my baby girl is growing up

I have a very busy start to the week with the usual school and preschool run, meeting at school, groceries to buy so that I can make cupcakes for preschool and a pink ombre cake that I’m making for my sweet birthday girl. And a last minute shopping trip to buy some palace pets. I can’t believe she turns 5. I never could have imagined how much we’d love this sweet little one. What a journey and yet she’s just one of the kids. Sweet to the core, learning new words, picking up the proloquo2go so quickly, ready for big school, hates wearing hair clips (I’m working on it), loves anything pink and girly, adores her palace pets, loves colouring, in amazing health (touch wood) and a beautiful member of our family.

I know some of you have a real soft spot for our little girl and I thank you for that. She is so precious to us. I’m grateful for every day we have with her and the people who take the time to care and keep up to date with how she’s going. We’ll be taking her out for a chinese dinner, there will be pink cake, and some dancing and party games with her brothers and sisters.

And we are so excited for the year ahead……


  1. She is sweet and beautiful and is so lucky to be growing up in such a loving and wonderful family as are all your children!

  2. Can’t believe she is five already! Happy Birthday to an amazing and gorgeous little girl, hope you all have a wonderful day x

  3. Happy Birthday Elodie! Wow, 5 already. I hope she has a splendid day!!!

  4. Happy birthday Elodie. Five! Where did the time go! Then again my eldest grandchild is about to turn 17 and that time has flown too.

    Have a wonderful birthday, Elodie.

  5. Oh sweet Elodie, happy 5th birthday. What a gorgeous princess you are and keep on brining the magic that you bring to your mum & dad & brothers & sisters.

  6. Happy Birthday Elodie! Wow, can’t believe she is 5!
    I love the bottom R photo of her running through the grass, she looks just like her big sis. Hope you have a fun celebration together, what an exciting year she has ahead!

  7. 5 already ! Hope she has a wonderful birthday

  8. 5 already….and as beautiful as the day she was born…happy birthday Elodie and many blessings for a wonderful time on your special day ♥

  9. ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday Elodie! ♪♫♪

  10. Susan Leach says:

    What a beautiful post, Happy Birthday Elodie, hope you have a super day.

  11. dianne nunn says:

    Happy Birthday Elodie.

  12. Happy birthday Elodie! Have a fantastic day

  13. OMGoodness 5…how is that even possible? Last term of preschool before big school..I remember mixed emotions and intrepedations…follow your heart and follow her lead…enjoy these last few months together…precious x

  14. wow, Corrie, where has the time gone… she is really growing up.

  15. maree ross says:

    I am sorry to miss it but sick with bad cold! Take lots of photos! I love 2 of her words are chocolate cake! She will love the day you have planned as she is such a Sweetie! The children in her class will enjoy the day with her, especially her little friends.

  16. Happy birthday Miss Elodie! You always bring a smile to my face when I read your Mum’s stories. Wishing you a wonderful day.

  17. Happy birthday gorgeous girl. Elodie’s such a honey. I can’t believe she’s 5!!!!! Have the best birthday.

  18. Happy birthday Elodie. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Looking at your lovely photographs always puts a smile on my face no matter what sort of day I have been having. Enjoy being 5 x

  19. Belated happy birthday Elodie, here’s to a wonderful summer and then a great start to the school years. My oldest son has just left school Corrie, it’s such a big thing, big changes and lots of work for his mum. and lots of worry as well as pride and excitement.

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