3 more sleeps

until the end of term! And I know what you’re thinking. Weren’t you looking forward to them going back to school? Yes. But it’s been a long term. And before my eldest started school an older (wiser) mum warned me about the end of term moods. Cranky, tired, over it, want to stay home. You might think that I’m a calm and organised mother but there has been nothing calm and organised about our mornings especially since we’re all struggling to get out of bed. I always get up first and make coffee, make the baby breakfast and do lunches. There might be the odd shirt that needs ironing. And the whole time I’ll calling kids down before I get the little ones. Thing is that no one is getting out of bed. So I have to call just that bit louder and then go and stand at the end of bed and really tell them to get out of bed. Next monday they can sleep in for 3 weeks. Heaven

It’s been a stressful term totally preoccupied with finding the right special school for our little miss. My headaches are gone, tears have been cried but she has a spot and we’re thrilled. Over the moon. In fact I have been quoted as saying it was better than winning the lottery. Of course we still have years of school ahead but knowing that we are starting at the best place just makes it all so much easier to deal with. She loves when we visit the schools and I just know she’s going to have a wonderful time. And now I can stop worrying about the whole process. And my advice? Research and visit all of your options. Think of your little one and what their biggest issues and strengths are. Try to talk to a parent  at the school and find out what it’s really like. Be strong in your own decision and remember that its your child and your decision. Remember that where you start doesn’t have to be set in stone. Get a feel for the school and be prepared to change your mind. And talk it out with people. I have to say a big thank you to family and friends who have been a listening ear to me throughout.

So plans for the holidays? Well sleep in. We have a crafting day for the school fete and I better get things made. Get my sewing room sorted. Make the kids all winter pjs. Get wardrobes organised. Knit. Spend time outside. Plant some vegetables. Get those mandarins from the top of the tree. Find someone who likes grapefruit. Teach the kids to make more pom poms and knit. See a few movies. Relax.

Oh and a little public service announcement, get yourselves the Better Homes & Garden knitting & crochet collection. It’s fabulous and so many gorgeous patterns. Sometimes things like this can be a bit hit or miss but this one is just fabulous.

How many more sleeps until holidays at your house?


  1. Allison P says:

    It’s so good to hear things are going well for her Corrie, and the amount of time effort and tears put into each of your kids to ensure they have what they need and are happy is commendable , they are very lucky to have you as mum : ) . I’m looking forward to holidays here too. We have a week and 3 days to go but have been battling winter bugs so far this week, so bring on the holidays. Look forward to future posts xxx

  2. I am so jealous!! I still have 8 mornings to get through before the school holidays!!!!
    Your plans sound wonderful !!

  3. I can’t wait for school holidays, a week later up here though, no rushing three kids out the door in the morning. Great plans you’ve got. Hopefully we’ll had to my parents place and they kids can hang with some cows!

  4. We still have another week to go before the holidays. I am hoping my daughter decides on a few sleep ins and not too many sleep overs. I am sure that I will still have to get up early some mornings to drop my son at the train station for work though. I hope that Elodie enjoys her school and that she gets everything that she needs there too. I am sure she will make lots of friends too. Enjoy your relaxing holidays and knitting!

  5. Christine says:

    So pleased you have found a school for dear Elodie, Corrie. I pray it all works out for you. Enjoy the holidays with your precious children ( I know you will). Christine

  6. Belinda says:

    So glad you have a place for Elodie…. Such a weight of your shoulder!
    Another week and a half til holidays here, and I have so much to do between now and then. First day of holidays we will be in the car super early to drive to Melbourne as James is going to the Australian Ballet school for a week. So, as much as we are going to be on holidays, I am pretty sure we are going to hit term 3 already exhausted.

  7. None of my kids are at school yet!!! Your plans sound great but not sure how you are planning on getting a sleep in with 6 kids!

  8. Thats great you have a place in school for little miss, you can relax knowing she’s all set. Yes three sleeps until the holidays for us too, I can’t wait either. The kids do get bored at home sometimes, and it can be a challenge getting them outdoors to do something together these days, but usually they have a good time once we’re out. Some movie days will definitely be on the cards. Enjoy x

  9. My kids still have another week until they’re at home but I am still working two days of the week during the holidays while hubby looks after them. I was just saying to a friend at work the other day that parenting is the hardest job of all and no-one understands until they’re in your shoes. Well done on getting a great school for Elodie and she looks too cute in that outfit in the first pic. I’m sure she will thrive. God bless you.

  10. I will miss that third week of holidays we grew to look forward to this year. Another week for us and we plan to keep the fire going for 2 solid weeks, lots of PJ days, crafting and the odd movie thrown in, oh, and a Lego workshop (which I must book!)
    As far as sussing out a new school, the advice I was given was ask what people don’t like about the school, ask about computer based homework, spelling programs, food policies and look at the age of the teachers. You want someone ‘mature’ to ease your child through their infant years and someone a little more hip and with it for primary grades… In my opinion…

  11. Great news about the school Corrie! xx

  12. Oh I get it totally Corrie! We always hit the end of term slump around here too. We have 1 more week to go, so really looking forward to the more relaxed starts to the day. Mind you, the boys will send me bonkers with their wrestling…which invariably turns into fighting :/ Sounds like you have a lovely mix of activities & things to keep everyone occupied. Enjoy! :) xo

  13. Would love to hear what your ‘tips’ are for teaching children to knit! Ideas for things to make, other than the ubiquitous scarf, would be great too!

  14. Thanks for the tip to grab this magazine, Corrie! You are right, so many beautiful patterns. My girls have been loving the Pom-Pom makers….we have tons of them floating around in all sorts of colours!

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