anzac biscuits with whatever you have

Well I can’t believe the school holidays are almost over. I need another week. We have just settled into them and stopped the kids fighting with each other (it took me a week before I realised that the dynamics change when the big kids are home which explained the fighting and tears). Our days go best when I  send everyone outside a couple of times a day, give them some jobs to do, put on a movie in the late afternoon (thank you foxtel box office) and get them cooking in the kitchen. Our littlest miss comes in and does a big mixing action with her hands and says cooking when it’s time to make something.

But this is the story of my life when it comes to baking. Decide I’m going to bake. Check recipe. Check pantry. Realise I’m out of brown sugar or coconut or something else I need for the recipe. Taking all of the kids to the supermarket is not top of my fun things to do list so I’ve come to love substituting. We love anzac biscuits and I’m loving the recipe on the thermomix recipe chip. And here is the recipe how I make it with a few options so that you can make them with whatever you have in the pantry. I actually prefer honey or maple syrup in mine. They won’t come out as dark or crispy but taste beautiful.


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anzac biscuits with whatever you have
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 20
What you'll need
  • 120g butter (or margarine)
  • 100g golden syrup (or maple syrup or honey)
  • 1tsp bicarb (or baking powder)
  • 100g rolled oats (or quick oats)
  • 150g plain flour (gluten free or self raising)
  • 90g brown sugar (or caster sugar/raw/white)
  • 50g desiccated coconut (or shredded or omit from recipe)*
  • *if you leave out the coconut add a dash more oats and flour
  1. Place butter and syrup into thermomix bowl and melt for 2 minutes, speed 2, 60 degrees
  2. Add in bicard and mix 5 seconds, speed 3
  3. add in oats, flour, sugar and coconut and mix for 10 seconds, reverse, speed 4. Scrape down sides and mix another 10 seconds reverse speed 4.
  4. **Roll into small balls and flatten. But I love to do this with a fork but it's up to you
  5. Bake for 10-12 minutes in a 160 degrees oven until lightly golden. Cool on tray then on rack. Enjoy. They won't last long.
  6. If you don't a thermomix then melt your butter and golden syrup and add in the bicarb once melted. Remove from heat and add in remaining ingredients, mix well and then follow from **
  7. if you find your recipe is a bit too wet then just pop in the fridge for half an hour, always works wonders then make into cookies and bake.


and if you’re after a vegan/healthier version then check out quirky cooking’s anzac biscuits here and there are about 50 million recipes on pinterest here 


  1. My mum is the queen of improvisation when it comes to cooking. She never seems to have all the ingredients she should have but always manages to find something in the cupboard or fridge that she will use instead. New recipes are always an adventure, they may not always have the listed ingredients in there but they are always yummy :)

  2. Wow hasn’t little miss grown up ! She looks like she is saying ‘Which one shall I pick ?’

  3. Beautiful photo of Elodie, she is growing so fast. Love the recipe, I’m never brave enough to alter recipes.

  4. I think the thermomix ANZAC biscuit recipe is the best I have ever tried and I make it all the time. With our commemoration coming up soon I had better get a batch of these on the go.

  5. They look and sound so delicious

  6. Such a cute photo! I also have an Elodie- I’ve never met another so it’s lovely to see a photo of her xx

  7. Thanks Corrie,
    I whipped these up on Friday for a lunchbox treat, too…..using the gf flour option.
    While I know oats are not technically gf, my DH seems ok with them, and he loved these cookies. :):):)
    They will definitely be in high rotation here – thank you again.

    I have TM31 so no recipe chip here :(

  8. I also love making Anzac biscuits in my thermomix and to increase the quantity (to make sure there is still some left for the next day’s lunchboxes) I add diced dried apricot and/or white or dark choc chips to them. Not the traditional Anzacs then and frowned on by traditionalists I’m sure but loved by everyone at our house!


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