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I’ve decided that may/june are my new end of year busy period. I can’t remember the last time I had this much on and sometimes I’m a bit too nervous to look at my diary because there is another meeting, event, due date, kids birthday party, thing to buy, thing to do on the list. It’s keeping me busy. And probably not the best time that I decided to ban tv in the house. Well not entirely. After reading a few comments on my fb page I liked the idea of a movie on the weekend so we’ve had 1 movie on each of friday and saturday night and tv off the rest of the time. Why the tv ban? Well a few reasons, I have a little person who needs to work on her speech and with the big kids I’m sick of talking over the top of it, fighting over shows, setting limits, trying to get homework done and so on. When it’s off they find things to do, everyone plays nicely (ok almost nicely) and things get done.

When life is really busy I enjoy staying in even more than I usually do. There has been baking. Usually my way of stress relief. And eating. Of course. There was lasagne during the week, orange cake yesterday and cinnamon rolls today. And there has been knitting.

My littlest guy has a painful ear infection and doesn’t like to lie down. So I’ve been feeding him lots and knitting at the same time. This little jumper is adorable. You might remember I reviewed the book here and I’ve already picked my next project from the book because I love it so much.

The only thing I’m missing is the row count from the patterns. I will knit with plenty of interruptions so after counting a few times I decided to quickly put the row count in. I hope it will prevent me from making any big boo boos. Thankfully this is an easy pattern with a super simple large cable which I love.

And the Bendigo Rustic in shoal is just perfect. I need some more to stash away. Perfect for boys or for something different.

And I got to put the grey cardigan I was knitting for my big girl aside. I accidentally shrunk one of my favourite cardigans (never done that to one of my good ones before) so she scored a gorgeous waterfall cardigan that she wanted (in grey too) and I can use my time to get this jumper done for my little guy.


  1. Isnt the shoal gorgeous. I ordered some last week and love it. Your little sweater is looking wonderful. How nice that you can gift your cardigans to someone smaller in the household too. I hope that your little man is feeling better very soon as ear infections are horrible.

  2. HI,Corrie, You always have lots of duties but seem to be calm about them .You always manage the baking and grab some time for your knitting projects. Bendigo Shoal is a lovely shade. I am using Bendigo Alpaca in Britannia at the moment. Hope your little one is better soon. Stay happy and well.
    Jen x

  3. Oh I just love your stance on the Tv Corrie. I am at a point where something has to give in that department here too. I’ve done it before & it worked really well. The boys have just slipped back into bad habits of watching shows before school & after dinner/bath time…it does drive you nuts, as it completely takes their concentration off the things you need them to focus on. Hearing you with the busy period, it is much like that here too…just with a few less children to cater for! You’re doing a marvellous job Corrie & I love that you still manage your blog posts quite regularly :) xo

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