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One of the things I love to do is go back over family photos and see how much our family has grown and changed over the years. Having a blog is just the best because I have every year in there and all of the photos with just a search of the blog.

And as our family has grown our Easters have become more focused on family. And I actually look forward to a special lunch at home over the easter weekend,  playing with the kids and just having a home day. And we love a good easter egg hunt. We had a late lunch and easter egg hunt here last year.

And here is my big girl at her very first easter egg hunt below. Ahhh the memories of being a mum of 1. I had a bit more time on my hands back then but probably didn’t know it or realise it at the time. Life felt busy but good then back then.

Then her second easter she was still waiting for some brothers and sisters so it was just the 3 of us. And I even had time to sew her an easter bunny but was still working on my camera skills.

but not to worry because double trouble was coming………just kidding! I don’t have loads of photos of the twins as babies because life was just crazy but they were a cute couple…..and a whole lot of work.

Back then we would do the royal easter show every year on Easter Sunday. We’re taking a break from the show for a while (because it gets so expensive and all the kids hassle us for a showbag once we get there – or so it seems) but we have plenty of memories…………..and photos and hope to get back one day soon. Last year was the first year we didn’t go.

Before school easter hat parades there was fun and face painting at preschool

and there’s that little thing called chocolate but I have to tell you that we buy less of it for each of the kids because chocolate eggs x 6 just gets out of control.

So this weekend  I’ve got all the ingredients ready to make Quirky Cooking’s gluten free/dairy free hot cross buns, I’ll be doing the Jamie Oliver roast lamb again, something delicious for dessert, an easter egg hunt, a little champagne (I only drink  a little glass of something nice at special occasions these days) and a quiet weekend at home with a few visits to Church as well. I’ll be back to share a few thoughts on Easter this Friday which is sure to be an emotional day for me as it is every year.

What I can tell you about family traditions is that it’s never too early to start them, you don’t need to wait until you have more kids or any kids, do something twice and it’s a tradition already, if you’re a Christian/Catholic make sure you get time for Church and prayer, it’s ok to change some things as the family grows and it’s nice to keep the magic alive too. Preschool had bunny footsteps outside the doors and down the hallways and it reminded me of growing up. Hope the easter bunny leaves some at our house too.

Love to hear your family traditions at Easter.


  1. We used to do a big family lunch at my grandmothers but since she got sick and passed we haven’t done anything. My Son is 1 this year and my sisters first is due a month later so hopefully some new traditions are coming up!

  2. I have 2 sisters with partners & kids & we all get together for a few hours on easter Sunday. This year will be slightly different. My youngest sister is getting married on Saturday so they will be off honeymooning. My middle sister will pop over to mum& dads on the Sunday morning with her 4 children & the newly married couples 2 that she is minding. We will pop upwith our 1 & do a quick hand around of eggs then we will go to church in the afternoon. My middle sister & her 4 will go home & my sister will have a small breakdown over the wedding planning last minute stress she has been under before going to work (midwife). Mum& dad get to hang on to the newlyweds kids until they get back a couple of days later…….it’s all happening here :)

  3. What lovely unique traditions you have to share with us.
    Reminds us that we all do it our own way yet in essence we are all of the sane source.
    Love the gorgeous photos!
    And the ever- expanding family. Something that you’ll never regret and draw strength from. Your very own
    Tribe of lovelies.
    Enjoy the season from darkness into the light. Enjoy what easter means to you and your family. I’m looking forward to waking the kids and getting them off to Easter Friday and Subday church service where as a community we can celebrate the lovely ritual that ha been passed on from our family.
    Happy Easter Cortue and family

  4. anne seery says:

    Wishing each of you a very happy Easter, Corrie, with much love xxxxxxx ♥

  5. Have a blessed Easter Corrie. We will be heading to church tomorrow and on Sunday. We will also catch up with friends and family over the long weekend. And we will of course do an Easter egg hunt for the girls. :)!

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