your sewing doesn’t have to be fancy

One of the great things about having a sewing machine and fabric is that you can make something so simple and easy – a cushion cover or an easy skirt – and it doesn’t have to cost you very much money or take much of your time.

My little miss just loves dresses and skirts and with the colder weather we were running out of some options. Half a yard of fabric that I picked up on etsy a few years ago, sew a side seam, hem it, do an easy waistband casing, thread in the elastic and put it on my girl. Done and dusted in 20 minutes. Here are some instructions I wrote recently. She wore it yesterday afternoon and off to preschool today and is the happiest little girl ever. I also did a little brown polka dot cord skirt at the same time but she’s loving the butterflies. And just a note I’ve used my regular cream thread on this skirt but if I was making something fancier or a dress with more effort then I would match my thread. I always keep colour 111 from gutterman in my machine as a general all purpose thread. And don’t even ask me about changing overlocker threads, I never do that.

So start simple, don’t overplan it or get complicated patterns with zippers and buttons, just do something simple and you’ll be on your way. And if you get stuck there is always youtube.

I will say that buying 100% cotton fabrics will make your handmade clothes last longer and go the distance compared to poly/cotton. Check out the quilting section of your fabric store and especially the discount bolts. If you are after a licensed fabric or particular fabric that your child loves (butterflies, princesses etc) and are struggling to find it locally then I google it first and see if any aussie online stores have it, then I hit etsy or ebay (aussie and US) and put in what I’m after. That’s your best option and same applies if you’re looking for something older.


  1. Ange Moore says:

    Gorgeous skirt! I was also skirt making for little nieces on the weekend. I love the freebie “lazy days skirt” tutorial by oliver+s and also the “circle skirt” tutorial at Dana Made It. The lazy days skirt is easy and economical on fabric. The circle skirt has the correct twirl factor for most girls!! And without a zipper they seem to be more comfortable and are worn much more as a result!

  2. Judith Hogan says:

    A very cute and easy skirt. Looks like Elodie has taken over modeling duties from Keira. She looks so sweet.


  4. Wonderful, I am a beginner sewer do you think a beginner could try the skirt? Leah xxx

  5. So true!

  6. Lovely skirt and she carries it so well.
    Stay blessed,

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