Bold Bamboo by Bendigo Woollen Mills

Well the name has now been announced and the release date is the last week of august so here are the things that I made from Bold Bamboo which is coming soon to Bendigo Woollen Mills.

One sock. Yes, you really should knit your socks in pairs but I got so excited to use the girl colours in the range that I went straight on to other projects but will come back to the sock this week. Pattern details are here.

a little doll’s cardigan using this pattern, so quick and easy and great for beginners or when you need a break after a really big knitting project. Also great to knit while on holidays or for presents.

A cardigan for a new baby using Granny’s Favourite by tiKKi. Such a sweet and classic little knitting pattern. This cardigan will be raffled off on the school craft stall that I’m running later this year.

And the baby kina that I blogged yesterday.

Bold Bamboo is 60% bamboo/40% wool and a dream to work with. I didn’t find it splitty at all and was so soft especially as I had just finished knitting with rustic so it was super soft as my next yarn. You’ll be able to order it from the last week of August and the colours are bright and fun. It’s machine washable, I always use a delicates/woollen setting if I machine wash just to be on the safe side. I did find it look a bit longer to dry when blocking so just dampen it gently rather than overkill when you block your project. I didn’t block the kina as it always comes out perfectly when it’s finished.

And that has been so fun. I’m not sharing the whole colour range with you because it’s nice to have some surprises and also because I think the range is dotted around my craft room thanks to some little helpers in there. But think bright and fun.


  1. Hi Corrie just wondering if I could ask which Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn you would recommend for scarfs/cowls? I’ve only ever used their cotton for cardigans and blankets, which I love but am wondering if I should try something different for cowls. Getting started on Christmas presents for sending to Ireland ; )

    • good question! I love luxury and I also think using something with bamboo which is super soft would be a great idea too and that includes stellar and this bold bamboo

      I also have to say that the milky way I’m using now is amazing and knitting up beautifully!

      Hope that helps:) you sound much more organised than me

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