a happy and holy easter weekend

It’s the Easter weekend and one of my favourite times of year. I’m sure we all have memories of Easter growing up. And for some of my readers there are fond memories that include going with the family to Church but it just doesn’t happen right now. Maybe they’ve not made time for Church, gotten too busy raising a family, have good intentions but just don’t get around to it, turned their back on their faith or maybe you’re going to Church but not just getting anything out of it. It’s not relevant to you any more. Maybe you feel as a woman that you can’t participate the way you would like. Maybe you’re angry at God. Maybe it’s your husband who is the church goer and you just don’t understand what it’s all about.  And maybe life is so busy and demanding and there is always something else you could be doing.

Recently one of my friends said that we kind of come full circle. Raised in the Church we take it for granted, we go to mass or sunday services while we are growing up but then as an adult we can get busy or lose interest but then when we have our own children and we come back to our faith. And we are searching. She’s right. I receive emails and messages from mums who want to go to Church but it’s been too long or there was something that put them off or they don’t know where to start. And trust me I know that taking your kids to Church can be a big worry and something that is holding you back. But no one is looking at your kids so don’t worry. Once they’ve done a headcount of ours I know that they’re not really looking. Although it feels like the eyes are on me when someone is acting up.

So what’s my advice? It is always just to go. Don’t overthink it. Just find the service times and pack a bag, get dressed and go. Sit there. Soak it up. There is something inside of you that wants to be there and it’s God’s voice. We don’t always want to hear it but it’s there and He is calling us back. And then you’re going to go again the Sunday after that. And the next one. Faith isn’t just about going to church every sunday though. It’s about what you carry in your heart and your mind and how you live your life.

You need to pray, to listen, to read, to have friends you can talk to who can guide you and inspire you and also show you that it’s just a normal part of life. And we need to share it with our children to pass it on to them. They need it more than ever. I also love that the internet and social media can be used for good and help you find the inspiration that you need especially if you’re not finding it in the circle of friends or community that you are a part of. Sometimes you might need to find the right church for you and I don’t mean just shopping around and never finding any you like. Nothing is perfect and I don’t go to my local parish but find one where there are other families, groups that you’d like to join and a sense of community.

I also think reading good books is a wonderful way to find inspiration and help you grow in faith. I love anything from Father James Martin who is a Jesuit priest in New York. He has a way of writing for everyone and is very knowledgeable. I have to thank one of my lovely online friends Theresa for one day messaging to tell me about his books last year. Reading is also a great opportunity to take a break, turn off the tv, put your feet up and fill your mind with something good. A few of my favourites are Jesus A Pilgrimage by Father James Martin SJ, My Sisters The Saints by Colleen Carroll Campbell and The Jesuit Guide to Everything : A Spirituality for Real Life. 

So I wish you a happy and holy Easter weekend. Enjoy the time to reflect, to recommit to your faith, count your blessings, share the Easter story with your children and be amazed. Every Easter I am amazed and learn something new. I’ll be praying for those of you who want to come back to your faith and that you will give it the time and respect that it needs. If you have advice for my readers or a question then I’d love to hear it.


  1. A beautiful post Corrie. And I wish you and your family a holy Easter.
    I love Easter time and remembering going to Church with my parents and I love taking my girls, I have fond memories of things like Palm Sunday mass and I hope the girls are the same when they grow older. I still take a snack and a drink and a book to draw in for Miss 6 to keep her happy (especially for those loooong masses) The older 4 are alter servers which makes me very proud xx

  2. Happy Easter Corrie. When I was working with my dad on the tools, I would often ask our new clients where they got our number and if they attended a church. The majority of the responses were that since having kids they stopped or life got so busy and the church didn’t seem relevant anymore. It’s our personal relationship with God that matters and Easter is the perfect time to reflect, seek and recommit. Have a wonderful Easter with your family and thank you for this encouraging post. Xx

  3. Theresa Vossen says:

    lovely message Corrie! So so glad you appreciate Fr Martin SJ too – his facebook posts are part of why I can’t leave facebook (if I was ever wanting to!) his shared homilies on gospel of the week, books & you tube clips are brilliant & so real-life – have you read My Life with the Saints too, where he tells his own conversion story from business man/banker to Jesuit priest!!?? and you are so right – books and immersing oneself in positive online communities as well as finding a church that is alive & feeds you as well as serves others is for us a priority. I love sharing my faith honestly & ordinarily and get the feeling that’s what I’m called to do -simple as that; the yearning inside many is there as you say for something more, for a glimpse of the creator who made us for friendship & relationship with God. Love. Suffering. Humility & hope – the Jeaua story is so relevant. The stations of the cross yesterday were deeply moving. Enjoy the days & joy tomorrow!!

  4. Amen to that! A happy and most blessed Easter to you and your family Corrie :)

  5. Christine says:

    Dear Corrie, thank you for your words of encouragement!!
    I am one who has not been to Church (Anglican) for many years. I used to take my children from 5 years old regularly.. They are now married and my son and his new wife belong to a new church.
    I have never lost my faith but circumstances (one of them being occasional periods of depression) have caused me to lose some confidence, therefore neglecting certain parts of my life.
    Today I plucked up the courage to attend Easter Service at my son’s church and I wanted to let you know that your encouraging words played a big part in that decision.You touch so many people’s lives with your blog, I hope that you are able to continue with it for a long time.
    May God bless you and yours this Easter. Christine

  6. Bridgette says:

    I attend Hillsong regularly. Easter is one of the holidays when non-believers will be open to visiting church.Good on you Corrie for sharing the Good News of Easter.

  7. Dear Corrine
    I am a first time reader to your blog. I attend church every week. My Mum went back to church a couple of years ago after a 40 year absence. She was reluctant as she had been away so long. Anyway the lay person in charge of parish welfare heard about her reluctance and said to her that she was always welcome because they where her family. Cross = Love. Church = Family. I love church.

  8. Happy Easter Corrie. Excellent post. I often wonder if I should post religious things on my blog but you’ve made me realise how important it is to speak up about God and how much he wishes for us to come to him for consolation and peace in our lives. We had a big Easter too and it went by smoothly with a trifle made by me too. Church is always a little too long for the kids but I ignore people who think that children are naughty at church because God wants them there no matter what. Blessings to you and your family.

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