65 hats all ready to go………….

Remember when I put the call out for hats for the Childrens Hospital at Westmead….well I’ve still been receiving hats and now have 65 ready to go! 65!!!!!!!!!

The biggest thank you to each and everyone who made and donated a hat (or two or three). They are so beautiful and now to contact the lovely reader Lisa who asked me to collect them. I also have a bit of a surprise to go with them so you’ll have to wait and see but we’ll be donating a few things together and I just know they’ll be popular. And the perfect time of year.

So what do we think….squares next? I’m up for my next challenge. First there was Quilts for Queensland, then these hats and what about knitted and crocheted squares for some big beautiful blankets for little ones? Or do you think we should keep making hats? You let me know what you think……………………………….

and thank you again…………….


  1. They will be so grateful for all those hats. Last year when my granddaughter was in hospital there with leukaemia, ALL, I did heaps and heaps. My son dropped them off when at hospital with his daughter or on his way to work. He came home one day and said the nurse to whom he had given a bagful cried when she saw them. I did heaps more.

    She was in hospital for months and then home. She missed all school from January to the beginng of Term 4. She is doing well now, on chemo,and will be for possibly another three years at least.

  2. wow so many kids and their families will love receiving these. My son was recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis 2 weeks before his 2nd birthday. We were blown away by the kidness of people when we had our first visit to the CF clinic at westmead kids. My son and daughter were both given gorgeous handmade quilts. It made them feel so special as I am sure these hats will

  3. I have a friend who has a contact at a home for pregnant teens in Africa (can’t remember the country right now). She’s looking for people to knit squares, which when sent over there, the girls can stitch together a blanket for their own baby! It is such a wonderful project, and awesome that the girls get to participate in it as well! Let me know if you would like more details.

    • oh yes please!!!!! I would love to get them some squares! I wonder if it’s the page I follow on FB (mercy house I think). Please let me know

  4. That is a fantastic effort, congratulations to everyone who made these hats. I would certainly make some crochet squares if you’re doing blankets. This is something I can do on the train and in the car and don’t have to give too much thought to or worrying about reading patterns…..

  5. Bronwyn says:

    Thats a wonderful idea. Well done :-) I know they will be appreciative of this.

    My little man was born at 31 weeks and I crochet hats for premature babies born at the hospital he was delivered and asked friends and family to donate Premature baby clothes and beanies & I also got some donations of fuel cards. As we were not expecting a premature baby at all so we were in no way prepared and as I was in ICU myself I could not get any clothes for him. This year on his first birthday we delivered heaps of packs to the hospital and will be doing the same every year to celebrate his first birthday. Anything to take a little bit of the burden off other parents of premature babies.

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