cleaning my floors with my new Enjo floorcleaner + giveaway

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congratulations to Dee the winner

I have a confession and a funny story to share with you. After a year and a half of going it alone with cleaning the house I had to get a cleaner back to help me. I just couldn’t get to the big jobs and keep on top of the whole house. First morning she’s here and I heard a oops and a laugh. Yep she had lifted the couch cushions and probably found a year’s worth of bobby pins, hair elastics, some knitting needles, jigsaw pieces, small toys and some more. The jobs I don’t get to. I grabbed a plastic bag and did all the couches before she had to.

One job I do get to regularly but get sick of doing are the floors. With a baby who crawls, walks and plays on the floor keeping them clean is a must. And whenever I’ve mentioned cleaning on the blog I will always have someone mentioning Enjo in the comments. My readers love Enjo. Also the thing about being a blogger is that when I mentioned that I use a brand of cleaner (that contains bleach) then someone will come on and tell me that it’s bad for the children and to breathe in. I’ve probably thought about that with spray cleaners and don’t use fly spray or air freshener because of the risk of breathing it in but hadn’t really considered the floor cleaner as a culprit.

So I’ve never used Enjo (pronounced en-yo) before but with a floor cleaner delivered to my door I had no more excuses. And neither did the kids. Cleaning floors is something I do twice a day. Crumbs, crackers, toast, dust, sewing threads, you name it…it ends up on the floor. My usual way to clean floors is to vac twice a day, not the whole house but just the messiest areas. Once a week I wash the floors downstairs with a mop, bucket and some cleaning product in the hot water. The floors are very wet once I’m done and it always feels like a big job. Now I don’t like using too many chemicals in the house but have always thought that clean floors require a strong cleaning product in the water. I’ve used a steam mop in the past but also found it a bit of a pain with the cord and also the steam around children being dangerous.

Since we’ve had the Enjo I’ve been washing the floors daily and no need for the mop and bucket. Or cleaning product! You just spray water onto the Enjo fibre or can wet it first and then attach it. It’s worked really well and best of all the kids can do it which I love. Here is my big girl helping out.

It’s great to just be using water and get a really clean floor and I always think the house looks 100 times cleaner if the floors are clean and everything is back in its place.

And every single time I wash the entrance floor I wonder why on earth anyone would lay white tiles in an entrance way. It was at this moment that I yelled out shoes off I just washed the floors. But as you can see there is hardly any water just after I’ve washed them with the Enjo. A big difference to if I’d just washed with the good old mop and bucket.

So my overall verdict is that this is one good quality floor cleaner. It’s durable and feels solid and I can say that since the kids have accidentally dropped it to the floor a few times. It’s built to last and you choose the Floor Fibre depending on the floor you have and the job you want done. We used the Matt Floor Fibre for our floors because they are a mixture of surfaces. And I really love that you aren’t using any chemicals. I’ll be ditching the mop, bucket and cleaner and sticking to the Enjo which has been much easier to use. And now I think I’ll get something from the range for windows and mirrors.

AND we found an added bonus. Because of the telescopic pole we tackled all the bugs and cobwebs that were sitting at the highest point of our ceiling. Big high ceilings are wonderful for an airy feeling but not so great to clean and I never had anything long enough to reach them. But we just used the Enjo floor cleaner to tackle the top of the ceilings and they look so much better. Now technically I should be using a different cloth on the end but I was just happy to get all the cobwebs and bugs down. You can also add a different fibre cloth for windows which would be perfect too. I hate breathing in the window cleaner and know it’s not good for anyone to breathe in.

You can find out more about the Enjo floor cleaning range here and for a fun giveaway I’m giving away a Floor Cleaner and a fibre to go with it just like I’ve got. You’ll love it and it’s valued at $198.

All you need to do is tell me why you need the Enjo floor cleaner at your house?

full terms of my giveaways are here, competition is open to Australian residents only. entries close 30 October 2015. And just to let you know that there is a special promotion running at the moment where as a host of a demonstration you can receive a floorcleaner for free (valued at $99). Find out more here.


  1. I have muscular dystrophy which affects my legs and this would allow me to be independently able to clean my home. Something that I struggle with having to drag a bucket around for my regular mop.

  2. I need the Enjo floor cleaner at my house because we’ve just had beautiful new floors laid but with three cats, a dog and five people walking about they aren’t staying clean for long! I do worry about the affect of chemicals on my family. I would love the opportunity to try a chemical free product and get the house all spick and span in the lead up to Christmas.

  3. Your story is quite similar to mine, although I have only 3 small people. We live on a rural block, with horses, ponies and cows outside; inside we have a beautiful old dog who still thinks he is a puppy, our 3 kids, my husband who drives an excavator and myself. Needless to say I spend a lot of time cleaning the floors. We built before having kids so have lovely, shiny white tiles and grout (what were we thinking) and I too have tried steam mops, mop and buckets and at the moment I am back to scrubbing with a brush. Such a big, time consuming job. What I wouldn’t give to have something quick and effective.
    I must say I do love my enjo bathroom cleaning mits.

  4. Great giveaway. I need an Enjo floor mop for my husband. After twenty years of washing timber and tile floors myself (and hating every moment), it became his job while he was on long service leave last year, and I didn’t take it back. I think a new mop would make his weekend floor washing more enjoyable!

  5. Juli Szasz says:

    What a timely post! Thank you. With 4 little ones I am constantly doing the floors and they never seem to look clean. I’ve tried every chemical product there is on these wood (laminate) floors, mop and bucket, vinegar etc. The water from using the mop and bucket isn’t good for it, and I don’t like the chemicals either. I’m at my wits end trying to find something BUT Retro Mummy to the rescue! Thanks so much – I’d love to be the winner of this competition

  6. Great timing! I have literally just finished cleaning my floors after SOMEONE (will blame husband, more likely me) walked possum poo all through the entrance! We have textured white tiles in our entrance, and they are a nightmare to keep clean. You just have to look at them with dirty feet and they get grubby!

    I also have a toddler and a soon-to-be-crawling baby, so I’m sure to be upping the mopping ante soon, and would love to do it with an Enjo!

  7. Callie Dimas says:

    I would love this enjo cleaner! We’re building our first home & taking a golden retriever & English mastiff with us … That’s lots of dog hair that would save me days cleaning.

    Though hopefully if I don’t win, mum will get me a house warming gift 😁

  8. I would love to try the Enjo mop. I don’t like using any chemicals and only use water with vinegar. While that’s non toxic, the house smells like vinegar all over! And I don’t have much carpet around the house at all.

  9. i could use the enjo with the tiles right through our house but I could also take it with us to use on the caravan as we often travel and work away!
    Cheers for the chance to win 👍

  10. I have loved the Enjo floor cleaner from a distance for a while now. It looks so straight forward to use and I love that I can throw the fibre in the wash at the end of the cleaning. It is such a bonus to think I could get rid of chemicals in my house and have one simple system. Thanks so much for sharing, I have my fingers crossed but will also keep saving my pennies!

  11. I need an Enjo floor cleaner as we have just a bought a lovely old QLD,er that has wooden floors throughout. It is so new to us that today was the first time that I had to clean the floors. My gosh it was a workout. We have gone from a small fibro cottage to this old bad boy that is probably three times the size of the current house. So any product that cuts the cleaning time is most welcome. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Hi Corrie

    Great post! I have only used the Enjo hand cleaners before – they work quite well. I’d love the Enjo floor cleaner but it is a little too expensive for us at the moment. My partner and I are to be married in December and we are in the process of looking for our first home together. It would be lovely to have a floor cleaner that works well as I super eager to start nesting!

    Happy cleaning!


  13. Oh Enjo! I would love to try the Enjo floor cleaner. My house is a delightful mix of textured linoleum (who does that?) which is impossible to clean – I’ve almost given up hope…and lost count of the different mop heads, bucket systems and cleaner we’ve tried in an attempt to get them liking moderately clean. And original 70s tile from when my house was a display home. Top of the range in its day but it has certainly seen better times. I’d love the opportunity to try the Enjo system out, as a first time mum with a walking baby girl, who is into everything, one less chemical is definitely a good thing!!

  14. I would love an Enjo floorcleaner and fibre…we have three kids including a toddler who loves to scoot around the floor. All of us, including my husband and I are very sensitive to cleaning chemicals and our previous cheapie floor cleaner keeps falling off mid-mop-sweep which is very annoying and time consuming. Just invested in an Enjo mit for kitchen and would love to see what it could do for our floors!!

  15. Aimee Tia says:

    Who knew our sweet 4 could so dirty the floor…
    Tiles and Vinyl we have wall to door…
    Lil grubs that need mega scrubs we have galore…
    An Enjo system we’d adore…
    So our floors can sparkle once more!

  16. Georgie G says:

    It seems to me that this Enjo might just give me the motivation I so lack in keeping my floors as clean as I like them! Nothing better for the stay-at-home mum stress levels than a nice, clean home. It just makes my mind feel more clear! Thanks for you writing your wonderful blog, I really enjoy reading it.

  17. We have white tiles over the floor and they never seem to stay/get clean. It’s always a pain to clean them and they just make the place look dirty.

  18. With a part time job, a husband, 3 children and 2 cats, I don’t get to my cleaning until the weekend and then it is a BIG job. But if I had an enjo mop, I could quickly do it every day like you and the house would stay clean. I would love to win this. I have a few enjo products, which I still use, although they are all beginning to wear out, and some have long gone. Thanks

  19. We have a number of allergies in the house so am always cleaning the floors. Would love to be lucky enough to win this.

    Thanks for the giveaway


  20. I’ve always wanted to try enjo! We have hard wood floors and messy babies. I would love to make that job easier!

  21. Would love to give this a try. 4 kids who are constantly in and out, lots of spills and lots of wooden floors that never stay clean for more than 5 minutes. You make this option sound easy and effective!

  22. My floors have not been cleaned since I can’t remember! When ever I mop I tell the kids to stay outside and play but before you know it it they run inside and slip over on the wet floor. This sounds like it is the product for me!

  23. this grandma has used the shower cleaner for about 5 years. I have seen the floor cleaner but until we moved to Melbourne we had always lived in houses with carpet so didn’t think I would use the floor mop. Now I have timber floors throughout and need something like this, it looks wonderful and who would have thought about cleaning the cobwebs with it

  24. After two recent miscarriages I’m re-evaluating all chemicals in the house in the hope it will make my current pregnancy stick. The mop would be extremely helpful in achieving this goal.

  25. Currently cleaning up after 6 children myself. Not sure the vacuum cleaner ever gets a chance to be put away. Might have to get on board that Enjo train!

  26. Oh I would love to try the ENYO floor cleaner, sounds like a dream compared to my current routine. I do everything in my power to minimise the mess on our light coloured tiled floor including no shoes inside, brush the cats daily to minimise hair transfer and attempt to clean up any spills or mess asap but alas it is all in vain! Arg it drives me balmy to have to clean the floors constantly and yes I vacuum then use the big clunky old steam mop and it takes FOREVER!!!

  27. I find doing the basics with three young children, which for me is cooking dinner every day, washing, folding, making beds and tidying up, plus kids speech pathology and sport activities leaves very little time for good and proper cleaning. An Enjo floor cleaner would help me out for sure. As I like to vacuum literally just before I mop the Enjo would relieve me of the careful coordination of noisy vacuuming just before the daytime sleeps as I could just clean floors all in one go during the nap.

  28. Hannah Wilcox says:

    Enjo floor cleaners are wonderful! I have been using one for the past six months. With a three year old and three month old in the house it has been very useful. Unfortunately a few months ago it broke due to a slight mishap. So I desperately need a new floor cleaner so that I can mop my floors again before my little one starts crawling.

  29. My kids dropped food on the floor and I picked it up and ATE IT! The floors weren’t even clean. I have regressed into a toddler! Please please I need this mop!

  30. Melissa antolovic says:

    My hubby is very picky about what we use on our floors (we have floating timber and tiles) so I usually leave the cleaning of the floors to him but the problem is he doesn’t do it often enough. Had waits to they are really dirty or someone’s coming over. Id love to try an enjo floor cleaner. Then I could quickly go over them when ever I think they need it.

  31. We have a new puppy and with that comes pee on the floor! That plus two little kids who enjoy seeing who can make the most mess whilst eating and my floors are pretty bad.

    Currently I sweep, then vac if need then get out a mop and bucket (of course after picking everything off the ground!) then shoo everyone outside and mop mop mop. Then spend at least 30 mins sitting on the step with the kids waiting for the floor to dry (or at least to dry enough so we can hop scotch along the dry spots to the TV!)

  32. I’m a shocker at cleaning my floors because my toddler is frightened off the vacuum cleaner and of course when the mop and bucket comes out, it’s time for a swim for both of my toddlers. An enjo mop would make life a lot easier especially with a new baby on the way!

  33. I have a very hairy situation at home with 3 inside dogs, and in the Summer months they all moult so keeping up with the cleaning is a full time job and I need help!!

  34. I’m upfront, I don’t need the Enjo mop. I have had a Sabco Super Swish mop for years now, it has two microfibre pads, one for wet and one for dry. It does exactly the same as the Enjo but is a whole lot cheaper. But good luck to the person who wins it, after all a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

    Funny thing, considering that Enjo is – like myself, from Austria, nobody seems to be using the stuff there. I mentioned how popular Enjo was in Australia on a visit to Austria in 2004 and people were quite surprised.

  35. I was in a car accident four years ago which caused major back issues for me. I can no longer pull around the vacuum cleaner so i have to get my son to do it, which he doesn’t do without complaining! I think the Enjo mop may halo me get rid of the dust and dirt is an easier (and quiet lol) way!

  36. Being ENJO means it works a treat and no more smelly mops and expensive cleaners

  37. I soo need a new mop, I am in the same situation as you big family of 6 and the two youngest make the biggest mess.!! Feel like my floors are never clean and a new chemical free system is just what I need. And one that won’t kill my back!!

  38. Helga Grenkowitz says:

    Because of my hip and back problems cleaning is not my favourite chore. But with the ENJO Floorcleaner makes look cleaning so much easier.

  39. Kay Eccleston says:

    With 9 kids, 2 dogs and a painful auto immune condition this would be so good to try. We have hardwood floors all through our house, very hard to keep clean woth so much traffic.

  40. I am tempted to purchase one… We have salmon pink tiles, a black Labrador, a tortoise shell cat, and 3 busy garden and beach loving children (read animal hair, dirt and sand!).
    Does it work if the floors already really in need of a scrub? Or do you have to start with clean floors and then do it weekly?
    I like the idea of no chemicals and just one simple tool…
    Maybe if I won I could try it out, and then praise it from the mountain tops if it works?

  41. hi,we have allergies in the family so a new enjo would mean a cleaner floor with less dust and make everyone sleep better with less scratching.

  42. We shift into our new house in two weeks time. It has timber floors which no doubt, will show every bit of fluff and dust. So the sweeping attachment would be wonderful, zipping around every day would keep the floors sparkling. Well, as long as they are washed as well!!!!!

  43. Gina Siller says:

    I need the ENJO floor cleaner as I am recovering from two fractured ankles and cannot vacuum my floorboards.

  44. LindaGraham says:

    I really love using enjo products, they make cleaning up so much easier and heathier

  45. Lea Anita Black says:

    I am tired of grabbing my bucket and mop and doing hard work cleaning pets soiling each day. I have 8 Cats and some are not learning! I need help!

  46. I have issues, not sure what they are as they’re not diagnosed, but I am CONSTANTLY cleaning the floors. Slate, parquetry, tiles and carpet too. A single spot, blemish, fluff or imperfection drives me insane and I have to remove it instantly. I need an Enjoy floor cleaner to help me be cleaner than clean, and yes, that is a good thing.

  47. No stains, smears, streaks or irritating marks that come from the cleaning product used. Enjo cleans with simple, pure water so it’ll be bloody fantastic to finally chuck all the floor cleaning products that over promise and under deliver, away.

  48. We’ve just had our wooden floor replaced after a horrible water leak and it looks so nice it would be wonderful to have this to keep it looking fabulous.

  49. Melanie Ambrose says:

    i need this product simply because I don’t wash our floors often enough! It feels like such a big job and I know I would do it more with Enjo!! Thanks for the chance!

  50. My house is full of wooden floorboards, and they need to be swept and mopped daily, I would love to be able to mop with ease

  51. I am forever mopping up after my 19 month old..and also my bathroom ceiling because it’s always mouldy and the long reach of this mop would be very handy indeed!

  52. At the moment I have to use a bulky steam mop on my cream tiles (daily because of my messy children!) and a damp cloth on my floating floor boards. I’d love to have an Enjo Floorcleaner that will clean both these areas with ease.

  53. Dee Turner says:

    Just to clarify, the enjo floor cleaner comes with the small person attached for the floor cleaning tasks also? What do you mean, “No!”. I’m gutted. You see, we desperately need this win as our family of 4 are currently stuck to our wooden floors. We’ve sent out SOSs but as yet our desperate attempts to be saved from our sticky, feral floors that have taken us captive have gone unanswered. I have been bargaining with the big man upstairs …. “If you can free us from our foul situation, I promise to clean my floors more often”. I like to think he’s heard me or at least he’s having a chuckle at my expense. But seriously? We run a small business from home that we’ve thrown everything at (including our previously stable, steady, paying jobs!) to make it work. We only have to juggle 2 children but it might as well be 10 when it’s a three-nager & a newborn. I returned to work the day after having a c section (yep, working from a hospital bed with tubes & working out BFing all over again!). I have yet to return to mopping. Even though the 6 week precaution time that youre advised not to mop is over. By nearly 3 weeks. My current method of mopping is ‘Ninja spot mopping’. It involves the use of a wet wipe thrown on the floor, which i then stand on & gracefully swipe the offending mark away. Totes classy & ridiculously thorough. Right now you’re totally jealous of my house keeping skills. But mopping a Qlder house is just such a mammoth job which we just dont have time for with our household the way it is … i mean, all the set up & drying time. Ain’t nobody got tume for that! if you could throw us a bone & help out with an enjo floor cleaner, we’d be awfully grateful :)

  54. Terri Todd says:

    With 4 generations living in the one house things tend to get a bit messy and chaotic, this would at least make cleaning the floor a bit quicker and easier.

  55. Anne Tidey says:

    With 3 teenage boys, 3cats, a Rottweiler and a hubby dragging mud, dirt and whatever else through the house, I seem to always be cleaning our wooden and lino floors. Despite my very regular cleaning, my floors never seem 100% clean so perhaps a Enjo Floorcleaner could help me get on top of the struggle of unclean floors.

  56. Because I hate cleaning the floor and this looks like something my kids would find fun, it would also be safe for them with no nasty chemicals. Win-win-win!

  57. I love my enjo mop which I bought years ago but sadly it us broken from shifting and I’m back to all sorts of not nearly as competent mops as I can’t afford a new one. It’s so lovely to see your family involved in the cleaning too. You do an amazing job at getting your floors cleaned so often.

  58. I’m at a complete loss with our floors at the moment. With all the other jobs that need to be done, the poor floors is the last thing and often misses out. It bothers me so much that’s the case but not having the time, energy or money means that I’m not quite sure how to overcome this :/ Thanks for your interesting post.

  59. Lucy Robins says:

    My daughter and I are both breast cancer survivors and after treatment I decided no more chemicals. I already use Enjo but haven’t tried the mop. Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. Angela Murray says:

    With three young children, 2 pets, a husband and my own business I barely have time to scratch myself let along cart around a mop and bucket every day! This would be a lifesaver for me!

  61. Living with 3 mud loving children who have turned my crystal clean palace into a pitiful pigsty is driving me wild!

  62. I have two young children and a husband who has never learnt to clean up after himself. Do I need to say more?

  63. I am excited about everyone else pitching in – I’m sold on Enjo now.

  64. Charlotte S says:

    Our big old Victorian house is perfectly decorated for Halloween… cobwebs deck the walls and ceilings! Unforuntately, come November the spooky season will be long gone but those cobwebs will remain… Enjo sounds like the perfect solution to our arachnid pollution!

  65. Leanne Fisher says:

    Wring out mops can become so dirty and smelly, plus back breaking lugging the water around and discourages you from mopping, as well as using your muscles to get as much water out as possible. I need to have a love affair again with my floors not a dislike

  66. One word. White tiles. The time and effort it takes to make them sparkly and new only to have some inconsiderate person walk all over it. I’ve even had to place a sign up with no one notices. With an Enjo floor cleaner not only will it be quicker but people might take more notice of how I pride myself in my home.

  67. Nicola James says:

    Living in a Queenslander with the very high ceilings and wooden floors, I am fighting a losing battle with the spiders and dust, and dragging a vacuum cleaner around is such a lengthy process! I love the simplicity of the Enjo Floorcleaner and no chemicals to spray!

  68. I would love love love an enjo! My 2 year old is super keen on learning how to mop, but I am hesitant to let her use the traditional mop, bucket and chemicals. This would not only keep my floors clean for my crawling 7 month old, but also be an opportunity to teach important skills to my daughter. :-)

  69. i could eliminate so much mummy guilt with this! i hate using so many chemicals to get things clean!

  70. My partner works away Mon-Friday and as im working full time with a 1yr old its almost impossible to get the floors clean. I have two dogs who shed like you wouldnt believe and bub constantly gets covered in hair because i cant keep up with the sweeping. The whole house has wooden floors and once i mop its wet for at least an hour. Having an Enyo means i can clean the floor in half the time with little man running along behind me.

  71. Sharon Markwell says:

    Enjo (Excellent Notable Joyous and Outstanding) would be excellent especially since the biggest lapdog Poppy has come to live in our house.

  72. Judith Senese says:

    With 3 boys under 10, there is always dirt, dust, and everything else on the floor. This would save me time and effort and make cleaning fun. Also it is easier enough to use that my boys can use it too.

  73. Laura Scriven says:

    Everyone loves the outdoors in my tribe,
    But my floors never survive!
    This would be so quick,
    So easy that even the kids can make it look fantastic!

  74. Russell S says:

    We love our menagerie but spend our lives cleaning up pet hair, whiskers and feathers! Enjo would make sure the dog days are over and get the job done quickly and efficently so we can spend our Spring / Summer days enjoying the outdoors 😀

  75. Charmaine says:

    I would love to own some Enjo products (nearly wrote Enjoy) so maybe it might help me Enjoy cleaning my floors. I have wooden floorboards through out the whole house! :) Thank you Corrie

  76. Micaela Tomalin says:

    I have a Black dog with a house that is full of white tiles, having lupus and chemo weekly leaves me so tired, but as you have shown, it is something the kids can easily do, so perfect :)

  77. I’d love the Enjo new floor cleaner
    So I can clean my floors greener
    No chemicals required
    I’ve truly desired
    Just to use water
    And cleaning time shorter.

  78. We too have dreaded white tiles throughout the house! 2 girls and a dog leave them constantly grotty looking. Plus both have their own bathrooms! You can imagine the state of the floor..toothpaste water and grottyness! Enjo would save my sanity!!

  79. Emma Puszkar says:

    I get scuff marks from my steam cleaner, and my mop just dribbles residue, my kids keep caking mess, and I don’t know what to do!

  80. Dirty dog, dirty, kids, dirty husband, please be my clean saviour ENJO!!

  81. Sarah Fleming says:

    I need an ENJO floor cleaner because we have terrible, cheap looking timber laminate floorboards through most of our house. They are a nightmare to keep clean and I really hate having grubby looking floors. I need to find a floor cleaning system that is both quick and easy and produces great results. I think ENJO is probably the answer to all my woes (well my flooring woes anyways!)

  82. Amanda Norrish says:

    family day care i do best, dirty floors at their best, keeping them clean is a test, please try this and i might get some rest :)

  83. I’d love to win the enjo floor cleaner! We lost our mop when moving house last year and have not replaced it!

  84. I need and ENJO floor cleaner because I have tow children, a husband that travels and I work fulltime. I need something easy to manoeuvre and that will get the job done in half the time of the conventional floor cleaner. I love to have a clean house but I am completely time poor these days. This would be a perfect solution and would also mean I’d save money as I would not need to hire a professional cleaner anymore.

  85. Natasha Andrews says:

    My current cleaning system looks a lot like your old one and I would really love something that would help make it easier for the kids to become involved with cleaning – they are ready for more responsibility and ENJO would be something they could use. It would make my life easier and help them feel like valuable contributing members of our household – win win!!

  86. My husband and I have had a horrible year. We’ve lost babies born too soon and I’ve recently had surgery to try and stop that from happening again. As you can imagine, I haven’t had the motivation or the physical ability to clean anything….and our house is showing signs of neglect!

    If I could clean the floors and walls without chemicals (as we will be TTC again) and minimal effort, I’m sure my house would thank me. Getting the vacuum cleaner out, along with the mop and bucket just hasn’t been a priority for me lately!

  87. Floorboards, a toddler and a baby due in a weeks time. I love that this is such an easy mop that will pick up crumbs, cat fur and all other mess in the time it takes to watch an advert break on TV.

  88. I’d love the Enjo floor cleaner for our place, currently living with MIL = 5 adults, 2 dogs and an 8 month old who is just starting to crawl! Could strap baby Ollie onto that mop and we’d have the floors done in no time 😉

  89. Naryn Lim says:

    I’m a first time mum with a 13-month old who’s very active, walking about and often finding stuff from the floor to put in the mouth! Life’s already quite busy so if I could keep cleaning the floors and ceiling simple and with minimal effort then I’m all ears! Like you, I’ve heard so much about Enjo and how good they are but the price has always held me back so it I would love to win this =) Thank you!

  90. We are a family of 4 with about 200+sqm of tiling. My tiles go cloudy if I use chemicals so I’d love to try the Enjo mop!

  91. I need some ENJOyment in my day, replace my spilling buckets and stinky mops with easy cleaned floors and fun at the shops!

  92. Jennifer B. says:

    My eyes are failing and my knees preclude much standing and scrubbing… I need an ENJO mop that’s going to give me guaranteed sparkling floors without me having to check.

  93. I need an ENJO floor cleaner to use on my hardwood floors. Apart from the mess my three kids make, I can’t stand the dust. Where on earth does it come from?

  94. Lucy Leland says:

    I know
    Is the way to go
    To clean my chateau

  95. lynne lillington says:

    Because I put by neck out trying to clean cathedral ceilings , and cant reach the cobwebs

  96. Tania De Azevedo says:

    I have 2 daughters under 2 which means constant spills and mess! I need a mop that is quick and easy and uses no harsh chemicals!! Enjo is the one that I need!

  97. julie bennett says:

    two teenagers and two toddlers and a dog and cat im constantly cleaning the floors I have high glossed tiles (worst decision ever)

  98. Karen Edwards says:

    I have a house full of white tiles it takes me forever to clean the Enjo floor cleaner would save heaps of time

  99. I have 4 children, a dog and work from home. The floors are something that I don’t get to nearly as much as I should. I would loooove clean floors again.

  100. Eva Kiraly says:

    I have polished floors and they look beautiful when clean, just imagine if I gave them the Enjo gleam!

  101. I live with 2 boys and a dog.

  102. Thanks for your honest review Corrie-loved the photo of Retro-Daddy tackling the cobwebs! :)
    I’d love to win this prize so that I could have a big clean out of my laundry cupboard, reducing the number of chemical-based cleaning products I have in there….yes, I’m THAT kind of cleaner!
    I know this system will bring savings and a clean and healthy home!

  103. tracy wedding says:

    I need one because I actually purchased one a few years ago and loved it but my dear old mum needed it more than me so I gave it to her so id love another one

  104. Karla Oleinikoff says:

    We’ve moved from a single story carpet house to a two story wooden floorboards. With everything to do, we mostly keep the floor swept, but mopping is a completely different story, with it rarely getting done. This would make it a lot easier, and with a new gadget to play with, hubby and the kiddies might like to play with it and mop at the same time!

  105. I need an Enjo due to Weet-bix. My toddler eats some, then uses the rest for painting. Wipe up too soon and it smears; leave it too late and I am using my credit card to scrape rock solid bits off the floor. She is very close to a lifetime of toast for breakfast.

  106. Linda Courtney says:

    We have floor boards everywhere in our home. Lugging a vacuum around then a mop is exhausting. ENJO would be so much faster and easier.

  107. Eating for two (7 months..)
    Working three jobs (yes, times are tough)
    Four different types of floor to clean (when renovation is done bit by bit)
    I need ONE solution, and ENJO is the answer, pretty please…

  108. Some things just don’t last – my ENJO cleaner has broken. I’ve only had it for over 20 years so I am desperate to replace it. Love, love, love an ENJO clean!

  109. Thai Berrenson says:

    being a single mum of 4 and having all vinyl floors, i need ENJO to help me clean and this would be Fantastic.

  110. Renee Ballantyne says:

    I have a family of 3 boys…I think that is a good enough reason to want on of these beauties!

  111. Alison Hillier says:

    I’d love the Enjo Floor Cleaner as my 14 month old always decides he needs to run faster than Usain Bolt when I mop the floors. It never ends well so the floors either get mopped when he’s asleep or out of the house.

  112. With 4 kids, a dog and a husband, this would be a life saver!

  113. Elisabeth Martins says:

    2 young boys under 5 years old + 3 cats (2 being kittens) = mess and dirty floors!

    This would be a lifesaver because it’s a hassle using all these large appliances.

  114. samantha thompson says:

    I single mum work full time I have tiles all over the house instead of moping on the weekend when I have all the time with my daughter I can quickly do when she goes to bed spending more time with her

  115. Jessica Blundell says:

    Oh my gosh, I need this in my life!! My floor is forever looking dirty with 3 kids! And mopping is the worst! I would LOVE this soo much!

  116. i would like to make my husbands life easier when HE cleans the floor….well one can only dream right?

  117. Judy Roney says:

    Since stomach surgery I have had difficulty mopping the floors. I do my best but the house just doesn’t feel clean anymore. Need something that is quick and easy too use and leaves the floors fresh and clean. Never would be able too clean the dust off the walls with my old cotton mop. What an amazing idea.

  118. Belinda B says:

    Love what I see, I am very excited to try it, anything to make cleaning easier! :)

  119. Anna Mitas says:

    My life’s not hard, I’m not needy.
    I just want it cause I’m greedy.
    That’s right I’m greedy because I wan’t a spotless home.

  120. With white tiles and four males constantly trekking through and an asthmatic, I would love to try the Enyo floor cleaner. Have been using a natural cleaner with the mop but it leaves the floor dangerously wet and we’ve had a couple of near misses with falls. This would be a delight.

  121. Alysse Heiler says:

    I need this Enjo mop so I stop looking like I’m having a seizure when I’m choking on the chemical fumes!

  122. Patricia Payne says:

    We totally wrecked our floorboard using a traditional floor cleaner :-( I need an alternative!

  123. Julia Mason says:

    We have a home with white tiles for miles,
    I try to keep it neat trying many different styles,
    But there’s only one that’s heaps of fun, it’s clean and gleam!

  124. Anne Costello says:

    Enjo Floor Cleaner would be a boon-
    Daughter’s new baby arriving soon!
    Need to keep my floors clean and germ free-
    No harmful chemicals for my precious grandbaby!

  125. We need an Enjo because we have high ceilings and a toddler. Need I say more?

  126. I definitely need to upgrade my cleaning supplies! I have hardwood floor and I clean it every day. When I clean my floor I usually start with vacuuming it and then wiping it with a mop. I absolutely agree that it is much better to take an Enyo floor cleaner and do it all with it! Thanks for sharing! :)

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