a little rustic giveaway

congratulations Jane L. the winner of this giveaway!

Still crazy busy here! Retro daddy walked in the door from the airport last night and I walked right out with my wallet, the baby, a helper (aka my big girl) and went out for a little retail therapy. It had just been one of those nights and I got to enjoy an hour of peace and quiet.

This morning a big delivery of wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills arrived and in my usual style I ordered before the shade card arrived. I love it all but think I went a bit overboard. So I’ve got 3 balls to give to one lucky person, wherever you live in the world. Just tell me what you think you might make from this. I’ve got 2 balls of Rustic 8 ply in Tea Rose and 1 ball in 8 ply Shoal. This is a handwash only, beautifully coloured wool that you will love. Oh and the labels are still on, I’ve just photographed them the other side.


  1. I would make a slouch beanie and scarf. Love the colours

  2. Kristine Henderson says:

    Beanies. I would knit beanies

  3. Bronwyn says:

    I would make as many beanies as possible to donate to the hospital who looked after my baby boy who was born 9 weeks early. It’s a shock when you have a premature baby it’s even harder to find things that fit them.

  4. Sarah Jordan says:

    Oh that tea rose would be perfect for a cardigan and beanie for the newborn girl in our family

  5. I would knit my daughter an infinity scarf and gloves, she needs all she can get to keep warm in Ballarat in the winter.

  6. Nicci T says:

    I’d knit something (of her choice) for my 7 year old. She’s been salivating over the shade card, and most especially over those shades. :-)

  7. Georgina says:

    I would knit a beanie or maybe a lacy scarf

  8. Glenis O'K says:

    I would knit something for my Grandson to warm him up – put the wool towards a couple of nice wooly jumpers – lovely colours from Bendigo!

  9. Ange Moore says:

    Love the colours (and I love Bendigo wool). I’d have to make a cardigan (probably a Tiny Tea Leaves) for my daughter in the Tea Rose. And I’d have to make myself a shawl or a scarf in the Shoal!

  10. I’m expecting twins in October (EEEEEK!) and haven’t even started on my knitting. I think I would knit two little matching cardigans in the Tea Rose and maybe try and crochet up a blanket for them in Shoal to lay on.

    You’ve reminded me. Must order yarn and must making baby clothes!

  11. Jacqueline says:

    I would absolutely love to make my 8 year old daughter a gorgeous cardigan with the tea rose, either a ‘granny’s favourite’ or ‘olinda’.With the shoal, I would make some warm winter beanies for my 2 little boys, aged 2 & 1. Thank you so much for the competition! I adore Bendigo Woollen Mills wool!

  12. Ooh, the fabric is dreamy. I’d ask my clever mum to make me a cowl scarf for these cool witer days.

  13. Oh my how gorgeous! I’d love to make something to add to my Grandbaby Glorybox. Maybe an In Trees or a Grannys Favourite cardigan

  14. Frances says:

    I think it would be great for
    I have been looking forward to knitting a backshore and I think these colours would be beautiful for it.
    Thanks :-)

  15. michelle says:

    Gorgeous colours! Well my big girl was studying your links to patterns for tweens earlier this week so I would say she would take dibs on the pink yarn for one of those. And the Shoal looks like the perfect colour for my very cute nephew who would rock a Milo I think. Thank-you for the opportunity to enter :)

  16. Karen Thurn says:

    These would be lovely for some baby sweaters and hat for my new little granddaughter. kthurn@bektel.com

  17. The Shoal would be great as a http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pink-henry-tank for a baby boy gift and the Tea Rose for my daughter knitted up as a http://www.ravelry.com/projects/knitforsweet/bloomsbury-kids. You would love this one! Great give away! Thanks.

  18. I’ve got a beautiful shawl pattern that I just found that would look wonderful in the rustic with the blue trims

  19. Beautiful wool and thank you for the chance to win them xo I would make an infinity scarf in a beautiful shell pattern that I have recently discovered with the Tea Rose and a slouch beanie with the Shoal.

  20. I’m just mad about weaving at the moment, I can’t seem to stop! The pretty colours of this wool inspires me to think of weaving a scarf and then fulling it ever so slightly afterwards to make it warm and fuzzy :)

  21. With the tea rose i’d knit up a hooded cardigan for my daughter and with the blue I’d knit fingerless mittens for my little boys.
    thanks for the chance to win

  22. Hmm, well, the two little granddaughters in England would surely benefit from this beautiful wool. The colors are gorgeous.

  23. Melissa Barker says:

    these would be perfect for a cardi for my 2yr old and maybe one for my 6m old :)

  24. Hello, i would knit an infinity scarf for my small girl!

  25. If it is enough wool I would knit a scarf cap; otherwise either a scarf or some beanies :)

  26. Megan Fegan says:

    Oh, what beautiful colours Corrie. With all boys in my house, I am in love with the idea of making something pink for myself. Fingerless gloves, a slouchy beanie, and dressed up with a beautiful crocheted flower!

  27. Katrina Pool says:

    I have plans to knit my big girl a sleeveless cardi and have been wondering how I’m going to make it to the shops once my baby boy arrives in two weeks. As soon as I finish his “Henrys Jacket” its my daughters turn and this would be just perfect timing if I won.

  28. Kathy MacKie says:

    I would love to make a cowl if you trust me with this treasure, thanks for thinking of us newbie knitters too.

  29. Melissa says:

    I would definitely make a long sleeved cardy or jumper for my little girl. My Mum is actually on a bus tour down in Victoria and can you believe, they are not scheduled to stop at the Bendigo Wool Mills?! I was devastated!! I’d given her a big wish list to fill!!! Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeousness xx

  30. Donna Jones says:

    I am loving making shawls at the moment so I would make a Josh Ryks shawl using these colors

  31. Either a beanie or a lovely warm vest. Colours are gorgeous,you’ve got good taste RM!

  32. I would make something for my cousin and his wife who are expecting their first child in September. It will be the first baby, the first baby in my family since our daughter 18 years ago and we are all so excited and can’t wait to meet him/her.

  33. I would knit a cowl for my gorgeous Daughter-in-Love and a beanie for my son. Then I would package them up with love and some homemade biscuits and send them on their way to Tasmania.

  34. I would make up a little hoodie from the new Patons pattern book.

  35. Karen Muller says:

    I would make some premmie baby clothes to donate to the hospitals.

  36. I would knit hot water bottle covers – something I want to try this year – and a contrast colour would add to the fun.

  37. Barbara James says:

    As much as I would like to make something beautiful from this wool (like a crocheted beanie with irish crochet roses for our Melbourne winter), I would prefer to take it to my Mum in the UK (who I will be visiting soon) so she can make something for one of the charitable causes that she knits and crochets for.

  38. I’d be knitting another “practically” cardigan to give to the 4th friend. The other 3 friends love theirs. Perfect knitting with 350grams of wool. And I’d knit myself a scarf/mittens with the other ball. Especially love the tea rose colour.

  39. I’d make myself a lovely hat, snood and fingerless gloves for winter. And any leftovers could be used in my new blanket project.

  40. Soft soft socks, I just bought a sock loom and haven’t even tried it yet !

  41. Bendigo wool is so beautiful to knit with. I’ve only been knitting for a year (after being inspired by all your knits) and have only made items for my little girl. Would love to knit myself a beanie in shoal and a cardigan in tea rose for my little Miss. What a wonderful giveaway!

  42. Thanks for the give-away. I would knit fingerless gloves and beanies for my boys.

  43. Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn is beautiful to work with. These are beautiful colours! I would like to learn to knit. I would make a blanket or attempt a cardigan for our 5yr old daughter. Lovely giveaway!

  44. Charmaine says:

    I would love a slouch beanie & fingerless gloves :) lovely colours!

  45. Hi Corrine if I was lucky enough to win I would knit a scarf for my granddaughter,Thankyou for hosting this lovely giveaway xx

  46. I would make a new beanie for my little man in the blue and a jumper for my baby girl. I’ve got just the patterns in mind that these colors would be perfect for. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely wool!

  47. I would use it to make one of these, it looks lovely and I could add some of my Bendigo wool bought from the back room. Make it with stripes.

  48. I will crochet a tea cosy for my new teapot :)

  49. Diana O says:

    Definitely fingerless gloves, but not the kind with holes for all the fingers……naturally there’s the thumb hole, but the fingers go in one big slot (if that makes sense).

  50. This looks like gorgeous wool, I would love to make some matching slippers for myself and my daughter :)

  51. Kaylene says:

    I would make a baby’s cardigan with some fair isle around the yoke. Would look really cute I think :)

  52. A baby sweater would be wonderful!

  53. I would love to try knitting a cardigan for my new Nephew born this week!

  54. That is funny Corrie as I really liked the Tea Rose when the shade card arrived. It would be perfect to make an Olearia cardi for my big girl (who seems to be missing out on the handknits since she is a bit bigger and less likely to whine and sulk and beg and plead than the 5 year old LOL)

  55. Stacey Johnstone says:

    I think I would like to try knitting a tea cosy for my teapot. I need to learn to knit as a fun way to wind down at the end of the day. A bit of me time. Then I could enjoy my work, while sipping tea!

  56. It’s a bit easy to make the ordering too much mistake when the wool is so yummy. I would crochet something beautiful and lacy, maybe a baby shawl.

  57. Ashleigh says:

    I think I would make a few things… some hand warmers, baby hats and a baby jumper. I would use the leftovers to make some of the joey bags to donate for orphaned joeys too.

  58. Lisa Stone says:

    A cardi for my 7 yr girl! Gorgeous colours

  59. Megan Williams says:

    i would love to use them to make a Kona cardigan for our 16 week old.

  60. I am finishing a Sophie’s Universe blanket in Bendigo Wool. I am planning to give it to my niece Sophie in the US. Trouble is, my niece Sophie has a sister, Chloe, and I will need to make her one too!

  61. I would make some vests or shrugs for my beautiful little nieces and a beanie for my husband. I just started knitting a few months ago (your site has been a wonderful source of inspiration and information), and have caught the knitting bug! I have so many projects lined up on my wishlist.

  62. Heather says:

    Annabel by tikki for my little girl. Love the colours

  63. Spud Farmer says:

    As I’ve worked with this yarn for years now I know it’s not suitable for anything worn close to the skin and certainly isn’t ever on my list of choices of yarn for little babies or children with sensitive skin. It felts like a dream so I would use it to make some fibre trends felted clogs because my last pair the dogs ate.

  64. I would crochet for my first ever beautiful newborn niece Miss Poppy a cardigan, mittens, bootie and beanie set in the tea rose and slouchy beanie for myself in the shoal! Perfect for winter and perfect projects for Bendigo Wool!
    Thank you

  65. I have friends who have moved away and their 2 children were just like my grandchildren to me. I don’t have any of my own just yet but these 2 children became just like my own each Sunday at church. I love to knit and she loves knitted garments for her children so I would knit a little dress for her 2 year old and maybe a milo or cardigan for her almost 1 year old little boy. Thanks for the opportunity; I love Bendigo wool and it’s my main source of wool too!

  66. Love these colours. I’m teaching myself to crochet and I’d love to make a scarf for my daughter from these. Thanks

  67. Since I recently taught myself to loom knit, I would make some socks esp for these cold days ahead.

  68. We are off this morning to buy a crochet hook for miss left handed 9yo so we can try and learn/teach her how to make granny squares. Bendigo Wool is the best!!!

  69. Ooh what fabulous yarn! Thank you for so generously sharing with one of us!
    If I were to win I would definitely peruse my Ravelry favourites list, but would start with a Granny’s favourite, a gorgeous knit I have wanted to cast in for years.
    I know how far Bendigo wool goes, so I would also be able to make a Boys Sweater, a new pattern on my list.
    While I don’t yet have kids if my own, my needles are certainly kept busy with the many babies I know being born and I would love to pass on the love by gifting them some gorgeous handmade knits to keep them warm this winter!

  70. Jude MIntyre says:

    I’ve been using Bendigo Woolen Mills since I saw it on your blog for about a year now. I love knitting in good Aussie wool and it’s brilliant value. I’m teaching myself how to do fair aisle so I would probably knit myself a small cardy, I knit for everyone else but never for me. I’m always working my way through a list for everyone else, children, nieces, cousin’s babies… Time for something for me!

  71. I would make a pair of slippers and a corner to corner triangle scarf for my shoulders.

  72. I would love to make a nice infinity scarf to snuggle into on those cold winter nights when we are at kids sports.

  73. Lily Nguyen says:

    A lovely Autumn red riding hood inspired Cape. I would use the blue as a a thick hood border and a thick border at the bottom of the Cape.

  74. Kristine Crawford says:

    I would love to make a scarf with these gorgeous colours :)

  75. I would knit a button up scarf for my husband’s mother (my daughter’s grandma). She is the most amazing knitter, sewer, embroiderer… But because she is so incredible at all these things I don’t think anyone has ever made anything for her! I would probably have to get her to teach me to knit to do it :-) but these would be perfect colours for her and the perfect reason for me to learn to do it! Thanks. :-) xx

  76. I would knit a button up scarf for my husband’s mother (my daughter’s grandma). She is the most amazing knitter, sewer, embroiderer… But because she is so incredible at all these things I don’t think anyone has ever made anything for her! I would probably have to get her to teach me to knit to do it :-) but these would be perfect colours for her and the perfect reason for me to learn to do it! Thanks. :-) xx}

  77. Sarah Boyle says:

    Those beautiful colours would definitely inspire me to pick up knitting needles again! I would knit some squares to make a lap blanket to keep my kids and I warm during our nightly book time on the couch! (Simple little squares as I haven’t knitted anything since my uni days 10 years ago!)

  78. Sarah Boyle says:

    I would knit some simple squares to make a lap blanket to keep my kids and I warm during our nightly reading on the couch!

  79. Stacey Kirsch says:

    oh my gosh. They look divine. As boring as it sounds I really just want a scarf for winter. It’s a bit cool down here in SA. I do miss Brisbane winters 😉

  80. I was *just* about to order some of this! Not even kidding! I have so many beanies and bonnets and cardigans in my mind for Eleanor for winter but just need to sit down some nights and hook in (so to speak). I love my little blossom in pixie bonnets to keep her ears warm in our chilly winter.

  81. I just got my shade card a few days ago and the colours are divine, Would love to use this yarn and knit some vests, like Milo for my two little girls :)

  82. So beautiful. I have been following you on Facebook and now I think I need to learn to knit just so I can make something with wool as gorgeous as that.

  83. I’ve always wanted to knit a little lovely something for my nana, and seeing that tea rose is one of her favourite shade of colour (she’s got good taste and so do you corrie), I’m already dreaming of knitting up a cardi in those perfect yarns for her eightieth this year:))

  84. Katie larkins says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity. I think I might make the Pendulum Shawl.

  85. Tamra Beaumont says:

    Love these. I would probably do matching beanies and scarf for myself & my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. This is so generous of you. What gorgeous wool. I would love to knit my first Milo and in May!! I would knit it for my best friend who recently had a gorgeous little girl

  87. I would love to crochet a cowl as I’ve not made anything for myself for a while and thought as t’s getting colder I may need one.

  88. lara brown says:

    I would have a go and knitting it has been a long time and knit my baby girl a cardigan

  89. The pink would make a beautiful cardie for my baby girl who has just turned 15. The blue would make a lovely shawl for my motherinlaw who is turning 90 in August this year.

  90. Victoria says:

    I would knit cardigans for my granddaughters and hats and mittens….

  91. I’ve just finished another In Threes for my little girl. I love how quick and simple they are to knit up. They are perfect for daycare : ) I suppose I could always knit a few more with your lovely giveaway!

  92. Frances says:

    I think i might use it to make a snuggly cushion for the lounge!! love the colours.

  93. I have just stumbled across your blog, and I am in love! so much inspiration in every post! And it is always nice to find a blog written by a fellow Aussie:)

    What would I make with that lovely yarn? My first thought was to make something for a friend’s baby, but since it is hand-wash only, it might not be practical for a little one…So, I’m thinking a beanie! I really like the slouch beanies that are popular at the moment, and I’ve just started experimenting with knitting in two colours. So, I’m thinking a slouch beanie with a simple two colour fair isle inspired pattern. There would probably be enough to make at least two – one for me, and one for a friend!

  94. Courtney says:

    Beautiful wool!! I think I would crochet a scarf or a baby cardigan, maybe both!!

  95. How pretty and now nice of you! I would love to make a slouch cap for my college daughter!

  96. Monica S. says:

    Slippers…three little granddaughters? Just might make it :)

  97. Lovely colours. Wow, I think I would try my hand at Cassia, a cardigan pattern I’ve not tried yet by Georgie Hallam for one of my girls. I need to sit and have some me time. Thanks Corrie for the chance.

  98. Renee Ballantyne says:

    A beautiful scarf

  99. ikkinlala says:

    I think I’d make mittens.

  100. Jenna O says:

    I would knit a new scarf :)

  101. sonia c says:

    Id make a cat toy or 10….watching cats play in front of a fire is very relaxing when knitting away the evenings

  102. I think I could get a granny’s favourite for my daughter and newborn version and bonnet out of the pink for a friends baby, And my 8 year old has been begging me to knit him something, so I would use it for either a vest or a branie for him. What a lovely giveaway!

  103. Kath leddy says:

    I would knit some little mittens and a matching scarf and beanie for my children, nieces and nephews

  104. Hi Corrie,

    Did you choose a winner for this gorgeous yarn??????? I’m not sure if I missed the announcement….. Since entering I have thought of heaps more things to add to my ‘to knit’ list!!!!

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