morning at the farm

For our little guy’s birthday we thought (OK, I thought) it would be fun to head down to an animal farm. I thought he’d enjoy it since he loves animals. But he just wasn’t in the mood and the fact that he ran away from us and up the driveway to get out of the place was kind of a sign. He’s a runner and while we were working out where to pay and I was holding hands he snuck off in a huff and then started running for the road. The kids started yelling after daddy and it felt like everyone was looking at us as we tried to get him back and coax him to come into the animal farm. I kept smiling and wishing that perhaps just for that moment that we were a little family with 2 children and not 6, some of them yelling at daddy and running up the driveway after him! And breathe.

I just took my iphone instead of my camera as I had the baby on me and was also bag lady but so glad I captured so many little moments of our morning. All the kids had a great time at the farm. OK well someone didn’t want to go to this farm because it wasn’t the farm with tractor rides so they decided it was the worst farm ever and needed a talking to about manners etc. In the end he loved it and wanted to go back again and admitted he was being ridiculous. His words.

Our little girl loved it the most. The big goats were going a bit crazy for the food but once she started feeding the baby ones she really loved it and we did another loop just to see them as she told them sorry no more food in her own little words. I think we might need a baby goat or little lamb at our house. But now that I’ve seen the bigger goats I’m not so sure.

There were baby chicks, lots of baby mice (I kept thinking about the mice we’ve had in our house and they weren’t as cute as the other baby animals), bunny rabbits, puppies, beautiful deer, goats (lots of goats), cows, sheep and lambs, ponies, donkeys, alpacas and lammas too. Chickens, geese, turkeys, pigs and I hope I haven’t left any out. There was almost mud, manure and that wonderful smell of manure but somehow your nose gets used to it. And it was noisy….even the baby started to imitate the baby goat noises after them so it was definitely enjoyed by everyone. Except birthday boy who needed a little drink.

The funniest thing was that all of the other visitors on the day had little children and some didn’t want to walk in mud or go near the animals or wash their hands or sit down with the chicks and you can see the parents all working so hard….and we’re doing it for the kids. I had to laugh.

Anyway we had the greatest morning followed up with lunch, swimming lessons, some cupcake baking and decorating, birthday boy’s favourite dinner of chicken nuggets and chips and then cake and Cars movie. I’m sure that baby number 1 in the house had a 3rd party with friends and a new outfit but now that we’re a family of 8 we’ve got all the party guests right here and had a great day making it all about him. We’re almost toilet trained just in the nick of time with preschool starting for him next week and we can really see his personality coming out this year and can’t wait to see more of this cheekiness. I don’t know where he gets it…..


  1. I’ve so been there. You take your kids to somewhere fun because it’s all about them and you want them to have a good time and they tantrum and say they hate it/don’t want to do it etc. I had to smile because my two have done that before. But once they warm up, they realize they can have a fabulous time. But gosh it can be tiring because it can be an effort to go out with little kids. Awesome work with persevering and Happy Birthday to your little man. xx

    • yes! you’ve put it into words, I was trying to work out how to say it! you are there for the kids but the kids just don’t want to be there and you have to remind yourself why you are doing it:) :) :)

  2. What a beautiful celebration Corrie. Too funny that the kids were all over the shop at the start…I even feel that way with 3 children and have a perpetually hot face, from embarrassment! Almost like I have my own travelling circus with me wherever I go 😉 Lovely that Elodie got so much out of the visit too, we always love when Felix is calm and relaxed and enjoys a family outing :)
    Making memories though, that is what it is all about. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your posts, albeit a few weeks late.

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