first holy communion + being sentimental

Growing up we moved around every few years with my dad’s work so there was always packing and unpacking and getting rid of things. But I’m a bit of a hoarder for special things. OK maybe I’m a bit of a hoarder full stop. I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep things over the years. One of the things that I’ve kept is the little medal I received way back in 1982 for my First Holy Communion. Back then I saved it because it was jewellery and a memento but now it’s so special to give to my own little ones when they make their sacraments. I also saved my little dove pin from my Confirmation too which we used just over a year ago.

And this is finally the year that I get to bring out my Communion medal and give it to my big girl. It probably didn’t cost much back in the day, it’s not made of gold or silver but I love it so much and that I get to pass it on. It was a bit touch and go there for a while as the little kids got stuck into the jewellery box. That was at the old house but thankfully it turned up when we had moved in here. It’s hard to be precious about nice things when you have lots of little ones but I do my best to keep some things away from them.

I’m looking forward to our big girl making her First Holy Communion and even started a pinterest board with all these lovely ideas but she’s got it all figured out. She said in the car last night how much she was looking forward to making it. And I was waiting for the bit about the dress or a cake or presents. But no, she said that after all the years she’s been going up to receive a blessing when it’s time for Communion that she is so excited that she’ll be going up for Communion and receiving it from then on.

Well there you go. My work here is done. What could I say to that? Basic white dress here we come…..just kidding……..someone did ask if I’d be sewing it. I think it’s just out of my comfort zone when it comes to sewing. Zippers and fine materials and me don’t go together too well.


  1. Julie Grill says:

    How lovely Corrie, that you still have your medal to pass on. I have crystal rosary beads I carried when I was married & have loaned to my daughter & daughters in law but don’t have anything except photos from my First Communion. I hope you have a wonderful day & I’m sure Keira will hold it in her memory always. Our little granddaughter, Kaitlyn also makes her First Communion later this year.

  2. anne seery says:

    How lovely, and congratulations to your big girl, Corrie ♥

  3. Is till have my communion dress, and the floral head piece (I didn’t wear a veil like most but had a floral circle), I don’t have the shoes although I still remember buying them – a pair of dark wine colored ballet flats with a slightly pointed toe.

    I also have my necklace and the necklace for my confirmation.

    I still love my dress, it was a simple cotton dress (no lace or taffeta) but it was perfect for an 8 year old.

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