! He has very fond memories of his Dad taking him and his brother to see the original Star Wars at Leicester Square when it was first released in 1977. He can not wait to take our two boys to see the new movie this holidays.

  66. Thouraya Battye says:

    It’s a tie in our house…one follows the Dark Side and the other the Light!

    Here they are at the Star Wars event at the Opera House last night!

    They were so excited to see the real Han Solo and are pumped for the new movie!

  67. Thouraya Battye says:

    I thought I should also share my daughter Amelie’s Christmas Card this year for her friends. We stuck a candy cane onto the light sabre! She is obsessed with Leia…as I was as a child! So proud!

  68. Definitely the husband. A Star Wars nut!
    But lately the 4 year old. He has asked for a light sabre for Christmas and when I turned up with a green $5 Kmart variety the husband was less than impressed.
    “Where is the docket? I’ll go and buy one. The real one”
    Do they ever grow up?

  69. Narelle Mackenzie says:

    Elijah is the biggest 9 yr old Star Wars fan I know! He even decorated his hospital room to feel like home!

  70. I have a master 4 who is just getting in on the star wars action. Looks like i will need to watch the movies again (hooray!!). We have our duracell christmas stash ready to go.

  71. Kylie Grech says:

    I have 9 kids so if you count them and hubby i have 10 star wars fans in the house hubby calls the kids his little storm troopers except for the youngest 2 he calls 1 his little ewok and the other his little yoda he has even taught our bird pepper the tune (it drives me batty she whistles it all day) Honestly star wars just does not appeal to me (i can’t stand it) but it keeps the man and the little minions in my life happy!

  72. My boy Will is slowly dragging us all into Star Wars fandom! (Perhaps he’s using “the force”!) Here he is with a homemade “light saber” (a.k.a. icy pole!) Our church has organised a screening of the new movie on it’s release date (next Thurs) with all funds going to support World Youth Day pilgrims. Will has saved up all his pocket money for 6 weeks straight to buy a ticket – when you’re 7, that shows true dedication!

  73. Mary Witzke says:

    Ryan 3.5 is our biggest fan, after he saw An New Hope for the first time he watched it everyday for at least 2 weeks :/

  74. Charmaine Campbell says:

    I’m not sure if it’s my husband or my son who’s the bigger fan, it’s certainly something they have bonded over. Here is a photo of my son getting creative with some furniture packaging we had laying around, and my hubby was so pleased to see him using his imagination, rather than technology, so he decided to take a photo.

  75. It’s a close call between my hubby and my 7 year old daughter. She wanted to go as Princess Leia to school for book week. This was of course before the merchandise had hit the stores. So thanks to my awesome mum she made a gorgeous outfit for her and she was the only Princess Leia on the day. She also has random Star Wars conversations with her dad – has watched all the movies and is super excited about the new movie.

  76. Sorry here’s another photo with her dad dresses as chewbacca!!

  77. My biggest Star Wars fan is my 8 year old. It all started when my husband started watching an animated series, CloneWars, and then when the movies were on TV recently they watched all of those together. Some movies have been watched more than once.
    Our school had a disco on Thursday night so we raced home from swimming club with 5 minutes to go, and put together a Darth Maul outfit. Mr 8 was beside himself with excitement! He really got into character for photos too with a scrunched up face!

  78. My son Caleb has been a Star Wars fan since the age of 5. He is now 12 and is still obsessed, especially with Star Wars Lego. Ever year I have told him I would get him a Star Wars Lego advent calendar but somehow every time I went to get one they were sold out or had gone up in price to the point that it was way to expensive. This year I set out to track one down and I had left it too late again. After searching everywhere I finally found one in shop about half an hour away and got them to put it away under the counter. When we went to get it, I surprised him and his face was priceless. Every day that he opens his calendar he is so excited, it was worth every cent. Here he is with his calendar waiting patiently for the first of December

  79. There are a few Star Wars fans in our house but the little guy is the biggest one. Last nights book choice was the encyclopaedia of characters (lucky mummy) and this morning was Episode 1. Flashing light sabres are a Santa request!

  80. The biggest Star Wars fan in our house is my son Sebastian (8 years). All he wants for Christmas is Star Wars!!

  81. Definitely my 10 year old. He has been obsessed since he was quite little! This was him when he was 3 and at again at 9. He has every encyclopaedia (and could recite most if not all facts), a Sith robe that I made for him 3 years ago (he even has given himself a Sith Lord name!), and he has me currently crocheting him a stormtrooper blanket for next winter!

  82. Laura Powers says:

    My little 7 year old nephew is a massive fan it’s all he wants from Santa!

  83. Our whole family is, but hubby is the biggest! We just flew all the way from Adeliade to Sydney to go to the Star Wars fan event in Sydney with Harrison Ford. We’re sitting on the steps just to the left of the tent with the camera and lighting crew 😀

  84. Penny Michie says:

    Its hard to work out who is the bigger fan … my husband Steve or my 4year old son Luke 😉

    Now yes Luke’s name is a point towards hubby being the top fan but when Luke can recite every character’s trade mark sayings, the movies word for word and have a full conversation with me turning everyday life into star wars (i.e we travel to school in the Millennium Falcon instead of the Toyota and rubbish bins are the sarlacc pitt)

    It sure is fun and games at our house … with the new movie coming out may the force be with us all lol

  85. Master Four…”May the force be with you”
    Is his nightly comment before bedtime
    As I leave his room!

  86. Sarah finch says:

    My five year old daughter is very excited about the new star wars movie. My husband loves star wars and they are forever talking star wars facts

  87. teresa hogg says:

    me 12 yr old son Dylan he cant wait till this new one is released

  88. I would say that my son is the biggest fan, but that would be a fib. I have been WAITING for what seems like forever for a Star Wars fan to join me in the family. As an American ex-pat who grew up as the movies were released, I did not have high hopes that I would find fans here, but I was wrong. Australia loves Star Wars too and now that my son has seen all the films (in order of release as well as in story order) we are all set for a mommy/son date to catch the new release over the school holidays. I am SO excited.
    I am including a shot of him watching the first release for the very first time…

  89. Renee Ballantyne says:

    my 8yr old son

  90. Virginia dedonatis says:

    I am lucky enough to have 2 star wars fans in the house and I’m not one of them! My husband had 3 or 4 copies of the original series on video and has now got the complete set on DVD. As big a fan as he is, my 6 year old son has now eclipsed his father and is officially the houses biggest fan! He made me sit through and watch the 6 movies in the mid year holidays as well as the recent Saturday night reruns and now makes me watch him play Disney infinity star wars that he was lucky enough to get for his birthday this year. I am constantly being attacked by a light sabre and conversations include general grievous, darth vader and darth whoever the red guy is…yes much to his father’s horror my son likes the “baddies” the best! I’ve included a piccy of my son from book week this year who earnt the respect of a few of the older boys at school with his costume :-)

  91. We’re all star wars fans at our house, but if I had to choose the biggest devotee it would probably be my husband. We are so excited about the new movie, we’re off to see it later in the week.

  92. My youngest daughter! She turns everything into Star Wars – birthdays, bedroom decor, her paintings and art work, Book week dress up day. We even repurposed a really old Star Wars game into something to hang on her wall. My daughter is excited about the new Star Wars movie, but will have to wait until she’s old enough to see it!

  93. SANDY HORSFALL says:



  94. My 4 year old is the biggest fan of Star Wars – he is so powerful that he wakes up everyone early in the morning and no one can move a muscle when he takes his afternoon nap .

  95. In my house we all love STAR WARS but I would have to say my hubby as he saw the first film in the 70’s in the cinema in Scotland (I saw it in Melbourne).
    Since then we have bought all the movies on both video and DVD and when he decides to watch a Star Wars movie it has to be all of them-a MARATHON, starting with number 4, 5, 6 then continuing onto 1,2,3.
    He cant wait to see the new one (hopefully at the cinema for the BIG SCREEN AND SOUND) and then we’ll BUY IT and watch it again after our STAR WARS MOVIE MARATHON.

  96. Rebecca Rose says:

    It’s a fairly new obsession in our household. With the first Starwars eBook downloaded today, requests for additional light-sabres and themed Lego on our lists for Santa. This pic may sway you – in the absence of a second light-sabre, a toy chain-saw is introduced. That’s totally normal and non-alarming, right?

  97. Shannon Jennings says:

    My 5 year old son has become obsessed with Star Wars – and is desperately hoping Santa will bring him a light sabre. In the meantime, to get his fix he has taught his 10 month old sister to play Darth Vader v Luke Skywalker!

  98. Huge Star Wars fans here since the day they were born ! Even mummy likes to dress up ❤️Star Wars

  99. Erika Monk says:

    It’s a close call in my place. Hubby and I ‘like’ and ‘enjoy’ the movies… And stupidly introduced our two girls (8.5 & 10) to the Force when it was on TV. My 8y.o told me the other day that her Christmas Day will be perfect if the last thing she finds in her stocking is a Light Sabre!!!
    Not that they know it yet, but they are getting Build-a-Bear vouchers (for Darth Vader bears), light sabres, SW body wash, SW loofahs, SW pez despensers…. I think I’ve manged to sneak some ‘girly’, non-STARWARS stuff into those stockings….
    And they’ve made Ep 7 M rated….

  100. Louise honer says:

    My son is. We have darth vader bunting up in the loungeroom made from paper face masks , our Christmas tree is literally darth vader , decorated with vintage star wars figurines and ships etc .
    Darth vaders mask sit atop the tree in place of a star.
    Star wars baubles , mini lego figures starwars of course even mini light sabers.
    Our 4 foot santa is dressed as a jedi and stands in our lounge room .

  101. tamara Rodgers says:

    My 3 boys, 39, 5 and 3. Light sabre battles daily in the house.

  102. Let the force be with you – Ethan 6

  103. Wow!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! IT took me a while to figure out that we won!! My kids will be stoked!!! They’ve been watching empire strikes back today:)

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