Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families and recipe chip

Well you know I love my thermomix. So much so that when my new sewing machine was on it’s way to me one of the kids kept saying when is your disney thermomix arriving? And I’d say disney sewing machine, not thermomix. I do love my thermomix. As soon as I heard the TM5 was coming out I knew that I wanted to upgrade and it hasn’t let me down. And now there is another recipe chip available for your TM5. Yay. And it’s got one of my all time favourite recipes on it. Wait for it.

It’s not too fancy but is a big favourite here…………….pasta with tuna. Yep, it’s a dish that we usually have on high rotation for our dinners but I haven’t made it since my new TM5 arrived. Until this week………it tastes like a very fancy marinara dish but is just good old canned tuna in there.

Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families has just been released and comes with a recipe chip for your TM5. If you have the TM31 you can still use the recipes you just won’t use the recipe chip. I actually use the recipe chip instead of cookbooks now and love it so having more recipes in my machine is going to be a great thing for me.

This cookbook is full of the most popular Thermomix recipes so you’ll find some old favourites from your other cookbooks but also has some great new recipes. I’m busting to try the sultana, apple and custard scrolls (yum, how great do those sound!), stone fruit crumble, classic lemon tart and the coconut butter cake and that’s just from the Sweet Baking section in the book. There’s even a recipe for rocky road where you make the vanilla bean marshmallow yourself.

The recipes are family friendly and not super fancy which is my kind of cooking. These are definitely do-able weeknight and weekend recipes that you can make for your family. Some of the old favourites that you’ll find in there are zucchini slice, chicken and cashews, brown rice salad and some of the basics. One of the new ones I really want to try is Sour cream and chicken enchiladas. Great for a friday or saturday night.

This is definitely a welcome addition to my kitchen and great to have some of my favourites as well as new recipes to try in my TM5. You can buy the book alone, the recipe alone or the two together and you’ll find them online at the Thermomix website or through your consultant.


  1. All looks so yummy, do you know if you can use this book for the TM31? or is there a TM31 version?

  2. Thanks for the reviews. I’ve just ordered a thermomix and yours is the first blog I’m checking for things to make! I didn’t realise the chips were a separate (or an additional expense) to buying the cookbooks – but it sounds like they might be worth the $$?

  3. Hi Corrie, I am “lone wolf” Thermomix owner in the USA, who just got a TM5 (my father-in-law is an intrepid world traveler & snagged me one on a recent global excursion), but I have no cookbook, and only a recipe chip in Spanish. It’s been a task to learn how to cook with it on my own. My big question is: can I use recipes for the TM31? There are lots of blogs with TM31 recipes, but I notice a few things are different. What has your experience been? Do you have to modify TM31 recipes for the TM5? I’m looking forward to looking at your recipes since you have a TM5. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Corrie, I am looking to upgrade to the TM5…. Did you keep your tm31 too….I can’t decide what to do!!!

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