a birthday, being on tv and cake

Well yesterday was my birthday (thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, I loved them especially when you are home with little people all day) and I did have such a great day….even if I’m another year closer to 40! It had all the ingredients for a good day…flowers, chocolate, cake, a new cardigan, surprise presents, home made cards and hugs.

and a preschool morning tea, trip to the shops to buy a tennis racquet and all the fun jobs around the house, my favourite thai takeaway for dinner and an amazing cake which was basically layers of chocolate jaffa ganache and a hazelnut meringue on the top. Amazing. There is a more luxurious description but that will do.

And then after dinner we had a special treat. OK well actually there were two special treats. The best surprise was when my little elodie came up and just hugged me and said ‘hap birfday mum’ and then kept saying hap birfday, hap birfday. This is such progress and I just about squeezed that dear girl to death. If you have a special little person in your life who struggles with speech or something else then you know that the littlest of things is the biggest of things. I still tear up thinking about it. No better present.

Ok and then there was another present. A little secret I hadn’t told you about. Early last year we had the very funny Judith Lucy over to our house to film for an ABC series. Straight after filming I was busting to tell someone and then over time I kind of forgot about it because it seemed like it was going to air a long time after. If you caught it last night then you know who stole the show (and no it wasn’t me) and the jury is still out on whether it was a real fart or just a raspberry. We loved meeting Judith and had a fun afternoon. And just a warning when you go to watch it, or in the words of my twins ‘it’s a little bit inappropriate’, so when you click on the link there is a male pole dancer in a g-string. So kids, grandmas and delicate readers out of the room. I hope you enjoy it and you can watch it here.

Now I’m off to clean and make cinnamon rolls. It only happens about twice a year but since you get 6-8 trays of hot buttery cinnamon rolls coming out of your oven I’m always popular with the kids and they never last.



  1. Glad to hear you had a nice birthday & I must agree with you, your “birfday” message was the very best present of all

  2. I watched Judith’s show and your children were delightful. She looked as though she enjoyed being with them and even if she didn’t get around to folding the laundry she did a nice job slicing up that apple ha ha

  3. It sounds like a truly wonderful day! Wll done Miss E for giving mum the best birthday present. Watched the show, loved your segment. The kids were very animated and looked like they had fun with Judith, as she did with them, but a good eye opener and hats off to you my friend, you are amazing! xx

  4. Fashionista says:

    I loudly exclaimed “that’s Retro Mummy!” when you came on the TV. Half listening husband asks “have I met her?”. “Nooooo (accompanied by eyeroll), I follow her blog”. I then had to explain about your blog and how fabulous it is. He doesn’t quite get the whole blogging thing so just nodded.

    I am a long time Judith Lucy fan and you were very generous letting a crew into your home to peek at your real life. Thank you.

    Best birthday present ever from your Little Miss :)

  5. So pleased you had a good day, Corrie
    Yes, how special to hear those words from Miss E! You will not forget this birthday! AND that cake looks amazing! Will have to check out the patisserie next time I am in the city.
    Saw you on tv last night and you were just as lovely and caring as I have pictured you to be ….. Christine

  6. haha have a ham. Have you considered doing a time lapse of your day? I was so fun to see your kiddies in action it would be interesting to see it in action with 5.

  7. Hi Corrie happy birthday thanks for sharing this great show

  8. Catherine says:

    I watch Judith Lucy’s show on Wednesdays and it was great to see you on there. Judith looked like she was enjoying your children’s company, I bet the kids had a ball. You made my heart melt when you mentioned what Elodie said

  9. suze2000 says:

    Hubby and I were watching Judith Lucy and when you and the kids came on, I was really surprised (especially given the rest of the content of the show and your strong religious beliefs), then I had to explain to hubby all about you and your family and why I knew of you. He was a little shocked as we are atheist and don’t/can’t have kids, so pretty much have nothing in common, but then I said “no, she knits, I found it as a knitter’s blog”, to which the next question was “Is she addicted to yarn as well?”!!!

    (I refrained from showing him your pictures of your craft room)

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