oh look, another kina

Yep. If there is one knitting pattern that I make time and time again then it’s the Kina. I just love it. About a week on the needles for this one and it turned out so nicely. You knit it from the top down in one piece and it never lets me down. Just a lovely little cardigan for girls.

You can find the kina on ravelry here in a variety of sizes from doll to adult, it’s easy enough for a confident beginner and is always fun to knit. The baby kina pattern is actually a 5 ply/sports weight but I love knitting it up in 8 ply

You knit the size smaller than you want but knit to the lengths of the size you want on 4mm needles. So I knit the 3 month size but with 6 month lengths for this one and it’s so cute and will last until the baby is 1. Ravelry details for this project are here.

The yarn is soon to be released (last week of August) by Bendigo Woollen Mills and is called Bold Bamboo. I was lucky enough to be sent some to use first and I’ve loved it. Super soft, it’s 60% bamboo, 40% wool, machine washable and super soft. The colours are bright and fun and I see more projects to be made in it.

Tomorrow I’ll share a few more of the projects I’ve made in Bold Bamboo but in the meantime here is my next project. Because there were 2 school mums who had baby girls over the holidays so I’m in need of quick little cardigans so it’s another baby kina and this time in Milky Way. Wow this is a nice yarn to work with. A bit like cotton but thicker. If that makes sense.

Happy knitting xx



  1. On day I might just get brave enough to try something like this. Love the yarn.

  2. What a beautiful colour. I really feel like trying my hand at knitting but am worried I will end up with a yarn stash as big as my fabric stash!

  3. The colours in that range are gorgeous , good enough to eat ha ha. Still to knit a Kina. Every time I see one of your knits I remember the pattern. Add to the list . Cheers

  4. That is such a pretty colour, love your little Kina creations :) xo

  5. Joy Davies says:

    where can I find a pattern for a Kina please?

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