Patons Big Book of Big Baby

One of the things I love to do is check out the latest knitting books. You can never have too many knitting books and someone is always having a baby and I’m always looking for new baby patterns. Patons do some lovely knitting patterns and I have quite a collection of their books.

Last week while I was out picking up buttons I also came home with this book, Big Book of Big Baby, and it’s pretty cute with a bit of a vintage feel. I do try to give myself a little pep talk before I go into a store just for buttons. Don’t look at the fabric. Don’t buy anything else. You have enough. But I couldn’t resist this little hoodie.

Often Patons patterns are knit in separate pieces and joined up and there isn’t much in the way of seamless knitting. Well I think things might be changing. And I am loving this little hoodie. I’ve started at the neckline and am knitting down and it’s coming up beautifully. The body is knitted in the round and then the sleeves and hood are added on later on.

I’ve used some Bendigo Athena from the stash which is super soft and I think is much nicer than luxury. Unfortunately if you snooze you lose when it comes to Bendigo’s special releases so there isn’t that much of a range of colours left. But if you are my husband then you’ll see why I usually buy a few balls when a new release comes out just in case I miss out. And over the years I’ve missed out a few times. The Athena knits up a perfect stitch, isn’t splitty, is super soft and easy to work with and these colours work nicely together. I’m more of a red and pink person myself but thought my little lawson needed a little jumper for winter.

The Book has a few crochet and knitting patterns and although it’s not really a Big Book (there are 10 patterns all up) they are modern with a vintage feel and have a range of 4 ply and 8 ply patterns which is always nice. I don’t do much knitting in 4 ply as I prefer a faster knit.

Big Book of Big Baby is Book 1101 and you can find it online and wherever you buy your Patons books and wool from.


  1. Well, that little jumper on the cover has me sold! What sizes do the patterns go too, I’m guessing 18-24mths. I’ll be looking for this next time I’m in town, looks like a great little book. You just can’t beat a Patons pattern for a small person!

  2. Yes I can see why you like this book Corrie. Lovely patterns.

  3. i bought this book and would live to make hoodie jumper for a qld baby. Do you think BWM cotton would work?

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