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Some afternoons after school we do homework, early dinner, bath, reading and then bed. When the sun is out and everyone has a lot of energy then we head outside. I remember growing up that I spent a lot more time outside or playing with my toys. This was a time before pay TV, youtube and iPads. Do you remember? We made up our own games and were always inventing new story lines and adventures.

I find with all of the distractions of today as well as homework and housework that I sometimes have to remind myself that it’s time to go outside and play. Thankfully my kids love being outside or in the playroom and imaginary play is the best way to switch off the TV, have fun, build up their creativity and just be kids.

So on monday we decided to do homework after dinner, packed up a basket with some My Little Pony toys, lemonade (as a treat!), some biscuits and a big quilt to sit on. 

Pretend tea parties are so much fun and remind me of playing my own with my sister.

And if you’ve ever done speech therapy or early intervention with a little one then you’ll know how important they can be for speech development and play. Cup of tea please. Oh thank you. Milk? Sugar? My Turn. Here you go. Let’s give pinky pie  something to eat.

My girls love their My Little Pony toys. Braiding hair, combing tails, attaching headpieces and accessories. Sharing the toys and brushes. And I actually need to brush up on my pony names but the kids have got them all down pat and correct me.

and it’s not just for the girls,

And this Rarity Booktique playset that you can carry has quickly become the most popular toy here. You can pop your ponies and a few accessories in it and carry it with you making it great to take out and keep a little someone entertained. The hanging rack and coat hanger is so cute and you flick a page and can change the room. Very clever, very cute and very fun for play and make believe. My girls like to pretend there is some sewing going on just like one of the episodes they have seen.

or bathroom, the teeniest little bottle there. This has been so handy to take to church and out with us as it’s so portable and has little things to keep little fingers busy. Definitely popular here.

I also created a My Little Pony tea party Pinterest board here with some lovely ideas for little ones.

Do you do tea parties at your house?

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