the girl who made me a mother

There is something special about your first child. And it’s not just because they have more photos than anyone else in the family. No, there’s more to it than that.

You have your L plates on as parents, you fall in love with this tiny little baby and are so overprotective. You do everything by the book, the littlest temperature or cough is a trip to the doctor. You don’t want to spoil them but you don’t want to do the wrong thing. From that slow drive home from the hospital you do everything with caution. You worry about them. All the time. Or is that just me?

They get all of your attention, you do crazy things with their hair (ahhh the good old waterfall ponytail), you spoil them (I mean did she really need 3 different seating options) and you do the flash cards, all the toys you think they need, the baby stuff you are told you need and soon realise you don’t. Yep all of that.

I really did love the waterfall pony. Oh and you do indoor playcentres. Probably the only child who I would take to a playcentre to meet other people. That all went out the window when the twins arrived.

you capture the first of anything and everything! There were so many photos to choose from for this post. Oh so funny first messy meal that went everywhere. There were lots more like this. Notice the fabric covered highchair. The only child who had a fancy highchair that was such a pain to clean that I went plastic or wood after that one. You learn.

And in my case I made lots of her clothes – knitting and sewing. Much easier when you just have one to make for and dress each day. Every day is a fashion parade.

they get to wear clothes the first time not handed down.

they adopt your hobbies

you think everything they do is just the cutest (another handmade outfit)

they develop a sense of fashion

they are there to welcome brothers and sisters to the family

and they have little brothers and sisters that look up to them

they lead the ‘pack’….at home!


And they just grow before your eyes and test the water for the rest of the kids to follow.I remember as the eldest thinking it was terribly unfair that things got easier for my brother and sister but I loved being the eldest and 9 years ago we welcomed the eldest of our babies into the world. It’s gone way too fast but she’s the life of the household. Funny, sweet, talkative, a good girl who loves drawing, writing, piano, craft, baking, doing the right thing and having fun. I wish I could bottle up this sweet age and keep it forever because there are no complaints from me. For her birthday she wanted time at her favourite store kikki k and some new winter boots. Done and dusted.


  1. Gorgeous post Corrie, I smiled the whole way through!
    Everything you said is so true. We not long celebrated out first borns 10th Birthday, time does fly when you are having fun.
    I was the eldest in my family too and even though at times things did seem unfair I did love being the eldest, I still do.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet little Keira for tomorrow. I hope she has a beautiful day, how could she not being a part of the beautiful family that she is.

  2. Maternity is magic…thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful & so true x

  4. Di Ross says:

    Lovely. You should be very proud.

  5. Happy Birthday beautiful Keira! I cant believe that she is already 9 years old, it has gone by so fast. Enjoy your day!

  6. Yes first borns do have a special place in our hearts. How fast time passes, and how quickly they grow. Happy Birthday Keira, best wishes Wendy

  7. Yes first borns do have a special place in our hearts. How fast time passes, and how quickly they grow. Happy Birthday Keira, best wishes Wendy

  8. Lovely little post. May almighty bless the little angel with choicest blessings

  9. Heidi D says:

    Such a lovely post about your gorgeous girl. The baby that made me a mum arrived at 11 days old, in a hospital nightie & cloth nappy, delivered by a foster care agency driver. We had lots of others come & go before him but he was our first that stayed & grew up with us as mum & dad. He stayed for 11 years before going to live with birth family. He is still in regular contact & rang me a few weeks back to say happy mothers day. He will be 18 in a couple of months. The years just race by !

  10. Oh so true about wanting them to stay little again (only for a brief moment, lol) My eldest is testing me now with her new found attitude. Arghhh. Not looking forward to the teen years at all. Keira is adorable.

  11. Julie Grill says:

    Thank you for bringing back so many precious memories of my firstborn, Corrie. A beautiful girl like Keira, who is now a Mum herself with her own two gorgeous girls. She was followed by three beautiful brothers but it was the unconditional love, joy & absolute happiness that she gave me, that inspired me & my wonderful husband to continue to have four children. My family are my life & we have all lived a life of love for one another & of course now, our beautiful in law children & grandchildren. To me it has been the epitome of happiness & a very fulfilling life!

    • Shed a tear again. With this one
      Why ? Its when you write from the heart about the simple honest experiences of first tine motherhood that will touch us until our last breathe
      A big fan. Have passed this on to my family abd clan godchild abd close friends who relate
      The designer mummy who j’adores your blog!!

  12. Gorgeous Corrie and SO true! Enjoy the birthday with your biggest xxx

  13. anne seery says:

    What a lovely mummy you are Corrie ♥ Happy birthday to Keira with lots of luv xxxx

  14. I sat with my eldest baby in bed last night going through the school subjects she would like to study next year as she ventures into year 11. I had a ‘OMG’ moment when I notice how big and grown up she has become and simply marvelled at how mature her decisions were. Enjoy every moment, they are all so worth while. Happy Birthday Keira, I hope you have a fabulous day.

  15. Melissa Louise says:

    Nine! Wow, so very grown up.

    Happy birthday Kiera, and well done mum — you have done a wonderful job!!

  16. Oh wow, I had never noticed how much of a resemblance there is between Keira and Elodie — seeing her baby and toddler photos hammers it home. How lovely to read these thoughts as your oldest turns another year older. I think there is definitely something special about that eldest child, who reaches all the milestones and new independence points first. A big year for you next year, with double digits ahead!

  17. Oh Corrie, your girl is just so lovely, I have been reading along since she was a tiny tot & she is growing up so beautifully. The photos are adorable & I am a big fan of the waterfall hairstyle (or Pebbles from The Flintstones, as I like to call it)…I’m growing my little lady’s hair out for that very style :)
    I agree on all of that about first borns, they are so very special (I often tell my eldest boy this fact), you just never forget those moments where you were just learning to be a mama for the first time. They teach us so much :) Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday too xo

  18. My eldest (of 4) is just about to turn 8. I want him to stop growing up. Now. He will always be my baby.

  19. This post was perfection! It was beautiful and put into words what it might be like for my eldest who is also 9. She has a 7 yr old sister and a 4 yr old brother. My eldest is the ruler of the pack, the leader, the boss and I also love this age. Thanks!

  20. Beautiful. I so relate about my eldest, and I only have 2! What a pleasure watching your big girl grow up xo

  21. Corrie you must be so proud! Credit to you for bringing up such a lovely girl – in a time where so many kids are troubled and create trouble, it’s nice to read about nice, “normal” kids who will make the world a better place. Well done!

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