one busy life and an almost finished wallaby

I’m sitting here with the baby, a couple of scotch finger biscuits and my coffee taking a few minutes to get a blog post up today. May is turning out to the busiest month ever here as retro daddy is the busiest at work, we start our weekly preparations for First Holy Communion tonight (and of course I’m a group leader because they needed a new one for a group and I can’t say no), all the sports are in full swing, I’ve got one home sick, still have 2 school applications to do this month, one birthday party to organise and host and some big decluttering jobs to get on top of. Phew.

I need to knit most days just for my sanity and to destress after the day but with so much on I’m only knitting when the house is clean and washing sorted (sorted, not put away).And last night spent a nice quiet hour finishing off the little wallaby I’d been knitting. You can see why I love the 200g balls from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I’ve still got plenty left and could probably do 2 cardigans from the 1 big ball. The pattern is Wallaby by tiKKi and I’ll share more of the details once it’s finished and ready to gift.

Now all that’s left to do is weave in my ends, lightly block it (I just wet it gently and stretch out a little on a towel, I use a couple of pins to keep edges in place/straight and then leave to dry) and find the perfect button. The colour really is beautiful. Brick in Luxury by Bendigo Woollen Mills. Grab it in the 8 ply if there is still some available as it’s a perfect red.

And that’s all from me. Have a great day and hopefully it’s less busy than mine.


  1. Theresa says:

    Ah same here Corrie a very busy month we have ballet eisteddfoda for first time ever 2 this month, as well as both kids representing their schools in cross country so extra run clubs before school AND Sacraments being made for son after 6 mths prep at queens birthday weekend! Add in a birthdays and a visitor from
    Nz and I’m taking it one day at a time too! Hope it all goes well & we all need a daily dose of something relaxing! Blessings.

  2. Oh that cardi is gorgeous! Love it in the red!! I so hear you on May being crazy busy… May and June are my silly busy months… I keep telling myself to do just one job at a time and keep ticking them off the list… eventually I’ll get there!

  3. Love the gorgeous cardi, the colour is so cheerful. Roll on the end of term! I’m too scared to list all the things happening these next few weeks else I might just run away. One day at a time, thats what I say! Good luck with it all, hang in there x

  4. That is a gorgeous colour Corrie & I do love the knitted garments for the littlies, you are very clever. I battle to keep on top of anything with my 3…and you have double the caring for & nurturing I have. As always, very inspiring :) xo

  5. Oh parties and sports are killers for me too. This year my eldest elected to do footy…games are at 8am on a Sunday. So sad. No lazy mornings anymore (hockey on Saturday).

  6. Mtns Mama says:

    Greetings from the Blue Mountains :)
    Corrie, thank you so much for banging on about Bendigo Mills yarn! I finally took the plunge last week after much dithering and ordered some of the last Athena 8ply they had in stock (and it was on special too!) I received it and some Luxury 8ply yesterday and I’m already in love. It’s gorgeous yarn and so well priced. I’ve borrowed a Debbie Bliss book from the library too and I’m going to teach myself to knit something for a friend’s baby due this summer. Keep up your lovely blogging, it’s always cheering to read your updates.

  7. I love the brick shade. and the patterns are always a delight to look at

  8. I hope you manage to get through May with some sanity intact ( keep knitting!! ). Brick looks so beautiful. Corrie, is the Wallaby pattern suitable for a beginner knitter or is it more for an intermediate level? Have a lovely weekend

  9. Lovely colour. I am going to get some red into my wardrobe for this Winter too. I need to pick up the needles and start something. My daughter is also having her first HC this August so a few things to prepare before hand. Very exciting.

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