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Well it is most definitely knitting weather here as we have the worst weather we’ve had in a very long time! I’m re-sharing this post I wrote last year to help you learn to knit!

First place and wish it was around when I started knitting is youtube. There are so many great tutorials on there….and some not so great ones. I really love the videos from GoodKnitKisses because she takes it nice and slow and close up. There are loads and loads of videos on youtube now if you put in beginner knitting or how to knit and let me tell you that they have certainly improved since I first started using youtube and there were some scary finger nails and cats walking by. Another online option is Craftsy which has some great online classes.

A next great place to start is your nearest knitting store. Almost all knitting stores will have some classes and a beginner class and seeing it all in real life might be the ticket for you. If you’re in Sydney then Morris & Sons run loads of classes and lots of great times so check them out. Just google to find your nearest store and call them up. And if someone in your family is a knitter then why not ask/bribe/be nice and get a lesson too.

Now some people prefer books and I admit that I retaught myself with debbie bliss books when I discovered the knitting section of John Lewis in London many years ago. If knitting for little ones is your goal then a couple of my favourites are Baby Knits for BeginnersEssential Kids and Junior Knits which have the kids covered. If you have no interest in knitting for kids then she has a great book you might be able to get called Knitting Workbook which is a bit of an oldie but a goodie and I also love Stitch n Bitch The Knitters Handbook which covers everything and also has great patterns and stories too. If you’re an op shopper or ebay lover then check out Patons Woolcraft – I have 2 editions and it’s great for basic stitches and how to.

You’ll need some yarn and needles. You can find your nearest knitting store and get some advice and what you need and shopping in person is so lovely because you get to pat the wool and check out all of the colours and patterns for yourself. I think 8 ply wool and 4mm needles or 10 ply wool and 5mm needles are a great way to start. Spotlight, Lincraft, Big W also will have what you need but be prepared for more acrylic than wool at big w but when you’re starting out a ball of yarn and needles is all you need. If you’re going to start with a big scarf or blanket then don’t forget Bendigo Woollen Mills and their 200g balls of wool which represent excellent value and have a big range of colours. Other online shops I love are Suzy Hausfrau, Tangled YarnsThe Wool Shack, WoolBaa and yarn over is where I buy all my amercian cotton for facewashers and so on.

Now when you’re starting out you don’t need anything fancy but I was asked last week on instagram what I thought of interchangeable needles. I love them. I have 2 sets of knit pro (previously called knit picks) and love them both but do prefer my nickel set over my karbonz. I use both but still love my nickel plated most. It’s an initial investment but you’re rarely stuck for needles when you find a pattern and it says you need a 3.25mm 40 cm circular or whatever it says. By getting a set and a few more cords you’ve got everything at your house to get started on a project and they are nicer to use than cheapies. But when starting out it’s good to start with the cheapies in case knitting is not your thing.

Next you’ll want to join Ravelry where you can set up your profile, enter the details of your first knitting project, find groups to join for your interests and there are so many groups to join. And spend hours searching for patterns too. You’ll see a button at the top of the screen for patterns and just type in what you’re after like beginner baby cardigan or toddler jumper etc etc. Lots of inspiration, ideas and patterns you’ll want to make and I can’t imagine knitting without ravelry.

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Got a question or something else to ask just ask away……………………….it’s a great time to get those needles out and start knitting!


  1. It certainly is knitting weather, i just wish that i could knit LOL! These cute knit are just gorgeous.:)

  2. The winter is past us here but your designs are so pretty I too want to sit down and knit

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