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There isn’t much sewing going on at the moment but there is a whole lot of embroidery going on. One of the best things about machine embroidery is that you set it all up, press start and off it goes. You need to come in and change the top thread colour but that’s it. Leave the room, do other things, it keeps working for you. This wreath was 22 minutes on the machine to embroider but considering you are just changing the top thread colour and don’t have a foot on the pedal it’s not too long and it looks amazing!

Christmas projects have been fun. This design is built in with the Brother 6200d and is gorgeous. I love embroidering on these white waffle weave towels. They don’t cost too much and you just pick them up at spotlight. They need a medium weight stabiliser on the back and I’m so happy with the final product. Remember I’m a total beginner in machine embroidery land.

I’m not a read the manual kind of person so I’ve been using the touch screen which tells me what to do and beeps at me if I press the wrong thing. And for words and pictures I just go to embroidery edit and can add things and create writing. This was meant to be a pair but I learnt a valuable lesson, the kids love the touch screen and one cheeky devil was pressing a button and I could hear a beep. They were moving the design up on one of the towels so when I lined everything up perfectly and thought I was matching the previous design…well I wasn’t because of someone’s little pressing up of the design. But anyway. These are cute and will be a great little seller at my craft stall….when they match up perfectly. These took 2 minutes each to embroider. When you do a towel you just need to put a stabiliser on the back ( I use a light weight tear away) and a water soluble tear away stabiliser on the front of it which gives you that perfect finish.

I was asked on Instagram for other embroidery machines by Brother! Yes there are a few, you can see the embroidery only machines here and combination machines (so that you can sew and embroider on the same machine) here and this one looks like a great entry level one that I often see mentioned.

And if you’re in Sydney I’m going to be at the Better Homes & Gardens live show helping Brother so come down and say hi! I’ll have more details once I’ve finished my projects (haha you know that means I haven’t done my samples). Oh and  I will not be using a rotary cutter over the course of the weekend. Trust me. To buy tickets just go here and for a 30% discount use the code M109430


  1. So pretty makes me want an sewing machine.

  2. Oh I am so loving your machine!!

  3. Lovely Christmas patterns! I like it so much!

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