if it’s not in the diary…..

I have a saying that if it’s not in the diary then it’s not going to happen. Because I forget things. It’s like emails and text messages, if I don’t reply straight away then I need a reminder. Because I forget. When I had the crazy busy week around the fete I got a letter that the infants concert had changed. I thought to myself I better put that in the diary. Monday this week one of the kids tells me he is so excited about a day this week. I ask what’s on that day. His concert and presentation afternoon. Ahhhhhhhhhh I’m supposed to be somewhere else all day.

How did I forget that! Just proving that if it’s not in the diary I will forget it. Anyway now it’s in the diary and we’ll all be there to enjoy the Christmas concert. I have one dad and one singing angel, made a last minute dash to Target today for a white t-shirt for my angel. And just need to go back for all white sandshoes for next week’s concert. We’ll take everyone out for chinese afterwards to celebrate the end of infants for my twinnies.

The good news is that I’m not attempting to make every teacher and therapist a quilt this year like I did last year. Hope you survive the end of year festivities/events with preschool, school and everything else thrown in!


  1. Corrie

    that is a great looking diary where did you get it I am looking for one for 2016.


  2. I am the same. Any appointment we make it is absolutely no use the receptionist giving me a card with the details on, I will just lose it. I always say if it’s not in the diary it’s not happening & write it in there straight away. As soon as I get home I need to transfer dates & times to the kitchen calendar as a backup.

  3. Strict Diary Keeping is going to be my New Years Resolution! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I don’t know how you find the time to make quilts, knit, bake, blog and raise a family. You sure are a super mum!

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