the almost lost washcloth and mini version

A fun and easy project for knitters and crocheters of all levels is to make washcloths/facewashers/dishcloths. There are so many patterns from a basic square to something a lot more fancy. Use some cotton and you have a nice quick and easy project. Great when you’re wanting something in between other projects or are just starting out. And if you’ve never had of any of these in your house before then you’re going to love them. I love them for the bathtime and we started out with the girls calling them princess face washers because they were pink and so pretty. They last a few nights in the bath then chuck them in the wash, dry them and pop them back in the bathroom again. They really are so sweet and lovely. And you made them so it’s even better.

One of my all time favourite patterns to use is the almost lost washcloth which you can find here. It’s super easy and just cast on, knit, yarn over, cast off and knit some more. You work around in a circle with 14 stitches and there is nothing too complicated about it but it just turns out so perfectly in the end.

My favourite yarn to use is Lily Sugar n Cream which is a worsted weight and I love the mix of colours that you get with the ombres (this bright and colourful one below is done in sugar n cream).  If you live in Australia like me then I buy mine from here. You can also find some at Wool Shack here.  Another option would be to order direct from the states but it starts to get a bit pricey with postage which is why I buy here.

If you’re after something smaller then there is a mini almost lost washcloth pattern and thanks to my lovely reader and friend Robyn who let me know about this one. It’s super cute and I whipped up one a night this week. These are going to be great for the kids in the bath. I love it but have to say that I love the larger pattern more for my craft stall.

I used a few different yarns for these mini ones because I’ve been clearing out the stash for my school craft stall. The lilac one is Debbie Bliss eco baby, it was splitty (you can see in the photos) and not my favourite. And I love debbie bliss yarns so that’s really saying something. I let the baby play with the rest of that ball.

The green is Debbie Bliss cotton dk which I love. It’s a really thick 8 ply and works up beautifully. And the bright coral is Patons Cotton which has a bit of acrylic in it and usually I’m not a fan of the old acrylic but it’s only a bit in this one and I love the colours in the range which you can see here. How great is this green. I want a cardigan for myself just in this colour. Or the mustard. Love the mustard colour too. Lots of great colours in this range.

I also love (of course) Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton and I’m using their 8 ply in blush for another facewasher for our school fete. There are a few colours in 10 ply which you can find here. Parchment, blush and coral are my fave colours in the Bendigo range. You might need a smaller needle as it’s not as thick as other cottons but it’s such good value and a great colour range. This is parchment which I just love.

Got a favourite facewasher pattern? Have I inspired you to start? Why not start now for Christmas! They make adorable presents with something lovely for the bathroom and you could even do a matching handtowel if you’re brave enough.


  1. Hi Corrie,

    Can these go in the clothes dryer or must they be line-dried? They are gorgeous

    • oh you could chuck them in the dryer just on a low setting! I’m sure mine have gone in there with towels before. My dryer is out of action at the moment:(

  2. I love this pattern and knitted some larger ones a few months ago using Bendigo cotton. Such a fun easy knit!

  3. Corrie I make plain knitted cloths for the kitchen. Cast on four stitches then increase until you get to 44 then decrease until back to four stitches. I can make several of these a night watching the telly. Everyone I give them to loves them. They do a really good job with scrubbing as they are textured. Cheers, enjoy the holidays with your little ones.

  4. I was so bored of knitting plain old wash clothes so I stopped but this pattern has been ignited. What a cute and quick project that has so many uses. I will bust in to my Lily Sugar and Cream stash. Thank you.

  5. I used the bendigo cotton lazy year and made up whole piles of cotton washcloths I used this pattern a couple of times and it was gorgeous and the cotton has been wearing beautifully in use the past year.

  6. I used the bendigo cotton last year and made up whole piles of cotton washcloths I used this pattern a couple of times and it was gorgeous and the cotton has been wearing beautifully in use the past year.

  7. Homemade washcloths are great – I prefer to crochet them, as I like the texture better :) But the best thing about homemade is all the pretty colours!

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