what I’m knitting and how to fix your knitting mistakes.

It’s autumn and one of my favourite times of year because I love to knit in this weather. I make grand plans for all of the things I’m going to make and then we see how I go. Life is always busy and the past few nights I’ve been doing all of my receipts and paperwork and had hardly any knitting time. Hate that. This was actually supposed to be a post on what I’m knitting at the moment but then turned into me sharing a few youtube videos to explain how I was going to fix my knitting. So there you go. Today’s blog post is sorted for the day and I hope you find it helpful.

I’m currently knitting the Wallaby in 10 ply. It’s a new pattern from tiKKi and I was hanging out for the pattern from the first time I saw her knitting it last year. It has a simple top down design and will make a great little project for a baby boy or girl AND you can knit in 4, 8 or 10 ply (if you buy the ebook of 3 patterns for $10 you’ll have all 3 otherwise buy them individually). How many times do you find a pattern you love and then discover it’s not the right ply you want or you don’t have the wool to make it. Well that’s what I love about this one. I’m using Bendigo Luxury 10 ply in Brick which is a great solid red. It looks a bit lighter in these photos as the sun is on it. Now the 10 ply in brick is not available on the website anymore as they’ve discontinued the colour but you can still find some in 8 ply and it’s worth it if you’re looking for a nice solid red.

Now the reason I started the wallaby before I finished my last baby knit is because I’m 40 stitches out on the little hoodie I was making. When a pattern has the stitch count at the end of increasing you really should keep track of your stitches. I was a bit complacent and somehow was up late knitting one night. Put the knitting away for a few weeks. Came back to it and knit some more, thought I was where I should be and then what would you know. When I went to put the sleeve stitches on some spare yarn I’m way out with my stitch count. Missing 40 stitches.

So I’ve put in the WIP pile to come back when I’m calm and can think through patiently ripping it out without losing stitches. Basically when you’ve made a boo boo you have a few choices. Rip it all off the needles and start again which is a good option when you’re not happy in the first few rows or you’ve made a really big boo boo. You won’t be happy if you’ve done a lot of work though. Another option if it’s just a row or a missed stitch is leave your work on the needles and one by one go back and undo each stitch, slipping the stitch from one needles to the other. This little video shows you how to do it. But please note that she has a lot less stitches on her needles than you’ll usually have when you’ve made a mistake.

You can also pick up a dropped stitch with a crochet hook by following these instructions.

And then another option when you’re more confident is take your work off the needles and rip it back (this is called frogging) and pull your yarn out row by row. I am ok with doing this because do this at a table and when you’re up to where you want to restart you’re going to get a smaller needle and pick up the loops of each stitch so you can pick up and go again. This option means you don’t lose all of your work. But it does have the risk that you lose a few stitches so beginners might get stuck with this and rip it all back.

And that is why knitting is a wonderful test of patience. And perseverence.

What are you knitting?


  1. I’m knitting a wallaby in 8 ply, and after completing the entire body section I have realised my knitting is loose! I knit the 18 month size with the 2 year length, but it is now the same width as the 3 year size, but the 2 year length. I don’t know what to do! I wanted my daughter to wear it this winter, but it’s so wide, and she’s quite petite. In order to correct the issue I would have to start the entire thing over with smaller needles, and I’m halfway through the sleeves so not long to go now. But if I wait until it fits her body, it will be too short.

    I’m so frustrated I haven’t knitted in almost a week! Which isn’t great, because I need to start a baby cardigan soon. At least I know that I’m a loose knitter now, and can adjust my needles to suit in the future. It’s such a shame because the wallaby is adorable and I was so excited to see it on her, and now I just don’t know what to do.

    • oh no! what size needles did you knit with ? I’m using 4.5m on this one even though technically I should use 5mm. Another thing with tikki patterns is that you should measure the chest first? did you do that? What a pain but at least you’re sorted for next winter…. if you like to look on the bright side:) but it is a pain

    • Samantha, how about adding to the length now, so that when it fits the chest the length will be correct? You would just need to undo the hem to add the length. I second what Corrie said about measuring the chest to choose the correct size to knit, my girls have always needed sizing up when I am buying clothes, but when knitting (and I knit a lot) I always need to go down a chest size or two and add length.

      • I measured her chest first, she was spot on for the 12 month size at the time but it was summer so I knitted 18 month chest to make sure she had a bit of room for tops underneath. It was the 8ply pattern so I used 4mm needles, but looks like I should have used 3.75mm. I like the cardigans long so I knitted the 2 year old length.

        I got my mum and my nana to have a look and they said it seems like I am a loose knitter, but this is the first time we’ve been able to confirm it. Explains why all the previous things I’ve knitted have been so short and wide! I thought it was the patterns at the time, but they never included finished measurements so there was no way for me to realise it was actually my knitting instead.

        Yes, I think my only option is to take back the hem and add more length, and make it a bigger size overall. I’m a bit heartbroken because it means she will have to wait another year to wear it, but at least she will be able to wear it. It’s such a beautiful pattern and I really wanted one for this winter! At least I know the problem now. Mum and nana reckon that knitting with a size smaller needles will fix the problem in the future, so I’m going to try that on my next project and see how it goes.

  2. I am knitting an 8 ply wallaby too! A big one, for my DD who is 10 in June, I am knitting the second largest size.

  3. I’m knitting a Kina for myself – after doing them for my daughter and 2 granddaughters and 3 dolls. The long blackout this week and my battery-operated lamp have helped it grow as I couldn’t complete sewing projects, so just knitted.
    Sometimes when you need to undo knits it’s better to find someone to do it for you – it doesn’t hurt them nearly as much as it hurts you to see that all that effort was for nothing. Let me know if you need this done Corrie as I’m not far away from you.

  4. Corrie, it might also be useful to mention to newer knitters to use a “lifeline” if they think they will need it. A bit of waste yarn threaded through before you do any fancy lace or increases/decreases makes it easy to frog back if you have to :)
    I love Tikki’s patterns – always reliable and well written and pretty!

  5. Totally have ripped my share of stuff – and calm is better. I used to enlist my mother to rip out the full sweater – I couldn’t face it and it just didn’t hang right so there was no point in beating around the bush. I rip straight stitching without a problem but when there is a pattern… I do use a “life line” approach and run a contrasting colour of yarn with a needle through the stitches below where I am going to rip and then I take the needles out and rip gently. Gently is the key – and then I pick them up above the life line which is just there in case things go south…. Watching for twists in the stitches when you go to pick it up and reknit is key.

  6. I love that red

  7. Jennifer says:

    There is nothing worse than an error in knitting. I am knitting Gidday Baby and as I am new to knitting for the life of me could not understand how to circular knit the sleeves. I went to a clinic yesterday and was taught magic loop. Now to do the second sleeve. I just ordered the Court of Wallabies book and am waiting on my yarn to arrive to do the 10 ply for my girl. Any tips or tricks will be gratefully received. It is so good to read everyone’s comments on measuring. Many thanks Corrie and to your readers.

  8. Alison Caddy says:

    I am a beginner knitter and have trouble reading patterns. I am also looking for an easy knit pattern for singlets for prem babies.
    Thank you

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