michael miller glitz collection – you need some!

I’ve always thought that being able to sew or have a craft is a great skill to have. Same goes for a good fabric stash. Not that I really need any more fabric but I recently picked up this Michael Miller quarter dot in a pale pink with gold dots from the Glitz Collection (google it if you need to find a stockist). Wow I couldn’t leave it at the shops. And I knew it would make great skirts but I just didn’t have the time to make something straight away so popped it in the stash.

This weekend my littlest miss has a birthday party to go to. I ordered the present online but wouldn’t you know it it hasn’t arrived. Taking everyone to the shops isn’t high on my list of fun things to do on a saturday especially when everyone except for the baby is in a crazy  mood. So it was the perfect opportunity to make something quick – while the big kids watched a movie – and the baby played with some toys behind my machine.

And it’s perfect. This fabric really does add the wow factor. You do need to iron it on the wrong side and I haven’t ironed it to death because I’m a little nervous but its turned out beautifully. I had stocked up on some new headbands and hairclips last weekend from seed so raided the bag, picked up a cute little girly toy and voila one birthday present. Now to hope the babysitter is better to watch the big kids while I take her to the party. Retro daddy is interstate at his sister’s wedding so I’ve got a long weekend with the kids. Relaxing and long weekend won’t be two words I’ll be putting together this time around.

It doesn’t happen very often that she goes to birthday parties but when it does happen and it’s one of her best friends then it’s a big occasion. What really melted my heart was that my elodie was the first girl the birthday girl wanted at her party. If you’re a special needs mum then you know that’s like Christmas. I’m going to miss preschool next year  and how wonderful it’s been for her and I just hope it’s just as great when we hit big school next year.

Anyway moral of the story – have a great fabric stash, learn to sew or have a craft that comes in handy for presents and maybe order online gifts well before you need them.


  1. Such a pretty fabric. I hope your beautiful girl has a lovely day at the party.

  2. Oh Corrie, yes yes & yes! My boy Felix also went to a birthday party today, for a little friend from preschool. It really did melt my heart, he managed so well…and it was a very challenging environment…big play centre, lots of kids (including other preschool friends) & the party room was a glow in the dark space theme, so very dark in there. The amount of pride I have when he tackles situations like these is just overwhelming.
    That little skirt is just divine, so pretty & very special for the birthday girl too :)
    You’re a marvel whipping that up whilst flying solo with 6 kids, well done indeed. If your weekend can’t be relaxing, I hope it’s at least a little bit enjoyable :) xo

  3. Beautiful! I’ve lost count of how many simple skirts I’ve whipped up as birthday presents. Having some headbands to grab & go with is a great idea, I used to pair an applique t-shirt with the skirt (I kept a stash of target tshirts on hand) but now my girls are getting a little older the applique tshirts don’t feel fashionable enough any more!

  4. What a gorgeous present. How wonderful for Elodie. I imagine she melts everyone’s hearts when she meets them :)

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