be careful with your rotary cutter

Ever since I’ve started using rotary cutters (must be at least 6 or more years ago) I’ve been so careful around the kids…and in my craft room. That was until yesterday when I was rushing, thinking of other things, a bit flustered about how much I still had to do for my school fete and was trimming down some fabrics for a pencil roll and lifted my hand at the same time as the cutter was still going and I lifted it off and into the path of my hand. Oh the pain.

Thankfully I had a clean towel nearby, and wrapped it, unlocked the front door as my friend was coming for lunch and I was scared I might faint which I did the last time I sliced my finger (same hand on a sheet of glass). How lucky my friend was on her way for some sewing. She drove my van up to the dr who looked at it and said she could do the stitches there and then. The 2 anaesthetics in my finger were more painful than the wound but she stitched me up, it was a nasty deep wound, wrapped it up and sent us on our way. It’s still hurting so I’m treating myself with nurofen, donuts and coffee.

I can’t even bring myself to look at the offending cutter so am sticking to scissors when it stops hurting and I can get stuck into sewing again. So please be careful of your fingers, always concentrate when using your cutter because it’s so painful and dangerous.


  1. Oh no! Glad to hear that it was a clean cut at least and able to be stitched. We use these cutters all the time but it’s amazing how easy it is to be careless. Look after yourself.

  2. It sounds so painful. So glad your friend was able to be there and help you. I hope the wound heals well.

  3. Corrie, So sorry to hear of your cutting accident. I took the top off my finger not long ago When I lifted it up and the cutter slipped. Take care. Maybe your big kids can help with the little ones.

  4. I did that the other week with a knife. Poor you! Sounds awful. Hope it heals quickly. I must admit I’m a bit nervous slicing vegetables.

  5. Ouchy, ouch, big hugs, those cuts really sting!

  6. Oh no!! Hope it heals soon!!

  7. Susan Leach says:

    That must have been so sore. I did the same on a mandolin, just got a bit distracted slicing zucchini without the guard and chopped the top of my finger. They did manage to glue it on but was a slow recovery process. Hope your recovery goes well. It did take me a while to get out my mandolin, and now always use the guard.

  8. Oh Corrie,
    My sympathies – rotary cutters are so sharp and dangerous. If it wasn’t an efficient way to cut fabric, I wouldn’t use them. I was making hats for the the preschool elves on the float for the Santa Claus parade – at #30 I cut the tip off one of my fingers. Oh the blood and even though I am a nurse – I hate blood. Like you it took stitches to close the wound. That was also the year I stepped on a sewing needle and broke it in my foot – I had to lie on my tummy while they fished around for the piece that broke off inside – now I wear shoes – ALWAYS. The fete can manage with a few less crafts – look after yourself.

  9. Natalie Jackson says:

    So sorry to read that you have hurt yourself so badly. Get better soon.

  10. lyn lindsay says:

    Oh Corrie that’s a bad, sad story, hope the meds help and you heal rapidly, man horrible happening, how great that a friend was on the way.

  11. lyn lindsay says:

    Sorry Corrie another post meant to say that I think Elodie is gorgeous she has the sweetest face, enjoy her being 5, hap, hap, happy birthday Elodie.

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