TIC TAC Minions are coming + a giveaway

Congratulations Megan, Chrys T, Margaret, Kathy B, Julia (Squeeze Cuddles) and Paul Mackay who have won movie passes to see the Minions movie

brought to you by TIC TAC

Growing up I remember my nana always having a TIC TAC packet in her bag. But unlike me and the empty TIC TAC packs that you will find in my bag she always had a full pack in her handbag. And for some reason I remember that if we finished the pack it didn’t matter because she always had another new pack in there, ready to go. I wonder if she still carries at least 1 or 2 packs of them in her handbag. I’ll need to ask her.

We love TIC TAC in this house – I love them for the peace and quiet they provide at the supermarket check out when I’m doing the groceries with all the kids. It’s a major achievment to get through the shop without someone totally losing it and the checkout isn’t the finish line it’s just the last hurdle in the race. A TIC TAC packet that we shake and shake, pass over and pay for (and don’t put in with the rest of the groceries – very important) is a lifesaver if I’m going to get out of the supermarket in one piece.

And they hold their pack for dear life until we get to the car. And once we’re strapped in they open the pack and take out one and close the pack. And open the pack and take one out and close the pack……it’s peace and quiet in the car right there.

We love to line them up and count them, play with them and spell out words with them before  eating them. We also played a guessing game where you make a shape/letter/object and the rest of us had to guess it. Those TIC TAC tend to move around a little bit so it’s fun to play.

I also like them for the older kids if they’ve left the house without brushing their teeth and have morning breath before school. No one needs that. I also like one after my coffee if I’m out and about. And how did we survive all those years without knowing that we could use the lid of the TIC TAC for this purpose. Do you remember this discovery through social media?

Now we decided on a very rainy day to play TIC TAC bingo. Just take some sheets of paper, draw up a grid, put in some random numbers, get your players ready and someone with their back turned on the players calls out random numbers. So much fun.

We love orange flavour but all that is going to change once my kids discover that there will be TIC TAC Minions in the shops.

Us aussies are the first IN THE WORLD to TIC TAC Minions which is kind of nice because we always have to wait for the best movies and tv shows over here. The Minions movie is coming to cinemas from the 18th June and we’re pretty excited about the movie because we love Despicable Me and we love Minions. I know the kids won’t be the only ones laughing but I’m wondering will I laugh as hard or sing along to Underwear.

TIC TAC are bringing out TIC TAC Minions and you’ll find them at the supermarket from the month of May (which is now!!) for a limited time. And the kids are going to love this because they are banana flavour (since Minions love bananas) and you’ll be able to buy  TIC TAC packs with your favourite minion Kevin, Stuart or Bob! We love Kevin and whenever I say Kevin I think of one of the minions saying Keveeen. There are 2 sizes of packs and if you want the little minion faces on your TIC TAC then you’ll want to get the 24g packs as shown here.

I have to confess that we always buy the big packs because they never last long.

In fact I was sent 3 packs of these TIC TAC Minions and had to hide them in my sewing room over the long weekend, I photographed them and then they quickly disappeared! In a word….popular! But I already knew that before they came into our house.


TIC TAC and I have organised to giveaway 3 double passes and 3 family passes for some lucky people to see the Minion movie! All you need to tell is tell us your favourite Minion and why and whether you’d like a double or family pass.

Giveaway is open to Australian residents, one entry per person, full terms of my giveaways can be found here, entries close 14 May 2015.


  1. Natasha Andrews says:

    We love Bob in our house because he is so cute (Miss 6) and he does crazy things (Miss 8) I have got to get those TIC TACs – they look FABULOUS!! I see a Minion birthday party in our future and these will be perfect for the party bags! We’d love a family pass (but even a double would be awesome to win!)

  2. Madison Mortimer says:

    We love Kevin in our house too. My girls think he is hilarious and they probably like the fact Gru is alway yelling for him so it’s the name they remember most.
    We would love a family pass so we could take our first ever trip to the cinema.

  3. Nicole says:

    We like all the minions in this house, hard to choose our favourite. I came the trailer recently for the minions movie so we are very excited to go. Double pass would be fantastic. Definitely need to seek out the minion tic tacs now that you’ve mentioned them

  4. tracey says:

    Kevin – he’s the henchman minion. But he’s also the joker of them, makes me laugh, cause he makes fun of his other minions. He’s tall & golfy (ooops I mean goofy – pardon the pun, cause he likes golf).

  5. I like Dave, because he is caring, kind and funny!! I would love a family pass please.

  6. Margaret says:

    Bob The Minion

    I love him, I love him, I love him a lot.
    Some gorgeous traits this minion has got.

    Some serum he swallowed and he flew round the Earth.
    Now grounded his travel plans all have new birth.

    As these words I hereby juggle
    I am hoping for a double!

  7. My fav is my 4 year old, His nickname is “Little Minion” he pulls his fringe down so he only has one eye, I don’t know THAT Minions name but I guess he is the one my son models himself on….
    I have to say the Tic-Tac Minions are so clever, will defo have to find some.
    We would need a FP but a DP would be a great help.

  8. cassie stapleton says:

    I love them all – i cant say i have one particular favourite they are all soooo darn cute! im minon mad, everything i have is minons even my birthday cake last year was a minon cake – plus my ring tone and my case –

    i love them so much – and im 33 yrs old lol!

    i would like a double please –

  9. Mick G says:

    Size does matter so I love Kevin/ He’s heaps smaller that the others but big on everything else

  10. Maria Lorenzato says:

    We love Kevin – cos my son would say he is cool bananas 😉

    Would love a family pass please!!

  11. Kathy Bowdlert says:

    My family are all Minion nutters,
    Stuart is our favourite…
    one eye looks like a camera shutter!
    Either pass would be terrific, the whole family will go and anything would be great to cut some of the cinema costs. I’ve now put Minion Tic Tacs on our shopping list and they have to be the bigger pack, not only for the morish factor but for Minion faces.

  12. We love all love Stuart the best… because DH is a Stuart too. His birthday is in June and he’s seriously excited about this film release. If I won, I’d love a family pass to take hubby and the kids to the movie, for his birthday.

  13. We love Carl!! Cute little one eyed minion..

  14. Adele Smith says:

    Carl! I mean come on…who doesn’t love a minion mimicking a fire truck! bee-do bee-do bee-do!

  15. Adele Smith says:

    Forgot to mention that I would like a ‘double pass’ please :)

  16. Kristy winters says:

    Stuart he is the shortest and gets picked on by the others I love an underdog

  17. Bec Cronin says:

    Dave, his is the cutest and blew the best raspberries when he was painted purple!

  18. claire evans says:

    stuart i love as he is like the stay at home dad and hes pretty cute to

  19. Kevin’s my favourite because That look on his face reminds me of my partner!
    Would love to get a double pass to make him watch minions with me :)

  20. We like Bob because he’s little, he’s scared of things and he has funky eyes. Actually we love them all, but if you have to choose…! If we are lucky enough to win, we’d would love a family pass. Thanks for a fun competition Corrie!

  21. My six year old loves Kevin the best, he makes him laugh!
    we would love a family pass.
    Thank you!

  22. In our house there’s a fight over who is the best Minion but I have to say that Dave is the best according to my loudest and eldest. Both my girls like Kevin but they soon follow their brothers lead because he tells them he’s older and he knows more ha ha. I’d love a family pass as this would be a great surprise if mummy could take them all to the movies. Truth be told I love the Minions too so I’d be as excited as they would if we could all go together. Thank you for the Tic Tac information will go after school to pick some up.

    • congratulations you have won a family pass

      • Corrie I read your announcement today on Facebook about all the winners and under the Minion movie passes I saw that you’d written Megan. I read it and wondered if that was me so I checked me email but there wasn’t an email. So imagine my surprise when I saw this. Can’t wait to tell the children tonight you might here them screaming with excitement all the way from Brisbane. Thank you so much for the tickets.

  23. Su Lim says:

    Love them all! They all have their own funny and loveable personalities, it’s hard to pick one favourite. Looking forward to the movie and will be picking up a pack of Tic Tac Minions to enjoy with the movie. Double pass please. Thank you :)

  24. Wendy S says:

    We like Stuart in this house, mostly because my eldest son’s name is Stewart and the little kids think it’s hilarious that their brother is a minion!!
    A family pass would be awesome thanks.

  25. Love them all for one reason or anther 😛

  26. DIANA O says:

    Dave, I like a minion with a brain and he has heart combined with a little humour too. Family pass please.

  27. Carl – life to him is all about fun, and it is!
    Family pass

  28. My favourite is Bob, with his bald head and different coloured eyes. And the fact that he’s a little fatter really does make him stand out from the crowd.
    (Family pass).

  29. We love Kevin to … I absolutely can hear that little minion voice when you say him. He’s cute and funny! Would love a family pass. Even mummy and daddy love the Despicable Me movies.

  30. We love KEVIN… who wouldn’t love the short funny guy, he’s a blast. Reminds me of my youngest, always teasing and being funny and her hair is always sticking up no matter what I do with it.. Would love a family pass. Thanks

  31. My favourite minion would have to be Stuart! The ‘bottom’ scene still get me every time! And he’s going to be in the new one too!

    I would like the double pass please! Going to the cinemas for despicable me movies is becoming a tradition for my partner and I!

  32. Our son loves Kevin because he’s so hilarious and our daughter loves Dave cause he’s silly and funny.
    We would love a family pass, but would be happy with anything :)

  33. Dave is my favourite Minion. He is so cute and funny! We would love a family pass. We all love the Despicable Me movies. We enjoy watching them over and over for a good laugh

  34. Karen Edwards says:

    We love Dave we have a talking Dave and he is hilarious not to mention a bit naughty Banana and a few wind noise’s lol
    Would love the family pass please

  35. Chrys T says:

    Donny (he’s the one who got his head stuck in a jar in Despicable Me 2). He may not be as famous as the likes of Dave or Stuart, but he was one of the most memorable parts of that movie… and what parent doesn’t wish they could stick their head in a jar from time to time? =P

    (Double pass, please!)

  36. Tracy P says:

    We love the purple minions! A family pass would be great…

  37. Our girls (5&8 yrs old) love them all but Dave would have to be their favorite as he is very, very funny. We would LOVE to win a family pass.

  38. Michelle V says:

    They are all awesome! We love Minions!! We would love a family pass please

  39. Natalie says:

    While researching to try and narrow down a favourite I discovered why that task is so hard, they are all voiced by the same guy..who is also the director! How cool is that?! So can’t pick a fave but I did learn something today :) Would love a family pass.

  40. lee suen says:

    I love kevin becox he is the smartest and cutest. My best friend is called kevin too. I am kind of reflecting to this kevin.
    I would like a double pass please :)

  41. Jennifer says:

    Stuart is our favourite, of course being daddys name!! A family pass would be so awesome, we love minions in our house!!

  42. Kellie says:

    Our favorite minion is Dave! He’s so funny.
    I would love the opportunity to take our little family to the movies as my husband and I have been waiting for the minions film to be released so that we can take our little ones to the movies for the very first time. :) xx
    Oh and I’ll be adding those cute little tic taks to my shopping list! Cuuuute!

  43. Bettina Davies says:

    We love Kevin because he gets blamed for everything and he’s Gru’s right hand man. We’d really appreciate a family pass.

  44. Brooke Till says:

    Stuart is a particular favourite with my two because their pop is named Stuart. Miss 2yo asks him to do “poppy minions” and he does a cracking impersonation ;D We would absolutely love a family pass please :) Thank you for running the giveaway!

  45. Isabel says:

    Our favourite minion is Dave because he’s cute, clamsy and hilarious, but we LOVE them all!!

  46. Emma B says:

    Kevin is the favourite in my house by far as he gets the most giggles from the little ones which in turn makes us adults giggle too! There is nothing better than a movie that the WHOLE family can enjoy together and get a good belly laugh, and nothing better than watching your littlies laughing their heads off at the jokes and craziness that the minions bring.

  47. Justine says:

    Kevin is my kids favourite! They said he’s funny and stupid and wore a coconut bikini top in Despicable Me 2 which is just hilarious!!! We would love a family pass, thank you :-)

  48. Emily Ward says:

    I have never watched the movies as my 2 year old son first watched them with his uncle (my younger brother) and this has now become their very special bond together. Any Minion we see or go past in the shops my son laughs at. I would love nothing more to win a pass for my brother Stefan to take my son logan so that special bond continues. Thankyou :)

  49. Rekha Parmar says:

    We are absolutely crazy about Kevin! My children find him hilarious, he is the funniest of them all. My daughter does a great Kevin impression too! I showed them the pic of the minion tic tacs and they were so chuffed, we would the family pass…many thanks so excited for the movie!!!!

  50. Kimberley says:

    Carl!!!!!! Be do be do be do be do LOVE that fire truck!! We would love any pass please!!!!

  51. our house loves all the minions we dont have a favorite as they all as funny as each other. Although my 3 year old says the one eye is his favorite you cant tell him he has a name cause he just tells you NO ONE EYE!!

  52. Jude MIntyre says:

    Well, I am the ‘minion teacher’ at our school. It all started with a gifted soft toy minion on my classroom windowsill that caught the attention of some passing preprimary twins…now I have Lego minions, drawings and dozens of minion items in my classroom. My jobs chart is me as Gru and the kids are my minions, we made popstick minions to Velcro to the chart. I have a tent that is a minion themed, 5 minute holiday for my special needs children to take a little break in. I would like to give a double pass to a gorgeous set of twins who first noticed ‘Stuart’ and started the madness, Sophie and Riley. I’ve even face painted minion themed little faces at our school fete…

  53. Jude MIntyre says:

    Oh, as for Tic Tacs, we love them! I’m currently loving the pack with both mint flavours. I love orange TicTacs since the movie Juno too.

  54. My daughters Favourite Minion is Dave. A family pass would be greatly appreciated – we are a family of 7 with 2 handicapped children, so we do not get a chance to go tot he movies very often. Hope you have a great Mothers Day :)

  55. Jodi Daly says:

    The consensus is that Kevin is the best Minion because he is the funniest and he loves TNT! Any pass would be great but a Family Pass would be fantastic. Thanks for the great article! The new TicTacs are very cool!!

  56. Heidi t says:

    We love Kevin because he is childish, cheeky and stirs up the rest of the minions! We would love to win a family pass but a double would be equally gratefully received!

  57. Anneke Piirlaid says:

    We like Bob because our dog is named Bob and Mase (5 y/o) reckons his little sister, Amity (1y/o) talks in the Minion language just like Bob. Family pass is preferred thanks.

  58. gina moses says:

    I live in Ohio in the united states please please please tell me these are coming to the u.s.

  59. Mt favourite is Dave because he shares the same name as my husband and he also reminds me of him in that cute and goofy way.
    I would like a double pass please :)

  60. Carrisa says:

    Dave!! He loves ice-cream!! And so do we :) Would love a family pass!

  61. Dawn Schneider says:

    How can a person choose just one Mimion as favorite. They are all unique and adorable in their own way.

  62. Shelly says:

    Where can i get them???? Didnt see any in coles or woolies…><

  63. Kevin is funny and full of cheek, being naughty all day and week, he’s a real joker thats for sure, id like a family pass please to enjoy some more!

  64. Sarah Fleming says:

    Stuart is just adorable! I love his one big eye and his funny little centre-part. And I think he is the sweetest little Minion too :)

    I would love to win either pass really, a family one would be great but if not then a double pass would be fab too. Thanks!

  65. Becky W says:

    We love all the Minions in our family. My little sister can’t get enough of them.
    Minions is all she can talk about, day and night.

    I would love to be able to win the double pass so I can take my sister to see the movie.
    It would be a dream come true for her.
    Thank You :)

  66. Kerri Robin says:

    Stuart is the favourite in our household (even to the point where my mum knitted my husband his very own Stuart (so cute). My husband is an even bigger fan than the kids. He will be ‘taking the youngest child’ as she is extremely keen to see the movie but secretly he’d go alone if we didn’t have children to accompany him. haha

    A family pass would be awesome!

  67. Christie says:

    My kids can’t wait for the minion movie, a family pass would be fantastic.

    It’s pretty hard to choose a favourite minion, but I do have a soft spot for Stuart, he was hilarious when he dressed up at a girl and then had to hide when he lost his dress!

  68. alvin ho says:

    Which supermarket have this in australia?

  69. Kylie Lindstrom says:

    We like Dave, because he’s goofy and sweet.

  70. Tanya Clarke says:

    We are yet to see these minions on the screen. So we don’t have a favourite yet. I’d like to introduce our family though. We need a double pass please!

  71. Dave. His enthusiasm is infectious and inspires everyone around him. Just don’t trust him with a rocket launcher.

    Special mention: Stuart because he has a fart dart launcher and all boys love fart jokes.

    Double pass, please.

  72. Connie Chang says:

    My daughter and I love Kevin because we all anticipate him doing funny things before they actually happened! Always cracked us off watching these minions on the screen. Would love a family pass! Thank you! <3

  73. monica scurlock says:

    Norbit..he lost his seaweed skirt and is naked…after coming out of the ocean. Rushing back into the sea to cover his modesty, he re-emerges with two starfish on his chest with his bottom half still exposed. Hilarious!
    Couples pass please.

  74. Rosslyn Tadd says:

    Bee-do is my eight year old son’s favourite for his cutness and outfit. Biiiiiiiii dooooooooo biiiiiiiii dooooooooo biiiiiiii dooooooo!!!

  75. Karla Oleinikoff says:

    Dave, because he’s sweet, but accident prone, which basically describes all my children. Family pass please. Banana!

  76. Sharon M says:

    Our three boys love Bob because he reminds them of their Dad, short, funny and always trying to get their attention in a childlike manner!! When they are on their electronics he will ride past their rooms on a scooter, make loud noises, tell funny jokes and he has slightly different coloured eyes too :) :) :).

  77. Sharon M says:

    p.s. family pass would be awesome :) thank you!!!! Sorry got distracted by Bob, I mean hubby!!

  78. Dave – Hubby is called Dave and the kids think he’s hysterical and silly exactly like Daddy. A family pass would be a wonderful treat, thank you.

  79. The kids love Kevin. In fact there is constant laughter from them (and the adults alike) when the DVD is on.

  80. Carolyn says:

    We love Bob in our house and a family pass would be so fun.
    Thank you for another great giveaway opportunity Corrie.

  81. Em Lawes says:

    Dave because he loves ice cream just as much as me and has a cheeky side that’s made me fall for him.
    A double pass would be lovely.

  82. My 2 boys love love love Bob but they haven’t even seen the movie yet!! (I am such a bad mummy right?) The movie came out just after our last visit to the cinema – Easter hols I think and we haven’t had a chance to get back again since. We would love a family pass. The boys Dad never goes to the movies with them so this would be the perfect opportunity for some bonding time for the 4 of us. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!

  83. si livermore says:

    Hi, gotta be Bob all of the way. I would need a family pass, a single pass for me would be ok, but my wife would make me sleep in the garage and my 4 year old son would never speak to me again if I went without them. Now, off to hunt for Tic Tacs

  84. We love Minions and Tic Tacs. Our favourite is Jerry because he’s the one who said “Whaaat?” and made that line famous. We’d love a family pass so my bunch of kids could watch it together.

  85. My girls love Stuart because he is funny and really good at video games like them. I love him because he is so innocent :). Family pass would be great thanks :)

  86. Lisa kamphuis says:

    Love Kevin – love minions love tic tacs!!
    Have tried to get these everywhere and they are sold out – please please please could I win this prize???

  87. Sarah Boyle says:

    We love the one that eats everyone’s sandwiches! Just can’t think of the name.
    A family pass would be lovely, thank you!

  88. I work in a laboratory in a lab-coat & goggles so my friends think I’m a Minion! All Minions are awesome! A family pass please.

  89. Stuart because he always looks like he’s sulking! A double pass would be incredible :)

  90. Emma Summons says:

    Bob – because he is so cute & little – i named my minion ereader case after him! I’d love a double.pass to take my fellow minion lover -my sister!

  91. Charlotte S says:

    OMG, those tic tacs are to die for! I will be stocking up as soon as I find them, thank you so much for sharing!

    My favourite minion is Stuart… I just love his single eye and his little combed hairdo, it seems to make everything he does that much more comical!

    I’d love a double pass so my minion-mad best friend and I could have a relaxing night out and go bananas together! Thanks for the chance.

  92. Paul Mackay says:

    We love ALL of the minions!!! It would be great to win a family pass please so my wife and I could take 3 of our young nephews (2 of which are identical twins with autism) so that our other grown up friends think we have an excuse to go watch kids movies 😀 Thank you and good luck to every minion!!!

    • congratulations! I have one double pass left but I’ll shout you the extra tickets so you can take your nephewsxx

      • Paul Mackay says:

        Corrie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will love this!!! of course My wife and I will only be there to supervise them and not to enjoy the movie as much as our nephews… as far as anybody knows 😀 oh oh on my way to work this morning this was parked in front of me at the traffic lights… once again, thank you so much from my wife and I Corrie :)))))))) have a great night!

  93. Paul Mackay says:

    oh forgot to say for everybody looking… tic tac australia sells them by the box of 24 pieces for $48 on their website!!! also they are on ebay (well overpriced) and also the ones that the container is a minion too!!! I just got them all for my wife 😀

  94. In our house we love minion Time,
    He has quite an attitude.
    He’s cheeky, funny, immensely smart
    and a touch rude too!!!

    I would love a family pass

  95. We love Dave here – and just like our Dave (hubby and daddy), minion Dave is so sweet and kind!!! All of the kids and us LOVE the minions. I’ll be heading out tomorrow to buy the tic tacs for a special surprise!!

  96. Justine says:

    really, how can you choose a favourite minion- they are all so funny and cute. We love them at our house, especially Kevin. it was the first movie we took my little dude to as a baby, and I will never forget the sound of him giggling at the minion antics!! my little guy has worn glasses since 4 months old, so he kind of looks like Kevin too!! Plus the kids seem to talk in minion all the time – what is that?? Makes me laugh anyway. Be happy like a minion!!!

  97. Kirsty P says:

    We are a family of Minion lovers +++
    So who is the favorite?
    The whole Minion bunch!
    They’re funny, playful and a little wacky as a clan and we love them for that!

    Last school holidays I took both of the kids to the movies and it was adorable to see the kids giggle and speak the Minion language (they are Minion to English interpreters you know) while they watched the movie previews. Everybody in the cinema giggled along too.

    We’d love to be considered for either the double or family pass. Thank you

  98. Hi there! I was wondering if you know of anywhere in Australia that will ship these lovely banana flavored minion tic tacs to an address in the United States? We have the minion tic tacs now, but they’re passion fruit flavored which just seems wrong. :)

    Thank you,

  99. We love tic tacs as the are gluten free but we also love the minions, Kevin is the favourite in our house as he is funny and has a good attitude. We would love a family pass please.

  100. Karen A Ciszewski says:

    Interested in finding where I can purchase Minion Tic Tacs, Can I order them by mail , if so where? Thank you!


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