knitting for my bigger girls

Gone are the days when I can pick the pattern and wool colour and knit away for all of my kids. Turns out they like to have a say in what I knit………and pink was not on the cards for my big girl.

So I ordered a couple of colours for my bigger kids and am letting our soon to be 9 year old choose the colour for this pattern. The pattern below looks perfect and 10 ply means it will knit up faster. You can buy the pdf version of the pattern here or go old school and get the printed version here.

image source Bendigo Woollen Mills

I have to say it’s a tricky age to knit for but maybe that’s just because I don’t like too much knitting and love to knit baby size. I’ve chosen Bendigo Luxury in Ghost (great soft grey colour) and Slate (lovely charcoal grey colour) and then also picked up Stellar in one of the latest colours – Tanzanite. I think I’ll knit for the rest of the kids with the other colours and any leftovers are going to make a gorgeous chevron blanket.

If you need some knitting inspiration then you can’t beat searching on ravelry, I search the patterns and when I like something add it to my faves. A couple I’m loving are Livie, Kindling Season, Gretel, tiny tea leaves, a kina, featherweight,  and anything by tiKKi.


  1. Marnie says:

    Hi Corrie, this is such a timely post – my elder daughter (8) has decided her fave colours are blue and teal, not pink anymore ☺️thankfully Miss Jemima (4) still loves pink. I’ve knitted the Kina a couple of times for both, but have always found the shoulders to be too wide, even trying 100% wool, cotton and bamboo. I vaguely remember you suggesting knitting the smaller size for width but larger size for length? Anyway, I am keen to have a go at one of your other suggestions, your girls always look so cosy in their Mama- made knits ☺️x

    • Hi there, it is a wide loose cardigan and you might prefer in threes which is a narrower fit. Or knit a size down and knit it longer. I find you get a few years out of them or maybe my daughter wasn’t growing too much

      I usually do my kinas in 8 ply so I go up a size in instructions but knit to the length of the actual size I want (which is one under). But I use bendigo cotton 8 ply and a 3.75mm needle to get a nice gauge. I hope that isn’t confusing :)

      Hope that helps

  2. Caroline says:

    Hi Corrie. Love the cardie you chose. Have you had a browse in the Drops kids catalogues? I find they are quite good for over fives patterns and you can search by Yarn weight or type on their website then search rav for projects. The ladies’ patterns can be sized down to as small as 29 ins as well. Just a thought. I think I spend more time looking for 8 year old patterns than is reasonable given how few items I actually manage to knit.

  3. I love both the patterns but the long ones are more in fashion out here.
    Stay blessed,

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