bloom by Bendigo Woollen Mills

I get more than a little bit excited when I see a new range come out from Bendigo. And last week was one of those times. Lots of bright fun colours in their latest range Bloom (a lovely 8 ply) and at $10 for a 200g ball I didn’t even wait for my shade card.

When I ordered it I was thinking a big stripey blanket but now I’m thinking a cute stripey cardigan or dress and then using the rest in a stripey blanket. Available from Bendigo Woollen Mills here and I have it on good authority that it will be soon available at Unwind Craft Cafe if you live in or near Melbourne…………now that could be dangerous for me.


  1. Just seeing these beautiful colours makes me want to learn to knit! Looking forward to seeing your finished products, hope you get some free time to enjoy your knitting x

  2. Those colours are just so gorgeous. If I knitted something from them I think I would only let people look at it, not use it, just in case anything happened to it. Can’t wait to see what you do, those colours are seriously amazing

  3. Might be time for a drive up the highway(only an hour away so doable in school hours lol)

  4. Gorgeous. Can’t wait to grab some. You have also reminded me to update my contact details with them so I can receive the swatch cards.

  5. The colours are so pretty, lots of possibilities there!

  6. I ordered a ball in teal and it arrived yesterday. It’s so lovely. I’m being careful choosing my projects seeing as it’s suitable for felting. I’m thinking I might knit (yes I’ve started knitting not just crocheting) the boys a beanie each perhaps.

  7. BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER KAYSCHA, YOU DO NOT NEED MORE YARN!! Corrie, this is a dangerous post for suckers like me!!!!

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