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Where has the term gone? Where is the year going? Today I had to race out and grab supplies for the easter hat parade which is is on next week. Last year my effort was hopeless as it was the craziest time for us. And by effort I mean – night before, plastic hat and cotton wool but when I arrived at school  one child had 1 cotton wool ball clinging to the plastic hat for dear life. It was not good. I sat there looking at everyone else’s creative efforts and made a promise to myself that I would do better the next year. And then the twins reminded me that it was next week, and then the email arrived and I knew I had to do better. So I basically grabbed things that worked together and will let the twins create some masterpieces. And this year I even got craft glue instead of a glue stick just to make sure we don’t have a repeat of last year.

I’ve just finished school open days and am now in school application process and it’s the paperwork you need to attach that is killing me.  Does this report that we have meet the criteria? One school has one requirement and another doesn’t.I’m just piling all the paperwork in the one spot to devote a few hours to them  plus adding a photo and  covering letter. Once they are in the post I’ll start praying and crossing everything that we get our first choice.  What I’ve now learnt is that it isn’t just about meeting criteria but having a mix of students who have different special needs  in the class together. I know it will all work out and am trying not to worry and just focus on the rest of the year.

Anyway life is always busy here but the weather has been great so we’ve been playing outside. People often ask oh do you keep any animals or what do you have in your garden? Zero animals and not much that we’ve added to the garden (oh but we have loads of limes and soon will have grapefruit coming out our ears) but we still enjoy what has been planted before. I am especially loving the native plants and put these in a jar yesterday and am so glad that one of the kids noticed the pretty flowers in the dining room. Natives are so great as they are zero maintenance and you can enjoy them and the colours are so beautiful. Meanwhile my roses are not loving me at the moment. And the hydrangeas didn’t do so well so I’ll try again with them. Crafter yes, gardener no.

There hasn’t been much knitting but I’m doing an In threes for another baby to be born and hoping that it gets finished before Easter. And most of my days are spent keeping an eye on this little guy who is moving everywhere. He makes me laugh so much.

Very expressive and funny. He also stopped sleeping through the night but we’re hopeful he’ll get back to it. It was nice while it lasted.

Are you busy at the moment too?


  1. lol, I love the last photo! Love getting back into my knitting now that we’re getting some cooler weather. The In Threes is a great pattern, don’t suppose you know how to add sleeves?


  2. I just love the last photo, what a gorgeous little face :)

  3. The look on his little face in the last photo is gorgeous. My sister is getting married on the easter weekend & I have been trying to get organised with something to wear. Finally found a dress but still have no idea what my 12 year old daughter will wear or when we will have a chance to take her to look for something. My calendar needs bigger squares.

  4. kindy lover says:

    If you think you’re going to be at this house for some time, I’d get to planting fruit trees now. I love visiting my friend who bought a house with a ready made orchard and enclosed veggie garden. She has the most amazing things growing; from kiwi fruit to finger limes to raspberries. Even if you’re not there forever, the next people will love you for it.

  5. Hi Corrie, I have loved reading all the latest news from you and your family. They are growing so fast, and yes, I too am wondering why this year seems to be speeding by. Maybe mine are because I am doing the school drop off and pick up for my daughters little fella who started school this year. He has taken up so much of my time and we have had a lot of fun together, this has given me something other than the grief I am feeling to focus on. I remember so many times my kids received last minute costumes for events at school, why do they always remind us the night before. This might have been different if we had also had internet communication as you and my daughter do now. Deacon asked for his first lunch order yesterday which my daughter ordered on line in the morning before she rushed out the door for work. You know what ever you make for your kids they will love and remember for years to come, even if some of the stories told will be of the funny costume or hat they wore. Lots of my best wishes, Wendy

  6. Hi Corrie, hang in there, its almost the end of term! I cannot wait, just need a break from the school run, and a pyjama day would be nice. My kids are so tired, its been a big start to the year with the new house and school. I hope your applications work out, and the easter hat! Have a restful weekend.

  7. Easter is a busy time .I don’t think I was very imaginative when mine where little making the Easter hats .It wasn’t my favourite thing to do. It is starting to get a little cooler now so more knitting time. Love the last 2 photos he is just so gorgeous.

  8. What great Easter hats! This took me back to when I was in primary school :)

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