guest pinning for halloween

Well I don’t really need a costume for halloween (not that I’m trick or treating) because now that my finger is unbandaged I’ve named it my freddy krueger finger. It’s quite something with 7 stitches in bright blue. Still a bit sore but feeling much better…and I faced my rotary cutter again for some cutting.

Now, for the next 2 weeks I’m over on Brother Australia’s Pinterest board for Halloween and you can see some of the fun things I’ve been pinning over there. I think the mason jar crafts and some of the foods are my favourite. And I whipped up some quick and cute trick or treat bags that my girls have nabbed as their own too. You can find the instructions here. They make great little gifts in different fabrics too. These fabrics all came from Spotlight in the quilting section and didn’t cost too much. I really don’t buy orange fabric so was struggling to find anything in the stash



  1. So pleased the finger is on the mend. Cheers

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