Bold Bamboo giveaway thanks to Bendigo Woollen Mills


I love a good giveaway and thanks to Bendigo Woollen Mills I’ve got one for you. Bold Bamboo is going on the website live today and shade cards are going out in the mail. To celebrate I’m going to pick one lucky winner to win one ball of each colour (8 in total) and a blanket pattern. Please imagine a lovely ball of navy blue yarn into this mix….it’s somewhere in my craft room. What a great prize. A big thank you to Bendigo Woollen Mills.

All you need to do is tell me your favourite colour in the whole world and why. Mine is pink. Always has been, always will.

Good luck, giveaway is open to Australian residents, entries close next Sunday 30 August.


  1. Mine is pink too! Although weirdly I didn’t like it for a while, and went for green. now I’m slightly obsessed with Teal as well. My 4 year old doesn’t like it that I have more than one favourite colour, so I’ll just stick with pink. I’d LOVE to win this – thanks for the giveaway πŸ˜€

  2. Elizabeth Dove says:

    My favourite colour is orange! I love it because it is such a happy colour, it really brightens my day too. I will always and forever love orange!

  3. Purple. I don’t know why, I just can’t seem to go past purple! Sometimes I’ll try really really hard to choose a different colour, but it never works!

  4. Melissa Carter says:

    My favourite colour is blue. All different tones of blue. I can’t wait to get my shade card in the mail to see all the different colours :)

  5. Pink in all of its shades. I’m not sure why, it just always has been and don’t see it changing anytime soon. I guess it just pleases my eyes when I look at it. I have a new baby girl and am trying to restrain myself from dressing her in all pink all the time. :)

  6. Pauline Barber says:

    Orange – it goes with every colour 🌈 and makes me feel happy 😊 thanks RetroMummy and BWM ❀️

  7. Absolutely, 100% PINK! My own kids as well as the kids I teach could tell you that. I always wear something pink, everyday! I love all shades, from pale pinks through to hot pink. Why? It makes me feel happy!

  8. I’m loving purple at the moment very closely followed by pink. There are so many lovely colors around at the moment. I can’t wait to see the shade card. I love Bendigo wool.

  9. Red. I discovered it as a teenager and never went back.

  10. Red has always been my favourite but looking at my cupboard I think blue and raspberry pink are close behind

  11. Ange Morrison says:

    I love red! Way too much red in my house in mismatching shades but I can’t help myself.

  12. Blue – in any hue, but I love shades of oceanic blues, the seafoamy blues of crashing waves.
    I can’t wait for this yarn to come out!
    Thanks for sharing a fab giveaway!

  13. Mine’s yellow because it always makes me happy. I’m a new knitter (one month old) and have just finished my first Kina thanks to your inspiration :) My 5 year old loves it and it turned out much better than I expected. I love Bendigo Woollen Mills too, such gorgeous colours.

  14. Jacqueline says:

    My favourite colour is Aqua! I love it because it reminds me of the ocean. Also, being half Mauritian, it reminds me of that beautiful tropical island! 😊

  15. Debra Crowhurst says:

    it would have to be green similar to the piccie you have here leaning to a lime green… love it wear it.. knit it… accent decorate with it..
    Thanks for the opportunity haven’t used Bamboo before would be nice to try.
    Deb x

  16. Mine would have to be blue, it wasnt always because as a kid my sister got pink so I ‘had’ to get blue.
    I would love to make a zig zag blanket and these would be perfect

  17. I have always loved yellow – such a bright happy color although lately teal has been a big hit with my daughter and I. Those colors in the picture look lovely Corrie.

  18. Oh Corrie, what a lovely give-away! My favourite colour has always been pink. I went through a stage where I tried not to like it because it didn’t seem like the colour to be wearing…I know, crazy! I always come back to pink though. The shades have changed over the years but it’s always a shade of pink I am drawn to the most. Thanks for the opportunity to get some of this gorgeous Bendigo wool into my hands; it’s the only wool I buy!

  19. My favourite would be a Mint Green, I’m a sucker for anything pastel.

  20. My favourite colour is purple, has been for as long as I can remember, no idea why. I am always drawn to purple things when buying clothes even though I once had a bit of a disagreement with a mum at playgroup many years ago that insisted I should stop wearing purple as it didn’t suit my skin tone. I told her my skin always had a purple/blue look to it because of my dodgy heart & I would wear what I liked anyway & I happened to like purple & didn’t really care if she didn’t agree, it made me happy……..I eventually had to walk away as she wouldn’t let it rest

  21. Kylie Herman says:

    My favourite colour is blue. Always has been. Not sure why, I think I find it soothing. I love most blues but strangely as I have gotten older I also like purple and pink more than I ever did as a child. Blue is still the winner here with purple and pink running a close second.

  22. My favourite colour is blue. I think because it is coalmining but also because it represents honesty and to me, that is one of the most important qualities in a person.

  23. Oops, I meant calming *blush*

  24. Sandra Griffiths says:

    My favourite color is blue’
    As a small child I received a blue bird necklace and ear ring set, which I still wear 45 years on. Even have one tattooed close to my heart. I would like to see a rainbow of only blue colors. 😊

  25. Hi Corrine,my favorite colour is pink as i feel it is such a feminine and happy colour and comes in so many beautiful shades,hope you have a lovely day xx

  26. Mine is blue. When I learned it’s so difficult to make the colour blue in old days I thought it’s a special colour. So I dressed my baby girl in blue clothes and people always thought she’s a “boy” so I stopped dress her in blue… till her hair grows longer I hope, haha. She is about a month younger than your youngest boy :)

  27. Ooooo favourite colour hey? Hmmm lets see. I have been partial to lime green in recent years but that is changing. I’m more of an aqua blue gal now.

  28. My all time favorite is Navy (yes I probably have your missing ball! :) ).

  29. Melanie Gaylard says:

    I’m a red girl all the way

  30. I love red!!! Bright, cheery and happy !!! Brings a smile on a sad or cold day. Especially on little ones, like my grandchildren. Also reminds me of my favourite holiday – Xmas
    BWM is also my yarn of choice to knit with. πŸ˜ƒ

  31. Anne Smith says:

    I just love Turquoise/Aqua as it reminds me of the jewel of the sea. My family now call it my ‘go to’ colour for everything! I absolutely love working with Bendigo Yarns. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  32. Angie Lin says:

    It would have to be pink!!! In a household of 5 males and 2 females there is no other choice. Have to pretty things up. Make that 6 males!!! Even the dog is male!!!

  33. my favourite colour is purple but I am slightly obsessed with yellow and teal/turquoise at the moment

  34. I love mint green- it’s so fresh and clean =)

  35. My favourite colour is yellow because it reminds me on sunshine and sunflowers (my favourite) and just makes me feel amazingly happy!

  36. Can I have 2, I would say purple, my 7 year old granddaughter would tell you red and if I look at my wardrobe, fabric or wool stash it is pretty even with a whole lot of green thrown in

  37. Thanks for the chance to win some yumminess from Bendigo. My favorite colour…..hard one really purple, blue, red depends on the day and the mood!!

  38. Michele T says:

    This is a difficult one to answer because I love colours in the blue and purple range.

  39. Judy Roach says:

    My favourite colour has always been blue of any shade. I like any colour in the cool range, but blue is No.1. I am looking forward to seeing the colours in this new range from Bendigo Woollen Mills.

  40. This is a tricky one! I’ve never really had a favourite colour, usually opting for anything bright. But if I had to pick one I would pick yellow, because it is the brightest of the bright.

  41. Purple! No, wait, red. No, orange. Maybe today it’s green. No, really, it’s purple, I swear. Usually. Sighhhhh. Please don’t make me choose.

  42. How good is BWM?!! I discovered them earlier this year and am 3/4’s through a blanket as a housewarming gift for a friend who is moving down here in a months time. Such great value and gorgeous yarn!
    Based on the colours in the post image I would say that divine olive green or the denim or the… they are all gorgeous! What a fabulous giveaway. Those colours would lok fabulous on my couch in a blanket which we need here in chilly Tassie! (that’s still Australia right?? lol!)

  43. Green, because it’s calming and always reminds me of nature.

  44. Helga Grenkowitz says:

    I have two favourite colours – Red and Pink and everything in between. These are the colours that suit me most. But I also love purple and all other bright colours. :)

  45. My favourite colour is green, I have red hair and green always seems to compliment my hair better than any other colour. I also love Anne of Green Gables (what can I say with her red hair and wild imagination – I could relate to her and always wished for a Gilbert of my own), green reminds me of the lush green hills portrayed on Prince Edward Island, I would love to travel there one day and see them for myself (but even in the summer I think I would need a blanket/shawl to keep me warm while I wondered the lush green hills of P.E.I).

  46. Red,red,red, although I do love purple too

  47. Mine are red and pink in equal measure, but I seem to have seasonal phases when it comes to choosing colour for projects. Happy knitting!

  48. Navy – classy, timeless and matches everything!!!

  49. Green, any shade, I just love green.

  50. My favourite colour is blue in all of it’s shades! I think because it reminds me so much of the ocean which I love!

  51. My favourite colour is the green-blue when the water meets the sand on a sunny day. It always makes me feel like I’m on holidays, even if I’m not!

  52. Kate Dixon says:

    Blue for me – always blue!

  53. pink!!! I have 6 brothers and 3 sons, a hubby and 2 male dogs so it’s the colour that is truly mine and I am a girly girl. I have a pink car and there is
    No fear of the boys asking to borrow it lol!

  54. Any shade of blue is always a favourite of mine but really liking greens and yellows more and more! Don’t tell my husband though, he loves yellow and I’ve always said I don’t like it at all πŸ˜„

  55. Blue is my favourite colour. It feels peaceful to me – sky, mountains, ocean – all beautiful. Fantastic prize!!

  56. Raspberry red forever. Such a pretty, happy colour!

  57. Katie Larkins says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity. My favourite colour is purple :-)

  58. Pink pink and pink for me! Dusty, baby, rose, lolly or neon pink, any shade will do. Luckily my toddler is a girly girl and just adores pink too!

  59. Oh my favourites are definately blue and green, but if I had to pick one it would be teal. It is calming and restful, I love seeing it in the gorgeous creation around me and in my home.

  60. Pink has always been my favourite colour, and after having only sons, I am enjoying using pink with my six grand daughters. Thank you Corrie for the opportunity to enter.

  61. Jasmin clear says:

    My favourite colour is Orange.

  62. My favourite colour is Orange. Because it is happy, bright and friendly.

  63. My favourite is White πŸπŸ‡πŸšβ˜οΈπŸ¨ but it isn’t an actual colour, boo. White is always clean, neutral & sophisticated that’s why I love it. But true “colour” wise I would have to say …………. Hmmmmm I can’t decide, anything pastel; yellow 🐀 Aqua 🐬 pink 🐷 Orange 🍊purple πŸ‡ I’m not sure I have even answered the question lol I love all colours 🌈🍭 except brown, but I do love chocolate 🍫so maybe I don’t mind it…….okay I will stop talking now 😁

  64. It’s hard to pick one colour I love, but I always have loved blue, any shade, it’s such a warm comforting color.

  65. Ange Moore says:

    Blue has always been my favourite colour and I still always leave towards the “cool” colours (like blue, green and purple) rather than the “warm” ones! Navy blue is my absolute fav!!

  66. Ange Moore says:

    Blue has always been my favourite colour and I still always leave towards the “cool” colours (like blue, green and purple) rather than the “warm” ones! Navy blue is my absolute fave!!

  67. Blue, definitely. Any shade delights me, but if I had to pick one shade only from now on, then I would be choosing ‘French Blue’ – that delightful colour that conjures up gorgeous Breton tops, and oh-so-chic capri pants and all sorts of homewares. (My 13 year old trusty Le Creuset pot is in French Blue, and I love it as hard now as when I received it.) Sometimes, the colour makes me hear accordions, and Edith Piaf and smell Gauloise cigarette smoke, even when I am just making another one-pot wonder for the family… Love a bit of blue colour therapy to make the day brighter!

  68. What a awesome giveaway. I’m in love with their wool. Blue. All the shades of blue.

  69. Samantha Marshall says:

    My favourite colour is pink. I love that it can be warm and cool, soft and passionate, deep and gentle all at once. That it blends or complements so well with such a host of other colours, and is also striking all alone. I love the pastels, the brights, the magentas, even ranging down to the cheekier plum shades which are almost, but not quite, purple or red. Just such a gorgeous range and depth. I can never be sad when I’m wearing pink!!!!

  70. I like pink and often say its my favorite colour but in thinking my most favorite colour of all is turquoise. I find it calming and peaceful to look at, and it goes with most other colours. I often find its a colour that never dates, well to me it doesn’t.;)

  71. Green is my favourite colour. It comes in so many beautiful shades and I love is versatility in decorating or clothing. I think it really suits my complexion too

  72. Mine is coral, I just love the vibrant colours of the reef and seeing coral just takes me back to that special spot and makes me feel relaxed.

  73. My favourite colour is yellow because it is so bright and cheerful!

  74. You know that gorgeous aqua blue colour that runs through all Bonnie and Camille’s fabric lines? Yep, that’s my favourite colour!!! I used to say blue, light blue, but since I’ve become obsessed with sewing, I can officially label it aqua!! :-)

  75. yellow…. The colour of daffodils, chickens, sunshine and pineapples! All of my favourite things! 😊

  76. What a great giveaway Corrie and BWM. My favourite colour is blue, always has been – I think its because its the colour of the sky, and its much nicer then an grey overcast sky – which we have at the moment. Blue just makes my heart sing. :)

  77. My favourite colour is teal It is neither blue nor green but is also both and I love that ambiguity of it.

  78. Chris Anthony says:

    I love pink! And I also love Bendigo Woollen Mills wool. I would love to make myself a snuggly rug :)

  79. Teal,green is an all time favourite. Not sure why but every item of clothing I’ve ever owned in this colour makes me feel good wearing it.

  80. Red for me. Great giveaway!

  81. I love orange. I don’t know why but I suspect it’s the romantic in me and wishing for sunset walks on the beach with my love!

  82. Orange. Its vibrant, sunshiny, warm and juicy. My happy colour.

  83. Lime green! Well any shade of green is great! Green has always been my favourite, ever since I was little! I also love the versatility of green for knitting baby clothes!! Xx

  84. I have loved green for such a long time! My name (Jade) is a shade of green, my eyes are green and I love to wear green! We painted a feature wall in our bedroom a shade of green, and whenever I walk into the room, I feel so calm.
    Lately I also really love yellow, I love having little pops of yellow all through the house, it makes me smile – plus, it looks beautiful on my daughter :)
    I would love to win this prize to crochet something really special for my daughter :)

  85. My favourite colour would have to be blue…its the one I go to most of the time.

  86. Purple and I’m not sure why but I’ve been obsessed with it for years.

  87. My niece asked me this exact question the other day. My answer was purple! except apparently that is her favourite colour so I was not allowed purple as mine. She happilly nominated green as a replacement ‘favourite’ colour for me!

  88. I have two, unable to choose one over the other. Purple and Green, and boy do I find them absolutely striking together.

  89. Yellow, such a bright, bold, happy colour.

  90. Melanie U says:

    Green, because there are so many beautiful greens! They are just so calming!

  91. My favourite colour is and has always been pink as it is just such a happy colour.

  92. Anne Wilson says:

    I have loved pink since I was born! I find it feminine, soft and calming. It reminds me of Springtime blossoms, brand new babies and fairy floss. Pink speaks beauty to me!

  93. My favourite colour is pale yellow, for warmth and sunshine, and roses.

  94. Jen Howes says:

    My favorite color is Sapphire Blue. My mums engagement ring is this beautiful blue sapphire just like my mums and dads blue eyes; my brothers and I have inherited our blue eyes from them and they have been passed onto my daughters too.

  95. I love purple. It’s purpleness feeds my soul.

  96. I’m probably the only person on the planet, but it’s chocolate brown. No idea why, have always been drawn to it. Even as a kid when all the other kids were calling it pooh colour, and I’d pretend I liked blue more.

  97. I find it hard to pick a favourite colour – often it is the tone and richness of a colour that appeals more than a particular colour. At the moment though, I have a thing for tiffany blue.

  98. blue, in all its shades! Brings out my eyes and there is nothing better than a beautiful blue sky!

  99. Yellow, because it makes me feel happy!

  100. Ohhhh, I love green. It makes me feel so calm and relaxed.

  101. Kath Leddy says:

    Mine is blue, in particular duck egg blue. It just makes me feel relaxed & calm when I look at anything in that shade of blue

  102. Indigo blue. It feels earthy and natural to me. I loved the experience of dying fabric with indigo in Japan, and am drawn to it when I choose colours.

  103. Anne Wilson says:

    I am a passionate PINK lover. I have loved pink since the day I was born. Pink reminds me of blossoms in Springtime, fragrant roses, new babies and fairy floss. Pink is calming, feminine, and beautiful. Pink makes me feel loved and cosy. Even when it has not been fashionable to LOVE pink, I have loved it still!!!!

  104. Purple! Don’t know why but it’s always been a colour I’m drawn to. Emerald or kelly green always makes my heart skip a beat too though….

  105. Blue I have always loved blues my house and wardrobe are filled with as much blue as I can fit.

  106. White- although a pedant would say that is not a colour at all. I love the sense of calm white brings for me- I love white walls, white sheets, white clothes… I love that white stands back and allows other colours shine- a bright quilt will pop against a white background and look amazing and textures come into their own when white is the main colour.

  107. Dawn Jones says:

    Oh….I love so many colors. I guess if I need to choose I will say pink. Thank you for the giveaway, and have a great day!

  108. A deep red! I ended up buying a different car than initially planned so that I could have a lovely bold red. Boyfriend wasn’t impressed!

  109. I love RED. When I’m feeling down I wear red to brighten my day. Red also makes me think of the sun which rises every day and means a new day.

  110. It had always been purple for me….. In any hue. Among a lot of other meanings, I love the most that purple is symbolic to physical and mental healing, spirituality and creativity. I think these three things have led to great joy in my life.

  111. Red – ever since I was a little girl and read the Clifford books. I told my dear Nan (who was usually of the “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” persuasion) that I didn’t like pink (being the 80s, my room, curtains, bedspread and LOTS of my clothes were pink) and she knitted me a squishy bright red jumper which I wore almost daily until it finally fell apart. I think of her every time I see something red, and it’s still my favourite colour :)

  112. My favourite colours have changed over the years but I still come back to blue. Its probably because my eyes are blue, I really like the colour and I often get complimented on how blue my eyes are.

  113. I love blue! By far the colour that always catches my eye! X

  114. Mine used to be red, but as of today it’s Bold Bamboo’s Plum Jam! What a delicious colour-it is deep, inviting, and makes me want scones….!

  115. Like you Corrie, mine is pink! But there are certain shades of blue which pop too1 Thank you for the opportunity to become a part of this giveaway.

  116. Beverley O'Brien says:

    If you asked my family and friends it would be burgundy and green. But really it all depends on the situation whether clothing, decorating etc. I just love all colours. Our world would be so different without colour!

  117. Emma Lampard says:

    The purple! Lovely shade and I’ve always loved purple, I’m knitting myself a purple scarf right now for Wear it Purple Day next Friday!!

  118. Mandy Regan says:

    I love Coral! I guess it’s a cross between pink and orange and I think it is such a happy colour. I love it in all shades whether it’s pale or bright,

  119. Green – I find it calming. I love the rainforest and green takes me right there.

  120. I’m a green girl, think rainforests, ferns, lush tropical gardens filled with palms, that sort of thing :)

  121. Orange. It’s vibrant, warm and makes me happy!

  122. I do love blue. But I think in recent years I have changed my favourite colour to orange. Bright, happy orange.

  123. For me it has to be red. I’m naturally drawn to it and my fabric and wool stash seems to contain quite a bit of it! The colour just seems to brighten my day!

  124. Purple. I just love it!! And it was the favourite of my beautiful Great Nanna’s and it’s my Mum’s, and would you believe now my daughters!! Lucky my husband is colour blind so he can’t tell how purple is slowly taking over the house :) Thanks for the chance x

  125. Blue, don’t know why really but I always tend to pick cooler colours over warm/bright. Thanks for the chance to win.

  126. Red – ever since I was a little girl and read the Clifford books. I told my dear Nan (who was usually of the β€œpink is for girls, blue is for boys” persuasion) that I didn’t like pink (being the 80s, my room, curtains, bedspread and LOTS of my clothes were pink) and she knitted me a squishy bright red jumper which I wore almost daily until it finally fell apart. I think of her every time I see something red, and it’s still my favourite colour πŸ˜€

  127. Blue…especially bluey grey….

  128. Green makes me happy and always catches my eye and my smile. I have been calling it my fad colour for some time. Considering this now (six maybe seven years on), it is perhaps time to drop the word fad, and call it simply that green is my colour.

  129. Definitely blue – all shades from light to the darkest navy, but french blue would be my all time favourite <3

  130. My favourite colour is yellow because it makes me think of sunshine and happiness.

  131. I love blue! Mostly a nice sky blue, but all shades in general depending on my mood.

  132. sue handford says:

    yellow is my favourite because it reminds me of sunshine and that makes me happy

  133. Hollie Tuckerman says:

    I am drawn to most things grey and white. Even though my five year old daughters tells me they are not colours! So based on her criteria of a colour I would have to say it is green. :-)

  134. I love green,always reminds me of our beautiful countryside.Thank goodness for Bendigo Woollen Mills,a happy customer.

  135. Hi
    My favourite colour is red. It used to be blue for the last couple of years. But I realise that red gives me confidence and joy and it’s something I sorely need in my life right now.

  136. Bronwyn Kelly says:

    I’ve always loved the colour green, so much that my dining seat covers, tile splash back and front door are all different shades of green. But funnily enough I don’t own anything green that’s wearable … I should do something about that!

  137. I love blue, it makes me think of the sky and the sea and my new baby has blue eyes.

  138. I love deep pastels – those dusty colours that feel all warm and cosy. I especially love dusty blue – like a denim or even a peacock blue. I find it calming and not cold like other shades can be. I love Stellar so this yarn should be lovely. Can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  139. Hi – green is my favourite colour . So many shades reminding me of nature. Saying that I love colour all colours.

  140. Alyson stevens says:

    My favourite colour would have to be purple. Im always drawn to it. Apparently its the colour for peace, devotion and above all, MAGIC!!!

  141. I love red! It’s fresh in spring, vibrant in summer, matches the leaves in autumn, and brightens winter.

  142. Yellow, it’s sunshine and happiness and I can’t help but smile when I see it!

  143. I’ve been waiting for this beautiful yarn to be released after admiring your knitting. My favourite colour is a stormy blue

  144. My favourite colour is red. I like wearing red, as it makes me feel good. I have way too many red jumpers because red is such a great colour to wear in winter when everything is so drab.

  145. Sarah Mcginnes says:

    Mine is green. No idea why, it just seems to be the colour I am always drawn to! (I married an army guy, was it because of the green uniform? We’ll never know!!)

  146. My favourite colour is pink. It makes me happy, especially when my 13 year-old son wears it, just to make me smile. I think God probably thought, “now what about something pretty, frivolous, and fab – I know, I’ll give them pink.”

  147. Kate Cohen says:

    It would have to be blue . I love how blue can depict so many moods and emotions depending on the shade 😊

  148. My favourite colour is purple! I love the warmth and brightness of the colour.

  149. I love teal, it makes me feel calm just looking at it, so pretty and so many shades of it

  150. My favourite colour is blue – aqua, turquoise or denim, depending on the the garment I’m going to knit

  151. Glenda brown says:

    I love rainbow, I didn’t know it could be a favourite till I had my daughter, who insists on rainbow coloured EVERYTHING!! β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’œ

  152. I just love that green right in the middle of the picture, it is so cheerful and reminds me of spring. It goes well with my bright green car, and bag, and scarf, and purse and all the other green things I have acquired since getting my car. Luv the green

  153. Robyn Cobby says:

    Green is my favourite colour. It is the colour of the trees and the grass. It can be the colour of the sea and the sky before a storm. I love the frogs all dressed in their damp green coats and so many birds come in all shades from lime green to aqua and teal. In drought times my eyes ache for green. It is cool and peaceful and the perfect companion to many other colours making them look good too. I <3 green! :)

  154. I mostly like blue, I love the darker shades, and with touches of green. πŸ˜ƒ thanks for the opportunity

  155. Missy PIZARO says:

    blue U.S. My favourite colour……it can be calming or it can be outthere!

  156. I love grey. It’s a versatile colour that works well with so many other colours, but is also stunningly beautiful on its own.

  157. My favourite colour at the moment is green. I am loving natural shades of green that remind me of the beautiful gum trees on the block of land that we bought and hope to build on in the bush.

  158. Blue, closely followed by green. It’s hard to separate them – blue skies, green grass, blue water, green trees…. But above all I love all the greenish blues and blueish greens!

  159. Vivien Naimo says:

    Maroon as it was my school colours. I attended Fort St Girls High School when it was at Observatory Hill Sydney. The first wool I bought from Bendigo Woollen Mills was maroon. Love it & wear it.

  160. Purple! It is my Mum’s favourite colour too – so I just rubbed off on me :)

  161. Bernadette says:

    Purple. I have tried other colours but keep coming back to it. My stash has many versions and hues of purple. For hats and scarves and gloves and a jumper currently in progress.

  162. I love green, always have! It’s a fresh colour, the colour of new life, new beginnings. My life is full of new beginnings right now and I’m embracing it.

  163. Dianne Gaynor says:

    My favourite colour is Purple, the colour always makes my heart sing, any shade from lilac to dark purple is amazing a shade for any occasion, and looks beautiful on littlies as well 😁

  164. I have always felt a connection to blues, beautiful calming blue tones. Blue just makes me feel happy and connected

  165. I am always drawn to green, from the palest pastel to a deep emerald and everything in between. I would lurrrve to sample all of these bold colours.

  166. My favourite colour is blue, it always has been! Not only is blue my eye colour but I find it very calming and have plenty of blue yard in all shades! Recently I did a baby blanket with blue and aqua yarn and it’s my favourite project so far.

  167. Linden Bird says:

    I love red for the passion. Matches my love of yarn.

  168. I have always been a blue colour person – I dressed in light blue/navy/delft any blue that you could think of as I am getting older I am changing to the warmer colours of brown and fawn etc, but I still go back to BLUE things as I believe they suit me and people say light blue matches my eyes

  169. Green… no wait purple.. Do I really have to pick just one.. Ok… Green because it is the colour of everything I love (except my cat, she’s not green), trees, grass, frogs and a most things in nature.. I love these give aways.. :-)

  170. Definitely pink … Currently sitting here knitting with Bendigo’s new Milky Way Aurora, it’s pink too xx

  171. I love RED! I am a redhead, have red all through the house, married a Welshman and we all know Welsh dragons are RED! Even wore red for my wedding even though it wasn’t supposed to be the ‘done thing’. Even love red animals, one of my greatest loves was a big ginger tom! I also knit all the time using Bendigo yarns (of course) and when the Bold Bamboo email came from them thought to myself ‘mmmmm more to add to the stash’. Okay I’ve rambled on enough back to cooking tea for myself and my Welsh dragon.

  172. Michelle Tourigny says:

    Deep rich purple. Always.

  173. I adore all shades of purple. I like all colours but purple is on the top of my list.

  174. my favourite colour is teal/aqua: I’m not 100% sure why, possibly it’s the combination of the calming of green & the beauty of the sea, in all those shades. Also when I went to Yellowstone National Park there were volcanic pools this colour, simply magnificent.

  175. Red for me – it’s strong, bright and happy.

  176. My favourite is purple, it is a warm colour and for some reason it is one of the colours I have used a lot of since I was a teenager

  177. Nimisha soni says:

    Mine is pink too now as my little cute daughter loves to have everything pink in colour. Whatever she love genuinely thats my passion to get her in any way. :))

  178. My favourite colour is pale blue. It always has been. It reminds me of the beautiful seas, and makes me think of the beach all the time. There are so so many blues that are beautiful.

  179. Camille Newlands says:

    lime green. I don’t wear it but love creating with it, buying household items in it. It was the colour I did my wedding decorations in. I seem to gravitate towards it always.

  180. Christine says:

    My favourite colour is green. I find it calming and I can find a beautiful shade anywhere in nature – from the darkest shade of olive to the brightest lime green,

  181. Diane Nelson says:

    AQUAMARINE BLUE CAUSE IT soooo reminds me of the ocean….GOD BLESS from Diane

  182. I love purple, all shades of purple .It is just a colour l have always loved, hard to explain:)

  183. I just love coral. Coral nail polish, lipstick, handbag, shoes clothes …. and of course, wool. It’s a lively, happy colour.

  184. My favourite colour is green – especially emerald green. This has been the case for my entire life – 66 years.

  185. suzanne usai says:

    My Favourite colour has always been Blue! When I was little I remember having the milkshake set with the 3 cups red, white and blue. I ALWAYS had to have the blue cup and from then on my love of blue continued!

  186. Weiling johnson says:

    Most current fav colour is blue coz as my 4 yo says, its Elsa power colour and welove frozen

  187. Purple! 😊 oh how I love Bendigo Woollen Mills woolπŸ’•πŸ’•

  188. Melissa Fisher says:

    Pink, because being surrounded by my husband and 3 boys everyday I need a girly colour just for me. Looking for the perfect pink to make something for myself for once. Thinking hot pink, navy blue stripes.

  189. Red! Bright and cheerful and always brightens a glum winters day!

  190. Janet McCulloch says:

    My favorite color is red.
    Why I don’t know however I have loved the color since I was five. Currently knitting a vest in BWM 8ply cherry red in cables and diamonds looks stjnning

  191. My favourite colour would definitely be purple, but only in the deeper shades. There’s just something about the depth of it that seems to go with so many other colours :)

  192. Lyn breen says:

    Would love this for my grand daughter as she is just starting to knit
    Thank you

  193. im going to say Purple, but really i love the mix of purple and blue.. i don’t know why, it’s just so puuurdy πŸ˜€ if i have lots to choose from, i will always go these together.

  194. my favourite colour is purple. I think I was about ten when I decided this and I’ve stuck with it (now 54). I’m told it’s the colour of royalty so I can feel very regal when I’m wearing it!

  195. As a kid I was totally a green girl! Loved it (and still do!)!! These days though I find that more and more I am drawn to red – especially deep, rich red colours. My fairly new passion for crochet has made me more and more aware of colours and how they complement and enhance each other!

  196. I don’t have one particular colour that’s my favourite above all else: I love to wear mustard and green, think pink is a fantastic statement colour, and love the intensity of a good inky black. If I had to choose just one though, I think I would go with navy. It’s neutral, goes with everything and doesn’t date.

  197. Janine Walda says:

    Blue. Any shade of blue. Blue conjures up thoughts of calm seas, stormy skies, my husbands eyes, my sons eyes.

  198. oh that is so very difficult, is rainbow a colour? It depends on my mood, the weather, the occasion. Thank you for this beautiful chance to win these treats from Bendigo Woollen Mills

  199. Karina joy says:

    My favourite colour is green it’s calming and it makes me think of lush grSs and forest.

  200. Mine’s green – it reminds me of the smell of freshly cut grass

  201. Blue, all shades, deep and pale, like the sea, like the sky, like my hubbies eyes.

  202. Mine is green it is so natural and gorgeous. It can be bright and happy but also dark and grungy! I love it. Especially in bamboo!

  203. Barbara Tregilles says:

    Purple is my favourite colour & Bamboo yarn is the best ever. Heck, anything bamboo is the best πŸ˜€

  204. I love orange and purple but if I have to pick one I would say purple. I always come back to that when I have to choose. I really don’t know why!! its my feel good color…

  205. Blue and green, have always love the calming effects of these colours, apart from which the blue brings out the blue in my eyes. These colours usually go with most other colours, either to blend or highlight the other colours.

  206. Kerrie Moore says:

    My fave is Cyan because it’s closest to the ocean. Bold colours make me happy.

  207. Orange is my favourite and has been since I was able to tell my mother what I wanted.
    This year I’m in vogue! It’s great to see this wonderful colour in wool,clothes,linen and shoes!

  208. Sherran Crowe says:

    Red is my favorite colour but when it comes to knitting or crochet I love to work with all colours and shades. I have a great project ready to commence if I were the lucky recipient of a ball of each colour of the new Bold Bamboo.

  209. Jenny Jolley says:

    I love green. Just about any shade of green. It reminds me of a garden and being outdoors. As a red head with green eyes, it was always meant to be.

  210. Any shades of pink is my favourite always has been but because I was my Dads last child he was Collingwood mad and so black and white had to come into that so I guess pink ,black and white . RIP Dad , Yes I would love to win

  211. Yellow! For the bold Australian sun. With some yellow stockinette stitch, I always bring the sunshine with me!

  212. Mines yellow. I love bright yellow all the way to mustard.

  213. Turquoise blue! Just love it because it reminds me of the beautiful sea around the south west of Western Australia.

  214. I love blue. My wardrobe is all shades of blue. Then there’s an occasional burst of rose or coral to brighten it up :-)

  215. Liz Zaccara says:

    Mine always was and always will be green. As a child of the 70’s Kermit singing “it’s not easy be in’ green” touched my little juvenile, outdoorsy, tomboy heart, and still does.

  216. Clare Foley says:

    Red! Red! Red! it never fails to brighten my day :)

  217. Cassandra Mehta says:

    Green is my favorite colour of the moment lol

  218. Kerrianne says:

    I love to be bold and loud and orange fits my personality which is why it’s my favourite colour :)

  219. Blue, don’t know why but my soul is drawn to it every time.

  220. Faye Payne says:

    i am totally obsessed with Aqua at the moment,but the one I always return is good old Pink all shades just love PinkπŸ‘πŸ»

  221. I absolutely love dark blue, but of this collection my favourite is the deep dark people. So vibrant and intense. I’d really love to win to make a rainbow blanket for my kids.

  222. Debbie Chambers says:

    My favourite colour is green. For me it isn’t the colour of life. Spring green after winter. Deep summer green an the colour of the ocean under a winter sky. Wearing green I feel grounded and in touch with the tapestry of life.

  223. My favourite colour – to crochet with – will always be a soft and luxurious creamy colour. Everything else you put with it just pops! Use it as the primary or the secondary or even for accents and the gorgeous colours around it are just even better.

  224. I love pink. Best colour ever lol.

  225. Leis Carson says:

    My favourite colour is yellow. It reminds me of positive thoughts and sunshine. Everyone doesnt wear enough yellow. It is happy bright and cosy the way the world should be.

  226. Allie Mac says:

    My favorite colour is white because it goes with anything. My kids tell me it can’t be my favorite because it’s not actually a colour but to me it is :)

  227. Naomi Peters says:

    Purple…….. My favourite, my late mum’s favourite, I wear it everyday

  228. Barbara Walker says:

    Mine is Green..i love it all shades.
    Why…my mother told me it was G-ds favourite thats why he made so many shades of it.Just as he loves us and made us in many shades.

  229. RED.. When I see red it makes me feel a little happier. Sometimes I even catch my self smiling for no reason.

  230. Blue…reminds me of tge beautiful blue sky to float away your cares ❀❀

  231. Emma Shaw says:

    I’ve always had a thing for black, but not in an emo/goth way. Think Audrey Hepburn in a LBD. I even had touches of black on my wedding dress and knitted my MOH & myself black shawls to use on the big day.

  232. I like yellow the colour of daffodils. A happy colour

  233. Red – I don’t know why I am always drawn to red. It makes me smile, it’s bright, it’s bold, it makes a statement

  234. Although I love everything that is red and white polka dot and love red accents (journals, wool throws, kitchen utensil handles), when it comes to sinking into a colour for comfort, I always end up with blue. Blue is calming, cooling, spacious like the sky and sea, happy like the bluebird. I love red, but I lurv blue.

  235. Mine is dusty pink. I have always liked it but can’t pin down a particular reason for the choice.

  236. I love colour and although I choose different colours at times I aways seem to return to blues. Watching the sea and the colours of the water calm and relax me. So when I seek serenity I turn to my old friend blue.

  237. Love the green front and centre. But all green grabs my attention

  238. My favourite colour is green. Didn’t like it as a kid because it was my Mum’s favourite colour and all the clothes she sewed for me were green. Our curtains were green. Get the picture.
    Sometime in my 30’s I developed a love for green after having already been through orange in my teens, purple in my 20’s. My wedding dress was an amazing brightish emerald green.

  239. Pam Macdonald says:

    I am a purple girl. It can be dark or light – anything from lavender to deep purple. That’s why the rainbow has two spaces!

  240. Kirsty-lee says:

    My favorite color is purple everything and anything purple I would live in a purple house if the man would let me lol :)

  241. RED! I have always been drawn to red, even as a young child. It is bright, happy and always brings joy to my heart.

  242. Aquamarine/Teal…..I just love it’s bright colour. I hadn’t realised how much I love it until I look around my home. I’ve been accessorising without really being aware of it!!

  243. Gosh, that’s a hard question, I love dark reds, purples and blues. I think blue wins by a touch though because I find it calming in all of its shades, from the light tropical water colour which is light and cooling to the darkest, mysterious midnight blue, they all sooth in their own way.

  244. Purple …. it just makes me happy. I love knitting with purple and people always respond positively to it. Go purple!!!

  245. Maria Boyce says:

    Purple is my colour. It makes me happy! I even have purple pens that I special order in bulk from the manufacturer because you can’t buy them individually, only in a mixed colour pack. I would seek professional help but frankly I don’t want to. Lol

  246. Barbara Merton says:

    I don’t have a favorite, but shades and tones of blue and green are my preferred colour palette. Why? They are calming. In winter rich shades are warm, in summer they are cooling. There are the earth, the growing crops, the lakes, the forests misty or bold, dusted with snow or bright tropical light, but most importantly the ocean with it’s stunning variety and wild strength.

  247. Jill Skinner says:

    Fav colour hmmm I love so many.. My first fav was blue for girls pink for buys I used to say this has morphed into purple the richest ones are the best. I can see some gorgeous mermaid tail rugs for my great nieces with the bamboo can’t wait to see the colour card they look Devine fingers crossed

  248. I think that blue is my favourite colour. Love the water. Love cruising, the many different colours of blue you see around the pacific islands and the sky. I live by the water and there are so many different shades of blue here too.

  249. I love blue. It is the colour of serenity

  250. I have always loved purple. It seems so feminine, so pretty. And now I am the only girl in a house of boys (husband and two teenage sons) it is even more important to have pretty things around me.

  251. Rhiannon Osborn says:

    Magenta is my fav colour coz its vibrant and is just the right amount of pink and purple which is every girls dream.

  252. Danielle Boulton says:

    Cool blues or blue/greys – make me feel relaxed and calm. (Used to be dark purples, then light lavender / lilac purples but think it is changing the older I get)

  253. Kate Herbert says:

    Green! Vivid, jewel like green. It just makes me incredibly happy for some reason

  254. Marg Fitzpatrick says:

    My favourite colour is fuchsia.

  255. Christine Cossens says:

    My all time favourite colour is red. Its such a strong and vibrant colour. When I was younger I never use to wear it as I didn’t like to draw attention to myself. As I’ve got older I love wearing it. It suits me and I now feel comfortable in it.

  256. Cornflower blue is my happy colour

  257. Blanche Bejah says:

    Favourite colour is Orange. .Autumn is my favorite season with all the falling keaves ..nothing prettier than the colour of Autumn leaves .orange orange/red .sienna. .

  258. Blue – it reminds me of my dad as he always wore blue.

  259. Kylie Seadon says:

    My favorite colour is green – especially spring green – the colour of the new leaves just coming through at the moment – I really love all shades of green though – the colour of nature.

  260. Sue Ellen says:

    My favourite colour is red. It is impossible to feel sad when I’m wearing red – especially red shoes! It’s a happy colour that cheers me immensely. :)

  261. I love every colour of the rainbow!!!!!!!! Colour makes me happy!!!!!!

  262. So unfair to make us choose! there are so many stunningly different blends, shades, variations … they all call to me to squish, create, reach out and touch

  263. Gayle Clark says:

    My favourite colour is red. I think it is such a vibrant colour that goes with almost everything in my wardrobe. I also have used red to decorate my house and caravan. I love it.

  264. Kathleen Stanbury says:

    Just got new granddaughter born on 20th August. 2015. So pink and grey and white would be lovely to make her something

  265. I love green!!

  266. Green! Vibrant and full of life. The colour of a lush lawn or a striking canopy of a tree. Nature gave me my favourite colour ever!

  267. My favourite colour is purple because it is a beautiful, calming colour which reminds me of so many happy times with family who have passed away, my Grandmother’s garden, full of beautiful purple lupins and agapanthus, Aunty’s birthstone (amethyst) and the beautiful display of purple cottage garden flowers my Mum loved in the house I grew up in. I wear a lot of purple clothes and when I was teaching the students had a nickname for me – ‘The Purple Lady’

  268. Bev McLaine says:

    So hard to choose but blue would probably win – such a peaceful, calming colour in a busy, busy life.

  269. It’s impossible to have just one favourite colour! I love Fuchsia pink, red, blue, green & purple – I just love colour!

  270. Helen Fitt says:

    My favourite color is orange because it’s bright and warm for winter .

  271. Suzshapooze says:

    Green! It’s warm & earthy & grounding – and it’s so peaceful to look at & feel in nature.

  272. April Gay says:

    My favourite is blue and has been since I was a very little girl

  273. Marilyn Steers says:

    purple for me!

  274. Rebecca Spokes says:

    Yellow…. always bright, always happy. Can always brighten the gloomy day.

  275. Green – so serene
    The grass and trees
    The sea………
    And Bamboo Yarn!

  276. Vicki Southgate says:

    My favourite colour is blue. I love the colour of the of the sky and the ocean. Blue is such a refreshing colour.

  277. Blue. I love blue. From cornflower to Tiffany, from royal to cyan. I married a man who loves blue. I crochet in blue. And you know the annoying thing? With the exception of a navy blue, I can’t wear it. It doesn’t suit me at all.
    I’d love this prize because I only work with acrylics and I’d love to give a bamboo a go for something different.

  278. Tracey cooper says:

    Green! So calming and alive. Give me farm scape view over seascape any day.

  279. I love all the colours… My favourite changes all of the time, but I’d have to say bright sunshine yellow is my favourite cause it always makes me feel happy! I especially love wearing yellow shoes, because then I feel happy every time I look down at my feet :-)

  280. My favourite colour would have to be blue. My eyes are a bright shade of blue…maybe that’s why I often lean towards blue in my yarn choices.

  281. Mary Leversha says:

    Red is my favourite colour – it always makes me feel good and brightens my spirits

  282. Blue … the beach and skies of Australia. I’ve also just started learning to knit … it’s a bit hit and miss so far but thank goodness for a local knitters group I’ve found to bail me out of some mistakes and SOS dashes to my parents. My learning to knit has also reignited my mother’s knitting skills and she’s well into a baby set.

  283. Green is for me
    Bright, light
    Dark or pale
    Green is for me one and all

  284. Sally Niemann says:

    My favourite colour is the colour of wheat fields just before they are harvested.

  285. Mikaela Bates says:

    Blue is my absolute fave amongst my love for all bright colours. I love blue because it reminds me of the ocean which has always both calmed and invigorated me.

  286. Lucy Amorosi says:

    Purple is my favourite, but any jewel color, really. :)
    Just the vividness and luxury of the colour, it helped break me or off black only and knitting and spinning is helping me come out more.

  287. Elaine Checker says:

    My favourite colour without a doubt is that lovely light green that I call catipiller squish.
    I love to wear it , it goes with mt hair colour and complexion and it is a great match with all my other favourite colours.
    Who could stop at one favourite colour?

  288. Denise Sultana says:

    I love purple, every shade from dark purple right through to Lavender. I have been counting the wool that I have purchased from Bendigo Woollen Mills, and am up to about 20 in this knitting season, just love the way my rugs come out and the family loves their blankets too.

  289. Any kind of green because my heart sits more peacefully in greenery. Leaves have always been very special to me.

  290. Helen Goodman says:

    Purple…… As a redhead (well it’s grey now) I was dressed in blue, purple, green, brown etc anything but red, pink, orange or tones thereof. When my hair went grey in my late 30s I went and bought myself a pink top. Never felt comfortable in it though.

  291. Sue Males says:

    My favourite colour is blue. Mum used to say it’s because it matches my eyes. I just love it because it can be both a warm & cool colour so suits any mood.

  292. Marilyn Hughes says:

    Oscar Wilde wrote that you should never trust a woman who wears mauve, or a woman over 35 who favours pink ribbons! I don’t care if he doesn’t trust me – I’ll do both if I want to – and I do want to. Mauve has so many shades and can border on pink or teeter towards blue. It can look regal or relaxed, pretty or punk. I may be over 35 (nearly twice over!) but I can rock pink and mauve and every other colour. Oscar, Darling, knit and purl me to the end of time…

    • congratulations you are the winner! I’ll be emailing you shortly for your address and Bendigo Woollen Mills will be sending out to you!

      • Marilyn Hughes says:

        So happy – love knitting and love writing, so thanks so much to you and Bendigo Knitting Mills!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  293. Priscilla says:

    I love a rich violet, colour of royalty and pomp and ceremony

  294. Tara Smith says:

    All the purples! Just because.

  295. Renee Michell says:

    I always thought it was dark Mauve but could never work out why, looking back at some old photos recently I have worked out it was a colour my grandmother wore quite often.

  296. Jusmoochin says:

    Blue matches my eyes and whenever I where Blue………..I feel centred . It is my fave !!!!

  297. i have always loved purple, all shades, ever since I was a child and I love it with green. I am also quite partial to red!

  298. I love pink. All shadesβ™‘β™‘β™‘

  299. I do love pinks and purples but my very favourite colour is the green that you get when the sun shines through new maple leaves. I love this so much because, as a child and young teen, our house had a Japanese Maple and I used to lie under it on the grass :)

  300. Tracey Bryan says:

    My favourite colour is purple.

  301. Sandy Heales says:

    I love red especially in winter it is so bright and cheery on a cold winter’s day. I was always in red faction at school and surprisingly both my children and grandchildren are also in red faction, so red is a popular colour in our house

  302. Veronika Reck says:

    Browns and oranges are my favourite. The colours of autumn

  303. Coral is my favourite colour , it attracts my eye instantly , it goes with so many other colours , it can be used as calming or team it up with a brighter colour to add sunshine to your day ..

  304. I have never had a favourite colour because I love all the colours of the rainbow and all the others in between.

  305. WHITE!
    Because I love to dye yarn with my son who has special needs, and the yarn is soft and strong, just like him.

  306. Robyn Coulson says:

    I think purple is the colour for me. It teams up beautifully with olives and yellows.
    Yellow is a special colour for me as it reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh. He was amazing with colour, never be afraid to experiment with colour I say!

  307. I usually love red, but when I crochet, I use the entire rainbow of colours and love them all!

  308. Purple is my favourite colour. I have always loved it since I was a little girl. Most of my favourite clothes growing up were always the purple ones. I also had a purple bedroom.

  309. Jenny Maher says:

    My favourite colour is violet, because it reminds me of the Violets that my mother used to grow.

  310. Green, the colour of nature, especially in spring after winter, always makes me smile.

  311. Jessica Carew says:

    My favourite colour is RED! My daughter loves it, my sons love it and even my husband loves it! I’ve knit them all something in red and they look great, but no matter how hard I try I just can’t wear red. Oh well, I’ll keep knitting it for everyone else!

  312. Karen Muller says:

    Purple any shade, has always been. Do like red as well

  313. Ann Henderson says:

    At present I love mint green, or any green.

  314. I LOVE red! It picks me up if I’m feeling down, and generally just makes me feel good!

  315. That green in the photo would be my absolute favourite, and and I have used it in similar combinations as shown before, even as a baby blanket. It was an absolute hit. It has now been passed down to the second baby, and I have requests from other nieces and nephews. All bendigo wool of course. Got to get more. Got to find more time. Got to keep my fingers working……….

  316. Rebecca stephens says:

    My favourite colour without any exception is hot pink. When I was 10 everyone thought it was cute and funny but now that I can see my 40th birthday popping up over thr horizon no one is amused anymore. EXCEPT ME! I love how hot pink makes me feel – its like all the sunshine and all the joy rolled into one and it makes me very happy.

  317. Heather Priems says:

    I am so attracted to all shades of blue. The colour blue makes me feel calm. I also find it such an easy colour to mix and match.

  318. Jo-Anne Gwin says:

    Mine is Green.
    I love all shades of green, I love natural earthy colours, and olive green reminds me of gum trees and the bush :)

  319. simone fox says:

    My new favorite color is Tangerine…I just love it to bits and you can wear it in every season of the year! It looks warm in Winter and fresh and cool in Summer..Oh! and I adore eating Tangerines too!

  320. Cathy James says:

    Purple – dark and at the red end. Has been since I was a little girl

  321. Cathy James says:

    Purple = dark and at the red end. Has been since I was a little girl

  322. Meachelle says:

    I LOVE purple, especially darker shades, its such a happy colour :)

  323. Christine says:

    I love bright colours. Tangerine would probably be my favourite.

  324. Priscilla Shepherd says:

    Blue blue my life is blue – i need the wool to make a blankey – cool

    Priscilla hervey bay qld

  325. Jackie Allison says:

    Purple has been my favourite over many years followed closely by pink, then mint green.

  326. Margaret Richards says:

    Purple. Always has been always will be, any shade, and thro in some teal as well.

  327. Electric blue, violent mauve, intense teal – colours with depth and punch.
    Bendigo Woollen Mills is my first go-to for wool and I can’t wait to receive my shade card for this new yarn

  328. Hmmm thats a simple yet complex question!! I think my colour preferences have changed as my life has changed (although Ive never been able to cope with purple!). When I was a young hipster it was definitely black, to go with my city dwelling, gallery attending life. Once sons came along it was the typical blue for boys (and a dark blue at that, to hide all the stains!!) As I approached 50 the pinks took over…much to my shock as I never saw myself as a “pink girl” maybe it was a cry for help from my girly side since I was living in a house full of men (yes, even the dog was a boy!!). Now , post 50, it seems to be all tones and shades of aqua…..I think aqua is a friendly, optimistic colour so perhaps as Im now parenting teens and dealing with frail, ageing parents its just the thing to help me along to the next stage of life!! I hope theres time to embrace all the colours…..maybe even purple will get a turn!!

  329. Jenene Lawrence says:

    Teal…love love love this colour the shades of Teal remind me of being at my happy place….Jervis Bay

  330. Kelley Cowley says:

    My favourite colour is green – especially the vibrant shades like lime and grass. I find it very energising and it goes with everything (even if it’s somewhat unexpected).

  331. I like blue, very pale blue. My only granddaughter is following her grandma in that she loves blue too.

  332. I love peacock colours (I may have been one in a previous life) so I’m really drawn to tealy blues, just love them.

  333. I love lots of colours, depending on how I’m feeling as to which one is my favourite. I say fill the world with colour.

  334. Dont ask me as going into the Bendigo Wool Store for me is like going into a lolly shop. Goodies everywhere. The colours I can never pick one over the other. If I won this prize it wouldn’t be a blanket it would be a multi coloured jumper or 2. I need to take Hubby to pick out one colour over another for a mono coloured project.

  335. Aine Connell says:

    Green… And not because I’m Irish ; ) But it is supposed to help with homesickness…

  336. Janine Skurray says:

    I love Greens!! Especially Limeade, my favourite shade. I love greens as they remind me of nature, thick tropical forests of many shades

  337. Jenna Stephens says:

    Purple for sure! It’s warm, it’s cozy, it’s beautiful, reminds me of love and cuddles.

  338. Mary Nemarich says:

    My favourite colour is BLUE. I’m not even sure where it started. I seem to be drawn to any blue, and it is truly embarrassing when I look at my earring collection, my clothes and my fabric and wool stash. Surely I could pick up another colour, but NO!! Thankyou for a chance at this giveaway :)

  339. Orange absolutely because its the happiest colour in the world <3 <3

  340. Green, because it is the colour of life

  341. K Gallagher says:

    I love blue ,all vwriants of it ,i find it calming and also exciting ,depending on the colour and how i am feeling on the day ,its a blue blue day

  342. Alisa Walter says:

    YELLOW!!! It’s so cheery and bright and joyful, like sunshine, and reminds me there is always something to be thankful for.

  343. Amanda Axiak says:

    Purple is my favourite colour because… Well… It just is. I love it.

  344. Green – colour of nature, makes me calm and smiley, also infinite shades :)

  345. Green is my favourite colour.

  346. Sue Fenwick says:

    Purple has always been my favourite colour when asked but I really love all of the blue, green, indigo and violet parts of the rainbow.
    Huge BWM fan too.

  347. I love most shades of green…a colour not always easy to find to wear.

  348. Sheila Freeman says:

    Red because it is such a vibrant colour and always makes me feel good when I wear it, especially on a dull winters day.

  349. I love blues – I find them calming and relaxing, plus they remind me of another love, the ocean.

  350. Mine is blue, not navy or pale blue but anything in between. I think its calming and makes me feel like im at the beach.

  351. Green! Green always reminds me of being outside…grass, trees, plants and all large happy outdoorsy stuff! It’s fascinating that our eyes can see more shades of green than any other colour. Mike Wazowski is also green, and he’s pretty awesome :)

  352. Linda Wibberley says:

    Ooooohhh somedays it’s REALLY hard to choose a favorite color (cause let’s face it they are all pretty amazing!!)
    But my absolute go-to colour is Blue-green. In every hue. Sea glass, azure, teal, turquoise, duck egg…………..I’m like a Bowerbird and just gravitate to theses shades EVERY time.

    :) xx

  353. Purple!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
    I absolutely love Purple – it makes a rainbow POP! 🌈 it’s the colour of the beautiful Tibouchina (which I love too!)
    It’s just a gorgeous colour in all its different shades πŸŽ‰πŸ’œπŸŒŸ (thank you for a great giveaway πŸ˜„)

  354. Stacey Kirsch says:

    My favourite colour is white. I love a nice clean white t-shirt and bedding and furniture and everything. But I love adding a splash of colour. At the moment I’m into teal.

  355. I really don’t have one favourite colour but rather a combination of colours. Really loving teal with autumn colours at the moment.

  356. I am going through a purple stage so – Colour 206 Plum Jam (purple) is my favourite of these wools. They are Beautiful and would love to knit with them

  357. Kirsten Boxall says:

    Blue is and has always been my favourite. Whether it’s light morning blue or deep blue of the ocean or the heart-stopping loveliness of the almost glowing twilight blue or the sparkly blue eyes of my children, blue makes me happy.

    I never have understood why “getting the blues” meant being unhappy!

  358. A nice bright pink is my favourite colour, brings out the colour in my cheeks and makes me look younger. I do occasionalyl go purple and green. In the case of the bamboo on display I’d like to go with the sage green for my nine year old grandsons addition to his wardrobe next year.

  359. Blue, because of the sea, the sky, the indigo of twilight.

  360. Louise Cowan says:

    Blue 😘

  361. How to choose a favourite? I love all the brights and also pastels. I am partial to shades of purple at the moment. Thank you for your giveaway and kindness .x

  362. I love vibrant reds. None of these wishy washy reds. Not only do they suit me when I am wearing red but they also lift my spirits and put me in a happy mood.

  363. Mine is blue. The colour of the ocean and the sky. I am happiest when I am on, in or near the water especially on a gorgeous sunny day with clear blue skies. :-)

  364. So many colours … I do not think I have an absolute favorite … all depends on my mood and the weather. When it is warm I go for cool colours – soft aqua, mauves and blues. When it is cold warmer colours – rich red burgandy and autumn tones. Thanks for the chance to win such lovely yarn.

  365. Barbeferg says:

    Green, green, green my all time love…..I do so love the color way though of the new Bendigo Woolen mills bamboo range…..I would love to win this so that I could replicate the quilt I made this weekend where I have pimped up the green with winter/ spring colors. A project that I will take to me as I prolong my winter with a retreat in Spain hosting for those walking the Camino….

  366. nanad.da (heather .) says:

    My favourite colours are hot pink and orange ,my grand daughters fav also .

  367. My favourite colour is Royal Blue like a Metallic Blue How do I get some colour charts Please.

  368. I love purple! It’s always been a favourite in any shade! I find it a pretty and soothing colour and, with my house full of four loud and dirty boys, something pretty and soothing is quite welcome! :)

  369. Victoria Mathews says:

    Watermelon red because it goes so well with black, and black is really my favourite colour.

  370. Trish Lee says:

    To be honest I love all colours…vibrant and bold..subdued and restful…blended…anything so long as they mix well. :)

  371. Red. Dressed in it by my parents but even that couldn’t put me off!

  372. Sussanne Stanley says:

    Purple. It is my mums fav colour and just makes me think of her. Xx

  373. My favourite colour in the whole world is green. When I want to escape the craziness of the city, I escape into green. Spring green in the rolling hills of country Ireland. Mallard green in the shimmery feathers of a mallard duck basking on the waters edge in the sunshine. The aquamarine of a shallow ocean lapping on a quiet pristine beach … and all the many greens of Aussie gum leaves that gently wave to me in the breeze as I bush walk. Hmmm, I’m truly happiest when wrapped in green.

  374. Sharon Farmer says:

    Always has been purple, ever since I was a little girl. My auntie gave a lilac and white bear when I was born and I’ve loved it always, so I think it’s through a happy connection that I came to love it β™‘

  375. Shades of green (particularly turquoise). Reminds me of nature, camping with family and friends, our vegie garden and it is calming for me. Lovely giveaway!

  376. Pink! As a mum of two boys I don’t have much pink in my life these days but it will always be ‘my signature colour’ :)

  377. CatherineM says:

    Teal, because it isn’t blue and isn’t green but a beautiful mix of two other favorites.

  378. christine pates says:

    my favourite colour is cream

  379. My top colour is purple (followed closely by aqua/teal colours). Purple has such a royal colour to it. I later learnt it was the colour for a condition I was later diagnosed with (chiari malformation). So I was able to support my condition and improve awarnesss by buying things in a colour I loved!

  380. Orange! Because you can’t look at orange and frown. Nope, you can’t.

  381. Laura Iseman says:

    My favourite colour is purple, with pink coming a close second. The colours that make me happy, a bit of whimsy, Salvation Jane covered hillsides and sunsets. What a great giveaway, I would love to win it. 😎

  382. Linda Beleski says:

    I love Rainbows – all colours, but to pick one, it would, at the moment, be GREEN! Green jumper, lime green trousers, lime green shoes, lime green car, ok, so LIME GREEN in particular. Also the green of banana leaves, the deep green of a forest, the turquoise green/blue of the clearest shallow ocean, the green/gold of my cats eyes … :)

  383. Red. It is the colour of passion! It is also the most flattering colour against my skin tone and dark hair.

  384. Tania Monaghan says:

    Red is mine color makes me happy

  385. Red is my all time favourite, as it’s a strong and vibrant colour that’s full of passion and vigour, excitement and just sings “Get up and go!”

  386. My favourite colour is shades of purple/lilac makes me think of summer and flowers.

  387. Robyn Amendola says:

    Red for me. I just ent my PHD thesis to the binders today and was so pleased I could select a red cover.!

  388. Orange!
    I love the colour orange. Anything orange automatically gets my attention! Especially fluro orange! I have orange scarves and beanies that I’ve made.
    I’m not sure why, I’ve just always liked orange! Matches my personality I think!

  389. Leisa Guinane says:

    I love Any blues… then greens…

  390. Sue Stapleton says:

    I just cannot go past orange! I love it’s brightness and the soft memories of Autumn that it brings. It’s a cheery colour and also makes me think of a poem my daughter wrote when in state school.
    Golden in the sunlight
    Copper in the dawn
    Thrown merrily across the lawn,
    Born upon the wind, tossed around and round, decidedly rejected and thrown upon the ground.
    Holding on tightly, tightly as can be, holding on to Mother beautiful autumn
    But no longer can they fight the harshly blowing gust that pulls and pulls and never relents, let go of mother they must.
    Then free they fly upon the wind and settle on the lawn.
    Now mother will wait till Spring for her babies to be reborn.

  391. Liz Goodall says:

    For Purple Lizzie, it just has to be purple.

  392. Karin Boyle says:

    Purple, just love purple. If I’m not wearing at least one shade of purple at any given time, friends will ask me if I’m feeling alright.

  393. Margaret Williams says:

    Purple at the moment- but that could change next year! However I have a daughter who loves purple and would happily wear nothing but purple which is why I tend to like it so much. She would love the jumper I’m wearing today- purple and fluffy.

  394. Tammy rogers says:

    I love red.
    It’s so bright & warm.
    Always cheers me up when I wear red.

  395. Green is favourite because it reminds me of my Dutch Oma and her green delft coffee grinder and her wonderful needlecraft

  396. Jacqui Kempton says:

    I think blue would be the winner. It is not as harsh as black, but still suitable for so many occasions. Comes in so many shades and evokes memories of sea and sky.

  397. Purple in all its shades is my fave cause it just goes with everything lol :)

  398. Mine is teal. The mix between blue and green is so calming and elegant. I’m very obsessed with teal.

  399. my daughter is an ovarian cancer survivor so its teal blue for me love it and wot it represents

  400. Yellow is my favourite. It’s such a driendly, sunny colour and matches my disposition.

  401. Just love Purple…all the way!

  402. leanne briggs says:

    Purple is my favourite colour :)

  403. Jasmine Giles says:

    Red! Everything in red goes faster and with more pizazz. Also armed with red lipstick and my favourite red dress the guy at the cafe gives me free muffins because women in red are proven to receive more free stuff from men and I am ALL about free muffins.

  404. I love blue, I always have and to make it even better blue loves me back! I love other colours too, but they just refuse to look nice on me whereas any shade of blue is just so kind!

  405. I LOVE this competition, thank you so much.
    My favourite is dusky pink. It makes me think of fairytale dresses, eye shadow with the hint of mystery and fantasy stories. It may sound crazy but this colour denotes warmth for me!

  406. I’m into White still have been for a number of years, I love the way I can put any other colour with it and they always look great together, no matter which colour I choose, I can even dye it if I need to,It always looks so fresh and bright.

  407. Purple. Definitely. All shades. πŸ˜€

  408. Georgena Couacaud says:

    My fraverit colour is purple. I love it because it was my nannas fraverit too and it stands out

  409. My favourite is pink too! I like that it’s a happy, warm colour. I also like that when I buy pink stationery for my desk the males in my office don’t steal my stapler!

  410. Red. I love re. It is such a happy, cheerful colour and suits me. I even have red shoes.

  411. Carol Ellul says:

    My favorite colour is sage green, I don’t know why I just always seem drawn to it.

  412. Deep, rich, red is my favourite. To me it embodies us as humans. It’s the colour of passion, love, the blood in our veins, romance. It’s the colour of kings and queens, of opulence and splendour. Other colours are lovely but are the colours around us. Red is ‘us’.

  413. My favourite colour is blue. I do not think I can say this for many colours but every single shade of blue is just beautiful and catches the eye. I love light blue and dark blue, navy blue and raspberry blue… Wait is that even a colour? So what it has blue in so it must be beautiful haha. I just love blue!

  414. Rosie Alston says:

    Blue, and it always has been. I love blue because there is a blue for every occasion. Relaxing duck egg, trendy turquoise, smart navy… There is always an appropriate blue!

  415. wow I love Bendigo Woollen Mills <3

    My favourite colour is orange, When I was a young girl we were raised tough and so when times were very bad I would imagine myself surrounded by a big orange safe cloud. Even now I use the colour orange to bring myself calm and relaxation when life gets too much

  416. Rae Cretney says:

    My favorite color is any shade of blue. Blue on its own has a calming effect but it can also be teamed with so many colours to make an exciting statement! Realky looking forward to the new Bold Bamboo range as bamboo is so comfortable to wear.

  417. kimbra shadbolt says:

    Any shade of orange….have loved them forever. Reminds me of the outback

  418. Purple!! Love it! Followed by blue and pink, and aqua. Happy colours :)

  419. Janine Shelley says:

    I have now chosen your shade of green, it makes my crown and glory of silver (hair) look much nicer. This is a wonderful giveaway.

  420. Green of all shades hides leprechauns
    and fairies everywhere

  421. My favourite colour is purple with pink running a close second

  422. Lou Dalton says:

    As a massive Whovian, my favourite colour could only be blue! πŸ˜† Plus, Blue Bamboo is fun to say πŸ˜‚

  423. My favourite color is red. It is bright and stands out. I have always loved red.

  424. Elizabeth Janota says:

    Blue was always my favourite colour in any shade , but with age all the other colours started slowly sneaking in to my life .So realistically any colour is a good colour.

  425. Sharyn Phillips says:

    my favourite color is the color I am currently using for whatever project I am doing!!

  426. Jackie Green says:

    My favourite colour is acid green …. Love love love it!

  427. Judy Brown says:

    My favourite colour is and always has been Purple :) Purple was once the colour worn only by Royalty…..luckily it can now be worn by anybody or else I’d be locked up for being an impersonator :)

  428. Bev Allen says:

    Definitely pink, and always has been. Luckily I had four daughters to dress them in pink.

  429. Christine Vann says:

    I have always loved Blue… A deep topaz, I find it mesmerizing and calming.

  430. Mine is green – Sage green and other subtle shades of green in particular – its just such a peaceful colour. Funnily enough, as a kid I hated the colour green, but now I seem to be drawn to everything in subtle shades of green.

  431. Vicki Maquignaz says:

    Blue is my favourite colour ever since I was given a bluebird broach as a child.

  432. Delia Cox says:

    Ooooooo……….I just love LIME :) Groovy 70’s Lime . It makes me smile then the memories of when I was a teenager and living and loving life come flooding back aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh xo

  433. Susie harper says:

    Red is my favourite colour. I can’t really explain why I guess I identify with it in someway, it makes me feel calm.

  434. Sally Lowe says:

    Orange! Well, mango, really. It’s sunshiney, happy and warm, and reminds me of that beautiful, juicy flavour. (Actually, REALLY I love the rainbow .. all the colours together.)

  435. I love green! There are never enough shades of green wool :)

  436. I love the green and strong bright colours , because it is making my day knitting a happy one. I have also white hair and the bright colours are good .

  437. Louella Windsor says:

    I think Jacaranda is the most fabulous colour. It is unique – and so Australian. A perfect blend of blue and purple. I would love to knit with it…

  438. My favourite changes every day – love blue and pink and purple. The only colours I don’t like are yellow and orange :) I love Bendigo Woolen Mills – thanks to your blog a wonderful discovery! And thanks to them for this giveaway.

  439. Joan Apthorp says:

    My favourite colour is fuchsia – strong yet quite subtle.

  440. I love all pastel colours. Blue green pink!! But fave colour is orange!

  441. Kaylene holloway says:

    I love all shades of purple when I buy something like the other day I bought cream wool but I couldn’t walk out of the shop without buying the purple too I do that with a lot of things I buy doesn’t matter what colour I buy. I just have to buy the purple one as well

  442. Mine is blue but I have no idea why. When I was a teenager I tried sooo hard to love purple because it seemed so much more “hipster” than blue. Didn’t work. Hated my purple room, purple clothes, purple everything. Blue is for me!!

  443. Blue … all the blues … In fact that whole section of the colour wheel from blue green teals right around to purple. But basically blue.

  444. Eleanora Harpantidis says:

    I love all things purple and have for as long as I can remember. It makes me feel happy , calm and relaxed :)

  445. I love green in all its hues. Reminds me of trees and plants and growing things. So beautiful in the spring and summer.

  446. Andrea Southern says:

    I love purple and I have to force myself to buy other colours to knit up for projects. Purple just seems such a warm colour for winter but in summer pale it down a bit for a lovely cool lilac.

  447. Purple, cause it tastes nice πŸ˜‹

  448. Anne Boyle says:

    I love all shades of red, from bright red through to dark red. To me it is happy, welcoming and warm.

  449. Rebecca Nielsen says:

    My favorite color is a warm chocolate brown, the color of my husband’s eyes.

  450. Dani Kent says:

    Purple is and has always been my favourite colour. From the deep dark purples to the light lavenders it’s all mine… As a redhead there’s very few colours I can actually wear.

  451. I like both pink and purple. I like to use both colours in my projects.

  452. Alexandra Power says:

    I love pink. I love it when I see bright pink gerbra’s. They make me smile. Then I think I love yellow as it is just a happy colour. It makes me smile as well. But my wool stash tells a different story and it is almost all blue’s, green’s and purples. I love how they look together and when I make a blanket with them you want to snuggle under it. I love the passion of red and the feelings it brings out in people. I wear pink, crochet in purples and blues, love green frogs and orange sunsets. I can not simply pick a colour. I’m sorry.

  453. My favourite colour has always been blue and shades of especially when they start to turn aqua green and I am reminded of the Mediterranean.

  454. Cobie MacLean says:

    I love blues. Blue is such a peaceful colour.

  455. Catherine says:

    Purple – always purple! What else is there to say …

  456. Love Bendigo yarns,been with them for over 25yrs ,love classic blueberry

  457. My fav colour is Orange lovely happy colour and believe it or not it can be worn with absolutely everything. For me gotta love orange.

  458. I love purple and really would love to win this

  459. Jan Kennedy says:

    I love all colours, and use them all the time, I do a lot of knitting, and crocheting, and do a lot for my nieces and nephews, but my favourite colour is blue’s and pink’s

  460. Joanne Newey says:

    I love all colours, and while I wear mostly black, I really enjoy co odinating and blending textiles and yarns to create original designs and patterns based on the enjoyment and passion I feel flowing through a great colour pallet

  461. Charmaine says:

    I love purple so much I dye my hair that colour!! Its a happy bright colour for me.

  462. I have always loved Purple. Usually the deep purples but I love all shades. I am not sure why I have loved it for as long as I can remember.

  463. lynda sharples says:

    I am a lover of mint green or seagreen I think its called. It is such a peaceful colour.

  464. Grey is my favourite colour at the moment!

  465. Helen Skeggs says:

    I love Pinks!

  466. Alexandra Weller says:

    I love colour, so my favourite has to be VIBGYOR.

  467. Estelle Du Sart says:

    I am a sucker for purple, all shades of purple. To me it can be a bold statement jewel colour or a luscious neutral and that ‘Plum Jam’ looks like an amethyst, my favourite gemstone. Thanks for the give-away Retro Mummy and BWM!

  468. Deb McDermott says:

    Love the pistachio green the most. Reminds me of a vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster.

  469. Green, particularly Kermit green. It always just makes me smile to see it, it’s vibrant but relaxing to me too somehow. Thanks for the great giveaway πŸ‘πŸΌ

  470. tamsin adams says:

    Blue. Beautiful sky blue. Deep sea blue. Blue. :)

  471. Christine says:

    Can’t go past the pinks, mauves, blues. So rich, yet snuggly. Always seem to veer towards those colours, even when I try not to.

  472. Sarah Boyle says:

    I have always equally loved the colours red and green. They are bright, beautiful, make me smile and remind me of many special Christmases. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  473. Francine Axisa says:

    My favourite colour is purple. Always was. Would be nice to win this maybe get my crojo back :)

  474. Tracey Villani says:

    Love grey at the moment, looks great with so many other colours like pink, purple, red and blues. Very versatile colour

  475. Blues : the softest blush of blue at sunrise, the deepest inky blue that runs into indigo, the brightest deep blue of a crisp autumn sky, the amazing blue of delphiniums, the teal blue of a northern Australian sea against white sands, the deep cold blue of the oceans around our southern shores, electric blue, neon blue, the amazing and real glacier blue, the startling blue of my mother’s eyes, the smudgy blue of the Great Dividing Range, the clear blue of deep water in a white bath, hydrangea blues, denim blues, the washed out blue of a hot, hot summer day, the dark shimmery blue of a bower bird, the blue of this blue planet on which we live, and the gorgeous blue border at the edge of our atmosphere when photographed from space. We live on a blue planet, and blue surrounds and supports all I do. But blue would be nothing without all those other colours to compare and contrast! Bring on the rainbows!

  476. OzKnitter says:

    I can never pick one, no matter how hard I try. I go between Blue, Green, Purple and Red, depending on the day or my mood!

  477. Orange-so bright and warm, just makes me happy.

  478. Orange has always been my favourite. I love it all; from the deep burnt orange of Autumn, through summery coral-orange to high-vis fluro. I have 10 orange frocks in various hues and it makes me feel so happy when I wear them!

  479. Love green. Always have in any shade. Takes me to my happy place. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  480. Malinda D says:

    whats my fav colour? have 2 that I love, have always loved lilac/purple all shades. Green is nature, renewal, refreshing and trees. Yummo, these two colours go together so well.

  481. Purple as it goes with every colour and you can wear it in any season

  482. Carherine says:

    Purple – it reminds me of the flowers in my grandmothers garden when we used to play when I was a child.

  483. Love torquoise. Blue and green should never been seen (or so they say) but mixed they’re sensational.

  484. Green is my favourite because it makes me happy, I am just automatically drawn to anything green πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  485. Duck egg blue. I thinkthe name just as much as I like the colour

  486. Sonja Smith says:

    Aqua is my favourite colour. Love the blues but aqua is tops.

  487. Sue Bowers says:

    I love the limeade green, the color is cool in summer and mixed with cream and grey always looks nice.

  488. I just love chaurteue green. It makes me smile when I wear it, especially with black.

  489. Blue as it is very calming but most importantly brings out he colour of my eyes.

  490. Katherine Bishop says:

    Green – natural, fresh, beautiful.

  491. Jenny Jeffs says:

    Purple Blues and Green with some Black in between reminds me of my Darling Mum who is no longer with me we spent many hours knitting and being together.When I knit she is always there with me.

  492. I’ve always loved all shades of blue. Purple is my second favourite colour and I’m glad to see that this colour is part of the Bold Bamboo shades as well.

  493. Although it’s a hard decision (and potentially narrow my wool purchases…), i would have to say grey. I adore every shade of this beautiful colour – from the palest silver to a rich and dark gunmetal grey. Swoon.

  494. Hard to decide between blue and green but I think I’ll go with green-all the shades!

  495. Phillippa Hutchinson says:

    P I N K!!!!!!!! Pinky pink pink pink, pinkity pink, pinky pinky pink, pink pink pink, anything pink, everything pink, there is no such thing as too much pink, there is no wrong shade of pink, pinkity pink pink pink. LOL

  496. Red. So many feelings; passion, warmth, anger. Brightens up a grey day. Warms up a cold one.

  497. jennifer baldwin says:

    green is my (cloths) wearing color, blues purples for calming/coool effect, rainbow

  498. I love all shades of blue followed by purple and green. I think they suit me when I wear these colours and make me feel happy!!

  499. Purple is my favorite color. It is warm and always make me feel happy and safe. I am drawn to anything purple in any shade! When I was teaching full-time, my classroom was decorated in purple…from the bulletin boards to the pencils to the clock on the wall!

  500. Kathy Davis says:

    Blue is my favorite color because it reminds me of the sea and the sky.

  501. Angela Mitchell says:

    Red is my favourite colour.

  502. Purple. A lovely, bright, vibrant purple. Or, a clear lavender. Also, a bright teal. Ok, I confess…anything that is a cool colour, and saturated and clean and bright. Lol…don’t want much, do I!?

  503. My favourite colour is ultramarine – the divine colour of the deep blue open ocean :)

  504. Christine Graham says:

    Navy blue has always been my favourite colour, but I am now partial to pink, purple and red

  505. Mine has always been yellow. I need to be sunny.

  506. Blue, Blue, Blue Green. So restful and clean – reminds me of being outside, the ocean and the sky, a creative inspiration for me, and happy.

  507. Jessica M says:

    Purple!! Cause it’s a uni-sex coloir

  508. Purple, Purple and then Purple- has always been my colour of choice as it is a strong and vibrant colour! Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to everyone :)

  509. Claire Ross says:

    My favourite colour is blue, thanks for a fab giveaway x

  510. Pauline Laughlin says:

    Always, always love autumn colours but my favourite is orange. Such a positive colour. Thanks for this opportunity and good luck to all.

  511. sally rawlings says:

    Blue is my favourite colour and that blue is gorge!!

  512. my fav colour is blue, all shades. and sometimes mix a little red/pink with it. i find blue so calming, and fun when mixed with red.

  513. You know, I always say my favourite colour is yellow, and I DO love it – but peach and grey colours seem to be catching my eye a lot lately as well!
    Obviously I’m fond of cockatoo colours!?

  514. I have always loved blue. Blue skys, blue oceans, blue lakes, always blue.

  515. CarolMaude says:

    My fav colour is purple.

  516. Red, red, red, all shades of red. Love Bendigo yarns and the new bold Bamboo looks scrumptious.

  517. Susan Bennett says:

    I love love love green. It has so many moods and such a beatiful way of bringing nature inside.

  518. Louise Walsh says:

    I have always LOVED purple my favorite colour in the world, if you mix it with green and blue it look wonderful but always purple.
    I have just started to crochet thanks to a friend of mine it has been a fun journey but getting there slowly. πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š

  519. My favourite colour is red, but I’m loving knitting with a variety of colours from BWM this year. They all blend in with each other so well and this colour range will make a fabulous blanket.

  520. Anne Stanley says:

    Dark red. I discover Bendigo woollen Mills through your blog and really love there range and service thanks!

  521. My favourite colour is green. I’m not sure why, but I cannot resist it!

    BWM is fabulous, the very experienced ladies in my “Wrap With Love” knitting group turned me on to them! x Allison

  522. Michelle Hardy says:

    I love Pink because after years of raising boys I had my own child and she adored pink! Most of what I make is for her so it has kind of rubbed off on me. But I love pink and chocolate brown as a combo the most :)

  523. What a lovely giveaway! My favourite colour is blue – almost any shade of blue but the very dark ones.

  524. Hmm trying to pick a favourite colour is like trying to pick my favourite child can’t do it … (But secretly I live the twins red and pink there not identical but they’re loud proud and powerful)

  525. My favourite colour is aqua. It always reminds me of sunny skies, oceans and the best holidays..

  526. Tammy Schutz says:

    I love all colors but my absolute favourite is Aqua when I was little I would only wear Aqua coloured clothes or clothes with Aqua in it as this color makes me feel happy and bubbly.

  527. Dianne Croker says:

    My favourite colour is brown. It always makes me feel calm, and comforted. Maybe this comes from my love of chocolate? πŸ˜€

  528. Cheryl Casement says:

    I don’t just have one favourite colour. I used to. It was green. But as I’ve grown older I find that I love so many colours. Right now I’d have to say my favourites are jewel tones. :)

  529. I love the green in this new range – just need to decide what to order and what to make from it!

  530. My favourite color is blue… my siamese cat has big blue eyes

  531. My favourite colour is sky blue – I love wearing it as it always lifts the spirits no matter what. And now, it is the colour of my daughter spinning around endlessly in her sparkling Elsa costume, so, in the words of Olaf…I love it even more!

  532. Mandy Young says:

    White…’s a shade (well a tint, actually), of infinite possibilities :)

  533. Jan Perez says:

    Blue – all shades – find it calming – blue skies of the bush…..perfect

  534. Jennifer B. says:

    I love pumpkin or marigold – Deep ORANGE colours.
    They are such elegant varieties of sunny yellow!

  535. Megan Williams says:

    Blue – soothing and calming. Have always loved it!

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