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I’m just back from a relaxing weekend away for my big girl’s school camp. Yes mothers are invited and it’s wonderful to spend the weekend together. No cooking or cleaning. I find it very hard to leave the house for a night away since baby 6 arrived and so I took the little bub with me as I’m still feeding him. Now usually if I have to go away somewhere then someone will get sick. And right on cue on friday night I had 2 on the couch with fevers and suspected tonsilitis. I should have known. Of course the timing would be the one weekend I go away. But hubby was in control, dr’s visits booked, instructions for medicine left, a frozen lasagne to pop in the oven for dinner and everything sorted for the weekend, I was off.

The setting was as picturesque as you could get. And with a newly renovated and built centre it felt like we were staying at a plush country lodge rather than a conference venue. We had king single beds to ourselves in our own room with ensuite. And I had to take a photo of this building with the navy, white and brick as I was getting some ideas for my own house.

And the chapel? Well I did go a bit crazy taking photos of it and having sunday mass in there was a real treat with the sun shining. I told the priest that the morning will be etched in my mind as a beautiful memory with the sun shining in and a beautiful setting. Sure beats the 70’s churches that I’m used to.

I had a go at archery and loved it and we did a number of challenges that were lots of fun. And I had to have a photo of myself doing archery just to prove that I actually gave it a go. Apparently the kids at home thought it was hilarious. I loved it!

There were so many coffee and meal breaks and its always nice when someone else is cooking and doing the dishes.

That night we said the rosary at a super fast speed that I wondered was each side of the chapel trying to race each other. And followed up by bingo which I realised was super addictive but I had no luck. Everyone brought a gift with them between $5-10 and if you won a game or full house you could pick from the prize table. It was lots of fun even if I was fighting my little guy for the texta and bingo sheets.

I flopped into bed with the baby at 10.30pm and there were still a few girls squealing and having a late night feast or running around. I got a whole new appreciation for teachers who take kids to camp!!! But me and my girl were tucked up in bed (she was still recovering from tonsilitis) and we slept it off. It was great to meet new mums who I only see in carline and old friends who I don’t really get the chance to catch up with. A very relaxing weekend and a lovely place to reflect and spend some time with my growing girl (and growing boy, don’t think I can keep calling him a baby much longer!).

Do you go on school camps? Do your kids always get sick when you have to go away? I loved camp and am looking forward to my next one……………


  1. I feel like my kids are always sick at the moment! It has been a bad winter for us. I am so glad you got to go away and enjoy yourself.

  2. a lovely break for you!

  3. Wow, now that’s my kind of camp!! We don’t have anything like this at our school. Year 6 go on camp and do outdoor activities somewhere near the Gold Coast but I don’t think luxury accommodation would be on the list! You really must have had a great weekend and the chapel looks so beautiful!

    • it was fabulous! I just wanted more time on the archery! I also like that we don’t send our babies off to camp too early, plenty of time to go on school camps without parents:)

  4. Hi Corrie
    The weekend away looks wonderful. Can you let me know which retreat/centre you went to. A couple of years ago a lovely nun I know organised a weekend for ladies at the convent at Kincumber and then another one near Baulkham Hills. We haven’t had one in a while and the place you went to looks just perfect. Thank you

  5. I love the idea of camping with one of my girls. I love that you had a great time. Xx

    • it’s a nice way to go on school camps rather than send them too early:) I like that. WE don’t do sleepovers so it’s nice to be there and spend some time together, even with the baby too!

  6. It looks like a lot of fun was had. It’s so good to refresh yourself every once in a while. It’s terrible when the kids are sick. All mine got sick last week with the really bad flu and tonsillitis too. I wish we could camp somewhere but we’d need a huge tent or cheap accommodation. Maybe I should try an overnight stay on the farm instead. I’d love to hear some ideas from other mums in Sydney.

    • ohhh there is something going around! Going away with a large family is a killer! we just do houses now so the kids have somewhere to play outside, I think hiring apartments is over for us with 6 kids. Some families actually stay at conference centres just on their own to save money as it gets so expensive. I grew up camping but don’t think the rest of the family are that excited about tents!

  7. Now you know I was thinking it was number 7 all along…still BF wowzers! X

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