fun things to sew for a school fete – part 1

Oops it’s been almost a week between blog posts. Life is definitely busy. School is back, preschool is back, speech therapy is back and I’m sewing a few projects for Brother and a lot of things for our school fete. It’s going to sneak up on me. I just know it. Here are a few of the things I’ve been whipping up. Firstly some grocery bag holders. I’m not sure why I haven’t made these before as they are just so easy. Take a fat quarter, sew up the side seams on the longest edges, put some elastic casing at the top and bottom, put the elastic in, sew the casing closed, attach some ribbon to the outside to make a hanging loop and you are done. So addictive and I found it a great way to use some odd fat quarters. I think more of these are coming.

Next up is an old favourite. Tissue holders. These are so easy and I just cut 2 big piles of fabric and match them up in some nice co-ordinating pairs and off I go. Super quick and easy. I found this youtube tutorial last year and once you’ve made a few you are on a roll. Pick up the tissue packs at the supermarket, priceline or target.

Quick and easy skirts are always fun and another great way to use up fabric, you can whip up a few in the afternoon.

Next on my list are about 20 pencil rolls. I’ve saved the best (or the biggest sewing job) until close to the end. I do these as 12 pencils to a roll and use some bias binding folded over and sewn together as my ties. Easy but takes a bit more time than the other projects but I know that they will be popular. I probably won’t use my favourite japanese linen but have a few canvas fabrics and spots, stripes and cute prints to use up.  I also think gel pens would be a great option for older girls.

I have a big pinterest board here if you need some ideas and I’ve already got ideas for Christmas presents. My biggest piece of advice when you are sewing bulk items or making things for a fete is pick simple projects with great fabric choices. Do all the cutting in one go for a project, next night or time you are sewing you might do all the side seams and overlock, then the next session you might be at the iron and then sewing. I find that way I don’t make mistakes and get through the bulk lot faster and can move on to the next item!

Got any tips for me?


  1. My mother makes fabric food kits for young kids to play with. She has made fruits and vegetables (carrot, apple, banana, watermelon slice etc), little cakes, and Iceblocks on sticks – all out of felt and fabric. They go as fast as she makes them on stalls she donates to.

  2. Everything is so colourful!! So lovely!!


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