I love weddings

I love a good wedding. I’ve probably said it before here on the blog and I’ve been lucky the past few years that my cousins have been getting married so I get my wedding fix. My sister in law gets married later in the year so that’ll be two this year. A good year. Yesterday was the wedding of my cousin to her lovely new husband and it was a gorgeous day.

These photos are from my phone and my little camera. It’s a bit hard taking photos and juggling the baby and a few lenses so I just stuck to my 45mm lens and it did a lovely job of the photos.

There was so much to love about this special day. Everything was so elegant and perfectly planned out. I especially loved the speeches where you really see how beautiful families are and that weddings bring families even closer together. Big tears rolling down my cheeks during speeches.

After the ceremony we had some time to kill before the reception so paid a visit to the cathedral in the city, said a few prayers, had my little guy throw up some milk on my dress, walk through Hyde Park where there must have been at least 4 or more bridal parties having their photos taken, ate a few pork dumplings since we’d missed lunch and then arrived at the reception in the botanical gardens.

And Aida was on so we could hear a little bit of music, got some fireworks in the background and had a beautiful time.

And the cutting of the cake included  the family wedding knife which was used by our great great great great grandfather at his wedding I think (I had to check that it is 4 greats!) and is used at all of the family weddings and is such a special thing to include.

Somehow our little guy lasted the whole night even with the really loud music, the greek dancing and people everywhere! I came home, got into my jammies, made a peppermint tea and looked at all the photos.



  1. I must visit that cathedral one day,my dad was baptised there, and we dont get to see you dressed up??

  2. Christine says:

    What a beautiful wedding dress, Corrie. A nice change from the usual strapless ones.
    What a dapper little man Lawson is too. Looks very much like his mum! Glad you enjoyed it all. I love weddings too.

  3. My baby sister was married on Easter Saturday & despite the rain it was a lovely day. I gave a reading at the ceremony. My other sister, with a tiny bit of my input, made a photo slideshow for the reception & my dad was not looking forward to doing a speech so I suggested a song he could have played instead. I can’t wait to see all the photos, a couple of sneak peeks have popped up on facebook & look amazing. I love a wedding…although our middle sister, that ended up last minute organising everything because my baby sister is so laid back, may not be quite as keen :)

  4. anne seery says:

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos of the day Corrie. Please pass on my congratulations to the happy couple ♥

  5. Lawson looks so like Tilly!

  6. Many congratulations to the couple.
    Beautiful pictures

    • I love watching love and family….weddings are my favourite of all events. So much promise and future and happy everafter’s…love that. Love the grey against the creamy white…gorgeous

  7. Looks like a beautiful day. Saturday was a bitter sweet day to be a bride though. She must have been thinking of Stephanie Scott.

  8. Such a beautiful wedding. My son was married at the Botanic Gardens 3 years ago tomorrow, with the reception in the restaurant there. We had Aida and the fireworks too. It’s a wonderful place for a wedding.

  9. Wow! 😀 With a family like yours, how could you not love weddings… one can tell by the pictures how much happily ever after and laughing and fun there is.
    Congratulations to the couple, Sonja (http://bigworldsimpleideas.blogspot.de/)

  10. What a beautiful cake

  11. Thanks for sharing Corrie! Beautiful photos and I LOVE the brides dress, the best I’ve seen in a long time. Doesn’t the bridesmaid look chuffed to be part of it all, very sweet.XO

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