don’t wish away the early days

I never forget when a reader questioned why I thought things would get easier once my kids started school. I made a comment in a blog post about how I couldn’t wait for the kids to start school so I could have a bit more time to myself. And she set me straight. She was right, I was wrong and I actually miss those early days before my kids started school. When we didn’t have to be out the door at a certain time 5 days a week plus saturday mornings for sport. If we wanted to have a home day then we could. No sports or uniforms or library bags to remember. No notes, no P&F, no after school activities, rehearsals, sports training. And so on and so on. I really was living in my little dream world where I thought that once the kids start school that I’d have all this time on my hands. I loved those days. I just didn’t know it yet.

Who would have thought that I’d be looking back over photos remembering those early days of being a mum to 3 little ones. It was only 3 or 4 or years ago but I remember it as a busy but happy time.

oh those twins kept me busy! that’s for sure. I didn’t have too much trouble losing the baby weight because life was always a rush. My poor twins don’t have many photos of their first year because it was such a whirlwind that we somehow got through.

I made more of their clothes back then but was still learning. Thankfully little people don’t mind if you’re learning or not the best sewer.

So mums of little ones don’t wish away the days just yet. Enjoy them. Enjoy the days at home because they go so quickly. Take photos of things that don’t seem like much to you at the time (breakfast, bathtime, trips to the park, fun outside) and I promise you’ll look back on them fondly. I love life with my big family and all the busy-ness but gosh it was fun at home and I don’t think I realised it.



  1. Beautiful pictures Corrie. I think I started reading your blog after Emerson was born so these photos are lovely to see. I agree with everything in this post but I learned it myself this year when Esther started Kindy. I have to be up early and organized to get the girls ready, do drop off and that 2:40pm pickup rolls around so quickly, I’m packing the younger two in the car and off to do the pick up. I actually love the days when Esther doesn’t have kindy on and today is a pupil free day so I’m still in my jammies. Thanks for the reminder. Your grace and wisdom as a mum is such an inspiration to me. xx

  2. Oh yes indeedy………those early years really are fleeting.

  3. Those early years are so precious aren’t they? I often find myself thinking how sweet it was when all my older ones were little. It was SO easy back then compared to now.
    Now, even though we homeschool and generally have lots of freedom to do what we want everyday and I still have little ones, thinking back I really miss those early years.
    Time goes by so fast!!
    Great post Corrie. I really enjoyed seeing the pics of the kids when they were younger.

  4. Christine says:

    Dear Corrie, how right you are! My children are now in their 30s but sometimes I really miss those days! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts with us.

  5. What a special reminder Corrie, just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you :)

  6. Heidi D says:

    My “baby” is 12 now & just started high school this year. It feels like only yesterday that we started doing foster care & there was always a baby arriving, it was 18 years ago now ! Things have slowed down here & we just have our one now, no more babies. At times I look back at the photos & miss those days. It really does go so fast. My first baby turns 18 soon.

  7. I couldn’t agree more, people always say time flys by when you have children I always used to roll my eyes and nod along now I have my three little ones I really couldn’t agree more.

    I’m sat looking at my little two week old girly wishing time will stop still x

  8. El Costin. says:

    I started reading your blog the day before you went in to have the twins. I myself had a very young family too at the time.. Now- all 4 of mine are in primary scho And yes!! My mum always used to say to me ‘have a day at home, it won’t happen when they start school’…. How I wish I listened more. I love your advice. It’s so true. I know I will remember them as the best days of my life.xxxxxx

  9. JULI SZASZ says:

    I feel we don’t have enough photos either! Twin babies with another 2 little ones is a crazy whirlwind! But yes, I miss my babies

  10. Catherine says:

    Yes, I agree this is a lovely way of looking at things, and I try every day to enjoy the precious moments with my two toddlers as I can already feel time slipping away, and have noticed how fast the past few years have slipped by. I would also like to add that often these kind of conversations are given a certain depth through the acknowledgement of how incredibly hard it can also be dealing with these little people who are learning so much every day, and often get overwhelmed and respond with tantrums and ‘challenging’ behaviour etc. Sometimes I feel that as the years go by people can forget this aspect of parenting, and how hard it can sometimes be to be grateful and appreciative every minute of the day, when you are parenting toddlers. I don’t know if ‘easier’ and ‘harder’ are necessarily very helpful terms: so far I feel like parenting is just hard full stop, and it just keeps on being hard but in different ways. But Corrie I am glad to have read your post and it was a timely reminder after a tough day!

  11. Oh those photos of your babies are gorgeous Corrie. You are so right, it does go fast and I am just so glad I started the blog when my second was 6 months old. It’s the main reason I am trying to write some regular posts again too…especially now my little Miss has turned 1, just don’t want to forget some of those special moments. I have had two extended breaks from writing the blog, but realise the importance of having a space to record as many memories as I can :) xo

  12. Such a true and heartfelt post Corrie. My “baby” started school this year and I have returned to work (fulltime at the moment) – it is crazy busy and I soooo miss those sweet simple days at home with little ones. We watched old video footage of those days on the weekend and it has made me so nostalgic for when they were all little!

  13. Lovely post! You’re so right, you don’t realise how quickly it goes until it has whizzed past! Sometimes everyone wishes it away when it’s tough going, it’s only natural! I think the trick in is sometimes just stopping and observing the right here and now when things are going well and just appreciating the big picture xx

  14. thanks for this. My eldest is 4, off to school next year and I keep thinking this. I’ll get the camera out tomorrow!

  15. Such beautiful captures of innocence and such a heartfelt post

  16. Amen! That is why I photograph every living moment. Those days at home are my absolute favourite!

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