kina in milky way

Another day, another kina. With so many baby girls being born around me I can’t say no to knitting a kina. The yarn I used this time around is Bendigo Woollen Mill’s Milky Way (colour is Venus). Milky Way is lovely and soft and a fun one to knit with since it has milk protein in it. Something that is a bit of a novelty for me. The yarn is springy and soft and the colour is a little bit washed out when you look up close which I liked. It’s something different.

Unfortunately my little guy has discovered pulling out yarn from the ball so made a big mess of the ball and I had to cut it half way through the project, cut out one big mess out and restart the kina. I’ve pulled too tightly on the ends and I’m not happy with the edge. One of the reasons I love my 200g balls is because you don’t have to worry about starting a new ball midway through your project. But anyway. My knitting is now up high with my ball of yarn on the top of the couch cushion and away from little fingers. Plus it doesn’t look like a machine made it so that’s a good thing. I’ll call it the personal touch of imperfection.

I matched it up with a cute little cotton tunic with leggings from Target and it’s ready to go. Now on to my next project………….


  1. Beautiful colour, I have knitted a Kina a few times myself. I have not done much knitting lately as my 3 year old has decided she doesn’t like wearing my clothes!

  2. If the photo above is the one that is supposed to have imperfections I can’t see them. It looks perfect to me. I still haven’t been brave enough to try anything more complex than a beanie

  3. That’s so pretty! It’s such a great colour – makes a nice change from pastel pink :)

  4. So pretty! I have some Milky Way and am using it for a CAL blanket! Every time I see one of your Kina’s it makes me want to try knitting – again! Ha!

  5. I spent ages stroking that colour card when it came in the mail. I just couldn’t see myself using the yarn this time around but it looks beautiful finished into a kina.

    Sticky messy fingers are a pain when they get into your work.

  6. I have knit a Little Kina, but the granddaughter (now 11 years sold) would like a Kina in her size. Does anyone know of a pattern converted in larger sizes?

  7. Joanne Leone says:

    I am a beginner and would like to knit this little cardigan. Can you please send me your pattern. I also have a Thermomix and love the chicken
    Many thanks

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