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There is nothing quick about my knitting at the moment. And so many babies I’ve got to knit for or that are coming soon! 5 at last count….I need to get a move on! So I went through ravelry and my projects and looked for my favourites that I could whip up. Number 1 and if the baby is a girl is a kina. Still my favourite pattern and so pretty on. Because it lasts a while make a 6 month and it will get so much wear. It’s quite wide when you knit it up so won’t be one of those knits that just lasts a month. Pattern can be purchased and downloaded from ravelry here for EUR3.

Next favourite is this all in one cardigan that you knit from the back bottom hem and knit right over in one piece to the front hem. Casting on and casting off for sleeves. So easy. No fancy needles required. Just an easy and fun project. Pattern can be found in More Last Knitted Gifts, such a good book to have in your knitting library.

Another pattern that I really love and which you can find free online is the baby shrug by Debbie Bliss. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve made this one. Ravelry details are here and pattern is a free download here.

Now speaking of Debbie Bliss and free patterns, here is another favourite of mine knitting all in one piece. Love this one. Free pattern is here.

Another quick one and great if you’re knitting for a premmie is Paxton, I’ve knit one and must knit another. Doesn’t take too long and a free pattern. Find it here.

And when time is really short or you want a little something to pad out a present for a new baby then what about some beautiful facewashers. I think they make the nicest gift in a range of colours. I love using Bendigo 8 ply cotton (on 3.75mm needles), Debbie Bliss cotton dk (4mm needles) and Lily Sugar n Cream (5mm needles). And I just took delivery of some gorgeously coloured cotton from Patons so I’ll be back with some fun facewashers to share. These are quick and easy and great for the absolute beginners because you are just knitting a square. Just search on dishcloths to find loads of patterns on the internet and ravelry. The pattern for this one is free and can be found here. Another favourite of mine is the Almost Lost Washcloth Pattern which I also love.

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  1. Thanks for these Corrie, they are all so cute. A friend is expecting their first baby in a couple of months so I need to get my skates on. I’m so glad you summarised the best and simplest patterns so I can pick from the list. Perfect!

  2. Dear Corrie how do I get these lovely patterns?
    many thanks,
    Robyn Smithwick

  3. Thanks Corrie by some miracle I actually got all these lovely patterns,
    kindest regards,

  4. Great piece Corrie. I’m expecting bub#3 soon and would like to give one of these a go for her. I am an absolute beginner knitter though – which of these patterns is the easiest?

  5. Awesome patterns

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