playdough isn’t just for the preschoolers

How long have I had a thermomix? Oh over 3 years now and I’ve just made playdough for the first time and it was a piece of cake. Even if I didn’t have cream of tartar but had all sorts of other baking necessities like arrowroot, rice flour, glucose syrup, different types of sugars and flours. Not a bit of cream of tartar. Not to worry it turned out wonderfully and I just added roughly another 1/4 cup of flour and was good.

Now I actually made the playdough for my little 2 and 4 year old while the big kids were out at swimming. Next morning after church the big kids asked could they get the playdough out to play with it. OK? Well they were making ‘cookies’ and ‘cakes’ and helping the littles ones while I was catching up on laundry. Loved it

and even though my big kids had fun with the playdough the best fun was really had by my littlest ones…………..I’m going to make some more colours later in the week. This is also really great as an OT activity and for kids with special needs and sensory issues. Just getting their hands in there and rolling, cutting shapes and making things with the playdough is a great experience.

I used this recipe minus the cream of tartar and just added about 1/4 cup more flour once it was out on the board and I was kneading it.


  1. Michelle Luck says:

    Funny how people have different priorities – my Thermomix demo was with my mothers group, and our lovely consultant made a batch of play-dough first up to keep 6 kids 3 and under amused while the rest of us watched and tried out recipes and ate. Since then, I’ve made heaps of play-dough – for my kids, to take to Sunday School, to give away (it’s a great birthday present with a rolling pin and some cutters, or by itself for those occasions when you’re not really sure if you’re supposed to bring a present, and so it’s always appreciated but not over-the-top). And it’s something I never made before I had my Thermie, no matter how many people told me how easy it was – I left that for Nanny’s house. My five year old just saw me reading this post, saw the picture and said, ‘We need to make more blue’ – a job for tomorrow!

  2. kindy lover says:

    You can add different scents to it as well; lavender oil, rose, eucalyptus or things like glitter. Try changing the things they use with it too; coloured match sticks, paddle pop sticks, cocktail umbrella and those fancy toothpicks with flags & paper fruit you can get from the $2 shop.

  3. This is such a timely post. My class are making play dough to sell at the school fair next week. I will definitely give this recipe a try.

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