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I cut all of the girls hair in this house. We call it mummy’s salon and I’m not the first mum and won’t be the last who does haircuts from home. Now when it comes to the boys I have to confess that in the past I’ve sent them to the barber. Well that was until our 2nd boy refused to even sit in the chair. So just the big boy went.

Then daddy came home with a set of clippers and had a go on our little guy. And when daddy was away for a few days I thought I might try on my big boy. It wasn’t school photo time and what was the worst that could happen? Right? Now beforehand I didn’t know there were youtube videos telling mums (and dads) how to do it but oh did they help me. I stopped and went back and paused and followed along.

So here are the 2 videos that I like the best. I’ve done both – just clippers and then clippers and scissors and have to say that I love just the clippers best. Let me know what you think. I better do a before and after on one of my guinea pigs for another post. But I’m pretty happy with the hair cuts so far. We’re still working on getting the little guy to sit still but my big boy loves having his mum do it and I have to say that it’s a good saving not just in time but in money. Oh no wait, the first time I ever did it I think we spent 40 minutes just getting it right and watching the video a few times so it wasn’t such a time saving but definitely a money saver. Oh and by the way there are videos for a much trendier cut if you like as I know that’s how the kids like it these days (listen to me! like an old lady) but I’m a short, back and sides kind of mum here. And so is the school.

and speaking of hair I was trying to find a picture of hair on my flickr collection for this post but came across this hair raising one! It sure was a day we were unprepared for the wind at the Blue Mountains.

Do you do the hair cuts at your house?


  1. Ange Moore says:

    I have cut my husbands hair for the last 10 years. There seems to be less and less to cut each year as his hair recedes now he’s over 40! I haven’t done any of the kids hair, not sure I’d have the patience!!

  2. Good on you Corrie :) I’m sure it came up great! I do all the haircuts here… when I was 5 I was certain I was going to be a hairdresser when I grew up! Ha, it almost came true 😀

  3. I used to do my husbands hair with clippers. Now I send him to the hairdresser I go to. One of the apprentices do it for $10 and its $10 spent well!!!!! He was a lot like your little guy with whinging thrown in. I do clip our dogs though. Thankfully they can’t talk and don’t have school photos because I would never get a job as a dog groomer lol.

  4. Melissa says:

    My hubby cuts his own hair with clippers and I do our boys (just short back and sides). I haven’t been game to cut my girls as she has quite curly hair but I think it might be time to give it a go as she doesn’t have a fringe and it will help the budget. I hadn’t thought of looking for a YouTube video – although I had to use one a few weeks ago to learn how to tie a tie properly for school! A tip for getting the little ones to sit still is to let them choose s DVD and put it in the portable DVD player in the bathroom to watch while you cut their hair. Apologies if you’ve tried this.

  5. My 4 yr has never been to the hairdresser, I’ve always cut his hair. For the first 2 years he barely had any hair , then his hair grew curly and he didn’t want to sit still. So I would cut a bit of here and there. Now I trim his hair regularly with Hairdressing scissors I bought. My cutting skills have improved over time and my son sits still now. As his hair is curly you can’t see any of my ‘mistakes’. Probably saved a fair bit of money too.

  6. Well – I tried before the days of You-Tube to cut my fathers hair. I was fired – I kept trying to even out the sideburns – unsuccessfully!!

  7. LaurelleC says:

    I have always cut my kids hair too! My four girls are all grown up but i still cut three out of four. My son was the same as yours, went to the hairdresser once and refused to ever go again. The thing he liked about me doing it was that i could do it when it he wanted and not take too much off. He has just turned 16 and is very fussy about it now so I made him start going to the hairdresser. Getting the wild long brushed forward fringe right is just too much pressure :-) His sisters call him Beiber head. Lol.
    I would start watching tutorials on hair dying if I were you. The older girls are always wanting a different colour. I have also been chopping Hubbys hair. Saved a lot of cash over the years.

  8. I gave up on cutting the boys hair when they reached the age of about 3. I was pretty bad at it & they always sported the ‘bowl cut’ much to everyone’s amusement. Now it’s hairdressers every holidays, but yes it definitely adds up. I have been debating on whether to buy some clippers as hubby & the boys all go for the shaved look. I’ll have to pluck up the courage though, but thank you for sharing these videos. I always forget that you tube has demo’s on just about everything.

  9. hair cuts are not something we are used to here in my family but i have been with friends to salons and it is fun watching the hair dresser toss them here and there and then scissors and clippers and that wow look in the end

  10. Christine says:

    Took first two sons to “just cuts” several times after their first few cuts at home before the hair dresser told me off for wasting my money (boys were 3 and 4 and I had just had another son). She told me what brand of clipper to buy, and showed me how to use it. It has already paid for itself and I cut the 1yo’s hair with the clippers a few weeks ago for the first time. Rarely need scissors unless I take to my own hair, but am too paranoid to do my husband’s he needs scissor cut and I can’t seem to work it out!

  11. Cheryl Hayes says:

    I have been cutting my hubby’s hair for about 13 years and have gone through about 3 hair clippers in that time…but we have saved a fortune! He has a receding hairline so he gets a Number 2 (only because the Number 1 is broken!). I use a small trimmer for ‘whipper snipping’!

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