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I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately. Whenever life is busy behind the scenes it gets very quiet on the blog. And it’s very busy here. But I love that I still get to read lots of lovely emails from my readers. Recently I received an email from a lovely reader of mine Nadine. I had met Nadine at a quilting class that I had organised quite a few years ago. She was an engineer and got me some fabulous quilting gloves that I’m still using today. Anyway, Nadine was emailing  to tell me that she was setting up a woollen mill in NSW and would love some support to get the word out. Now that I can do.

I’m very excited about this and there is a wonderful story behind the business if you watch the video here.  Nadine and her husband are both engineers and had made a tree change to Orange and are now setting up their own business in the region which is just wonderful. I’m also excited to take the kids out to Orange for the day to have a look when they are up and running and maybe meet some of the alpacas too. I love alpacas. Such a cute animal.

The carder

So I hope that you’ll get behind this great aussie business, spread the word by sharing the website (especially if you know alpaca growers!), follow Adagio Alpaca Mills on Facebook (especially if you love cute photos of alpacas) and if you can put a little money in to get the washing equipment here, even better. There are some great levels of support and some little rewards at each level.

Andrew, James, Nadine and Xavier Hulme

And lots of luck to Nadine, her hubby and this wonderful business. This is an exciting venture and I can’t wait to cast something onto my needles using some Adagio Alpaca.


  1. Hi Corrie,

    Stupid question, what’s a tree change ? Xx

  2. Great story, just made a small pledge, thanks for letting us know of this business Corrie, how good to support this couple on their new adventure, and all Australian too. can’t wait to see the finished yarn.

    • oh that’s very kind of you! it is so lovely to support home grown and wouldn’t it be nice if we see more things come back to australia instead of going offshore

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